Women's revenge

• Women's Revenge

Women's revenge

After the divorce, her husband gave her, now ex-wife only den to leave. Packed their belongings, she reshila arrange a farewell dinner with shrimp, caviar and a bottle of champagne. After dinner, she took a few half-eaten shrimp tails on, pomakala their eggs and stuffed in the eaves for curtains.

Muzh with his new girlfriend were just happy for the first few days. Ho, soon the whole house began to smell something bad. They have tried everything that you could have spent a lot of money to get rid of the smell, but nothing worked.

They decided to sell this stinking house and move to another. A month passed, but they have not been able to find a buyer. They had to take a tidy sum in the bank to buy a new house, and has not sold the old ... The ex-wife called him in about a month to find out how things were going. He told her about the problems with the sale of the house, not really getting into details. She said she was terribly misses his old home and would like to redeem it. A guy quickly agreed on the price, which was one tenth of the value of the house. Week later, the happy man stood and grinned, watching as movers were packing his stuff to move them to a new home ...

Everyone, including moldings for curtains ...