IgroFresher - Two months into the skin goldsellera

Who among us would not want to get paid for the activity you love? That would have been great to read Fresher, and you pay money for it. Or play a computer game, and your bank account are falling dollars. Fantasy? Not really. Almost any business is able to generate income if you know how to do it well. Earlier this year, I decided to conduct an experiment and make some money on the once favorite game World of Warcraft.

IgroFresher - Two months into the skin goldsellera

The options were few:

1. Become GMom steep guild smuggle in XM mode, all current raids and start to drive to casual gamers of denyuzhku.

2. Become a steep PVPsherom, get 2000+ arena rating and start selling their services to Pharma arena other players.

3. Posted in goldsellery.

All players are even slightly familiar with the WoW is already clear that it was chosen the third option is the most simple and at the same time promising financially.

The legal side of the matter

I think everything is so clear that goldsellerstvo in the game outside of the law is a direct violation of the license agreement and, in theory, is punishable by ban. From the point of view of Russian legislation is nothing illegal about it. From the point of view of morality - everyone decides for himself.

Many players goldsellerstvo condemned and treated him roughly as Donato. I believe that these are two big differences. In a game with or given to buy gold is taken from the air, when buying gold from another player, it still was received gaming ways. However, I'm not going to convince someone that goldsellerstvo is good. Decide for yourself.

WoWonomiki Problems

First, let's consider the economic system of World of Warcraft. There are two fundamentally different ways to get Gold. The first - directly from the game. These include an award for completing quests and selling the loot obtained from farming mobs, NPCs. The second way - from other players in exchange for certain things or services, ie trade in the usual sense of the word. In the first method Pharma emission occurs gaming gold, because the economy of the game out of nowhere poured more Gold and the total amount of gold in the world is increasing. In the second method of gold farming just redistributed between the players and the total number does not increase or even decreases slightly, if the deal goes through auction.

And why do you need game gold? Strange question, you might say, and be wrong. Any currency has a value as long as it can be to buy something really valuable. What can be guaranteed to buy the game gold in the game:

1. bled class skills and professions recipes.

2. bled Riding and mounts for her.

3. Repair of equipment.

Above it is purchased only for the game gold, but in fact it is the only thing that you can spend at the Golda NPC. Not much, right? Now let's count. At full pumping character from scratch on all of the above you will leave no more than 15,000 gold. In fact less, but considered accurate figure long and tedious, so I will confine this upper bound.

A lot or a little? During normal pumping player quests and loot earn much more. Goldseller receives the same amount one character for a day or two. And here we come to the conclusion that the game gold in the most part the game is absolutely useless. Gold in the game is given a very easy, and the need for it is practically not. However, Gold in World of Warcraft you can still sell, but buyers find harder and harder every day. The reasons for this below.


Let's move on to the practice.

Duration: January-March 2011.

Venue: the game world Weaver Smer.

Expenses: For Sale Golden Pharma and for 2000 rubles was purchased additional game account with the druid cat-85 level, with a pump over herbalism and skinning and boat for 350 rubles.

Of course, with a strong desire and persistence on the Internet can be to find and free the bot, but I feel stupid to save on absence of new updates and technical support. Blizzard is constantly improving Warden - example program designed to detect the use of cheats and bots, and therefore the use of obsolete Free bot runs the risk grasp ban.

So, as I Pharma. Boat run daily

4-5 hours, with occasional weekend Pharma mainly the skin, grass cloth. When the market was saturated with high-level resources, I switched to the low-Level.

For example, a stack of wool sometimes can be sold more expensive than coal stack of silk and nodular skin sometimes valued more Savage. Sometimes it succeeded very well be welded on aytimah reputation for pumping and receiving achivok. Such things as signs of Sargeras while not possess high liquidity (ie, it is not easy to find a buyer), but are very expensive.

Per day, on average managed nafarmit from 10 (in January) to 5 (in March) thousand gold. Fall in due to the fall in prices for resources. Same Savage Leather, within two months dropped from 200 to 90 gold per stack.

Nafarmiv early 30000, there was a question - to whom and how to sell it? First I went to the dealers, naively hoping for a permanent and stable cooperation. It turned out that this is nonsense. Find them easy, just type in Yandex something like "buy wow Gold" and a whole string of websites at your disposal. Most of them are not PHARMA gold themselves, but simply sell it. How it works: you connect with them through ICQ, they register you as a supplier. When someone with "your" game world prepares their purchase they spam with their suppliers of this game world quantity and price.

That is, something to sell through them you have all day to sit in the ICQ and hope that they have someone that will buy. At the same time they have a lot of suppliers, which means that you still need to answer before the other. They buy about half the price than they sell. It is necessary to you?

Providers of these sites tend to serve as game zadroty (otherwise you will not tell), who sit all day in the game, and therefore have a ton of gold, but do not know where to put it. But we do not like, right?

The second option was available to me to search for buyers and scream in shopping chatting about selling coins. Two things that I did for two months trading:

1. In the practice of spamming to sell coins not banyat.

2. Spam is the trade channel - this is a very effective way to find customers.

Finally I want to talk about fraud and the demand for gold. First very much, but they are fairly easy to weed out, observing some simple rules:

1. Never give gold the first to receive the payment, even level 85 characters.

2. If you offer to pay under the protection of WebMoney, be sure to check the client certificate, sleeping with him through the WebMoney system and discuss all questions of transfer there, and not in ICQ, and certainly not in the game. Be sure to insist on a maximum duration of patronage. After the transfer of Gold demand protection code is in WebMoney chat.

3. If the client does not trust you or you are in doubt about the client, ask them to contact via Skype and break the sale into several smaller transactions. Demand for gold is steadily falling every 2 months, I traded them. If at the end of January, I was able to find a buyer for 30,000 Gold, shout in the shopping channel

30-40 minutes, then in early March, the client has had to look for

2-3 hours.

The consequence of the fall in demand was the fall of prices, from 50 to 30 rubles per 1000 gold (and in fact in 2007 the Gold cost € 50 per kilogram). During the experiment the time I managed to earn a total of nearly 17,000 wood.


So, is there a future goldsellerstva in WoW? It is clear that the phenomenon is not going anywhere. Yes, demand is now very small, gold in the game is literally nowhere to go, but this should be the same, that the proposal just rolls over.

I think in the future will survive goldsellery-dealers, although they will be much less than now. The second consequence of the fall of the value of gold in the game play is the gradual transfer of commodity-money relations between players for real money. Not long ago, a year ago to buy a locomotive in the raid relevant content can be had for a large sum of gold, now this service is for the most part sold guilds for real rubles. Even epic crafting armor for the first time after the release of Cataclysm are often sold for wmr, rather than Gold at auction.

It should be clearly understood that the players are ready to sell the really good stuff, or provide any services for game currency only as long as it is a value.

A few years ago, during the Burning Crusade gold was mined heavily, and save 5000 to purchase an epic flying mount was difficult. This mount was providing gaming gold.

In WotLK developers showered Golda players, and in Cataclysm ushered in the golden crane even wider, but have not entered any new, truly current output method Golda out of the game. Some time gold inertia still retains its value in the minds of gamers, but with the release of all cataclysms became obvious it is almost complete uselessness. Degradation autsiona is already visible with the naked eye, and in the future more and more Kraft will flow to the level of the guild. Soon comes a new content patch 4.1. I'm sure if there will be a new top-end crafting armor, the first time it will be sold exclusively for real money.


17000 rubles for a little over two months, it is not straining, in my opinion, very well. But you could buy several game accounts and to farm gold in multiple windows. However, the future of this business specifically in WoW seems quite hopeless to me.

Prices for game currency will continue to fall until they reach a quite ridiculous values. However, when serious approach farm game currency with the subsequent sale could conceivably be a very lucrative business, but need to find a game where it is (currency) has value.

Denis Goryunov, especially for our website