There is a "blind spot" in our eyes - and see for yourself

• have a "blind spot" in our eyes - and see for yourself

Not the whole area of ​​the retina of the human eye is sensitive to light. We just think that we can see everything that comes into view, but in fact have a "blind spot" in our eyes. In this zone there is a special name - "blind spot".

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The presence of blind spots (they are in both eyes, but different people - in different places) is due to the structure of the eye. Nerve fibers from receptors to the blind spot of the retina go on top and going into the optic nerve, which passes through the retina on the other side of it, and because at this point there are no light receptors.

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So, we suggest you look in the eyes of the blind spot! This is done like this: close your right eye and left eye see the right cross, which circled column circle. Keep your face and the monitor horizontally. Without taking his eyes off the right cross, zoom (in or out) face away from the monitor and at the same time watch out for a left cross (without pausing to look at him). At some point, it will disappear.

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