There were two

• There were two of

There were two

There were two - He and She. They somewhere have found each other and now lived a life where something funny somewhere salt, in general, the most common life of the two most common happy. They were happy because they were together, and it's much better than being one.

He carried her in his arms, lit up at the stars in the night sky, building a house, that she was, where to live. And everyone said: "No wonder, as it is not love, because it is ideal! With this easy to be happy "And they all listened and smiled and did not tell anyone that she made him ideal: It could not be otherwise, because was next to her. It was their little secret.

She was waiting for him, meet and see off, warmed up their home to him, it was warm and cozy. And everyone said, "You bet! As it is not worn on the hands, because it is created for the family. No wonder that he is so happy! "And they just laughed and did not tell anyone that it was created for a family with only him and only him can be good in her house. It was their little secret. He walked, stumbled, fell, frustrated and tired. And everyone said: "Why he told her, a battered and exhausted, because there are so many strong and confident." But no one knew that there is no one stronger than he in the world, because they were together, and, therefore, is stronger than all. It was her secret.

And she bandaged his wounds, did not sleep at night, be sad and crying. And everyone said, "What does he see in her, because she has wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. After that he should choose a young and beautiful? "But no one knew that she was the most beautiful in the world. Can someone more beautiful than the one they love? But it was his secret.

They all lived, loved and were happy. And we wondered: "How can you not get bored with each other for such a period? Do not you want something new? "And they did not say anything. Just there were only two, and all had a lot, but all were one, because otherwise nothing would have been asked. It was not their secret, it was something that can not be explained, and it is not necessary.