50 famous insults in sports history

A collection of witty, offensive or just strange utterances athletes. Some have pleased the nail on the head, others were deftly parried.

50 famous insults in sports history

50. "Football - it is a suitable game for girls rude, but fragile, refined boys he is unlikely to fit."

So rightly said Oscar Wilde for many years before there was a custom of the players simulate injuries for a penalty.

49. "They did finally found."

Thus mocked itself Eddy Edwards nicknamed "Eagle" when asked what showed X-ray after brain injury with ski jumping.

48. "Hijo de puta"

Shortly after beginning his career in Madrid "Real" David Beckham received a red card for what the judge called in Spanish "the son of a prostitute." Later, Beckham said (in English): "I did not know that this is such a bad word. I've heard that some guys from my team so it was called, and then said those words myself. "

47. "I would like to thank the press my whole backside of the heart."

Stating this after winning the tournament's opening in 1992, Nick Faldo thought very well quipped, but he looked like a fool in top form from Pringle.

46. ​​"In fact, I'm not so good. Strictly speaking, only I obscenely swore last week. "

Gary Lineker is no stranger to self-irony.

45. "Good for you, Harold, you're a real bowler."

So Douglas Jardine congratulates Harold Larwood, his bowler when he came to Bill Vudfullu heart, captain of the Australian team during the ill-fated well-known Anglo-Australian "art event" Bodilayn "in 1932.

44. "Alan Shearer ... He's boring, right? We call him "Mary Poppins."

It seems that Freddy Shepherd, the chairman of "Newcastle United" Council not very valued player for whom paid 15 million pounds.

43. "Four more years, guys." Insulting remark George Gregan, the captain of the Australian national team in rugby, shortly before the end of its meeting in the semifinals of the 2003 World Cup. Australia won this match with the "All Blacks" - in other words, New Zealand suffered another defeat in the global tournament.

42. "Football combines the two worst aspects of life in America - it's a fight, punctuated by meetings of the Commission."

American journalist George Will formulated the essence of his country's national sport.

41. "I do not think that strikes his head on the ball on something affect - the players and so pretty stupid."

Press secretary of the Premier League in 1995, commented on the data of medical research that hitting the ball head injure brain cells.

40. "Mr. Agnew, I think that there is one easy swing in your defect."

American golfer Jimmy Demaret, three wins in the tournament "Masters" - his partner on the game, US Vice President Spiro T. Agnew.

39. "At least I have my name, and you - only the husband Frances Edmonds".

So cricketer Tim Zoerer, viketkiper Australian team, said that the England spinner Phil Edmonds is not as famous as his wife, the writer.

38. "If they know how to make penicillin out of moldy bread, even from you something make sure."

Rather compliment with unpleasant connotations than an open insult. This phrase Mohammed Ali told a certain young boxer.

37. "Everyone thinks that he has the most beautiful wife in his own home."

So Arsene Wenger responded to the statement of Sir Alex Ferguson in 2002, when he claimed that his team in the Premier League tournament was the best.

36. "My wife has just given birth." - "Congratulations! And from whom? "

So Joe Frazier pinned his opponent in boxing Ken Norton. 35. "Yes, these bl **** s see colors better than you - and they are f *** ing, plastic".

Replica of John McEnroe, addressed the judge. The second part of the phrase here, perhaps, superfluous.

34. "It's red, round and weighs about five ounces - if suddenly you have forgotten."

So Greg Thomas, of Glamorgan unreasonable mocked the inability of Viva Richards hit the ball. Soon Richard zapulit ball somewhere high up and said, "Greg, you know what he looks like. Go find him. "

33. "Do not worry, son, you're here for a long time do not be late."

Fred Trueman - the new batsman Australian team, which came on the field for the tournament for "the Urn with ashes", hesitated to close the gate. (Tournament for "the Urn with ashes" is held annually between the teams of the UK and Australian cricket).

32. "My old friend, the brake of the second row."

Reviewed by Austin Healey about Justin Harrison, "Loka" Australian rugby team (in addition, he called Harrison "log"), I did not set people to him during the tournament, "Lyons" in 2001.

31. "He can not kick the ball left foot, can not beat the ball head can not set footrests and scores few goals. And the rest - the normal football. "

George Best lists the many talents of David Beckham.

30. "She looks like an octopus falling from a tree."

David Feherti Irish golfer, now retired, on the backswing Jim Fyurika.

29. "Beat me feet! We already had cocaine and bribery, and "Arsenal" has scored two goals in his field. But it was enough to think that all the wonderful football has already happened, it turned out that Vinnie Jones - world-class player. "

Jimmy Greaves expresses its shock at the fact that the big man of the "Wimbledon" was first selected in the main part of Wales.

28. "Somebody compared him to Billy McNeil, but as far as I remember, Billy was not a crappy player." Legendary football coach Tommy Docherty in 2000, the Italian footballer "Rangers' Lorenzo Amoruso.

27. "Lay down on the ground, then you will know."

Willie Pep, the American boxer in the flyweight, the question of the old enemy in the ring: "Do you recognize me?"

26. "Oh, my God, you're just a look, one they slipped me. They think we are a haven for the blind play? "

Archie MacLaren, the England captain of cricket, the composition of his team to perform at the fourth tournament for "the Urn with ashes" in 1902. His team lost, but she did not have all three dashes to victory.

25. "Eighty percent of the women in the" top one hundred "- a fat pig, do not deserve equal pay."

Richard Kradzhichek, Wimbledon champion in 1996, argues its opposition to equal pay. He later softened his statement, saying: "I would say that fat pigs only seventy-five percent." Charming.

24. "Jardine, leave our flies alone - they are your only friends."

So fan-Australian in Sydney rein captain of the English cricket team when he crushed the local fauna at the "tournament Bodilayn".

23. "If daddy David Seaman put the gum, we would not have taken off from the tournament for the World Cup."

Harsh, but perhaps a fair analysis of the causes of the defeat of England in the match with Brazil for the World Cup in 2002. In the role of the analyst - comedian Nick Hancock.

22. "What's your problem, except for the fact that you are unemployed, and maloholnye nerd?"

John McEnroe at first sight gives an estimate of the audience to a certain tennis match.

21. "He brought in a defensive strategy in boxing true poetry. Alas, no one no one ever sent in a poem a knockout. "

Eddie Shaw, the boxing coach of Herole Graham ( "Bomber"), a British boxer in a light middleweight.

20. "This year, you have 1 chance in 33 to win the tournament," Six Neyshenz ". Now your odds - 1 in 16. If you can tear Henson from the Church, what are the chances? " Reckless joke Sue Baker in 2005 in an interview with the senior national team coach of the Wales rugby of his best player Gavin Henson, who started dating with Charlotte Church.

19. "Pakistan - one of those countries where you want to send the wife's mother."

Flat joke Ian Botham hit on it like a boomerang when his England team lost to Pakistan in 1992 World Cup final.

18. "Only in case of an outbreak of bubonic plague."

Giovanni Trapattoni sincere answer to the question whether he will include Paolo Di Canio in his Italian national team to perform at & nbspEvro 2004.

17. "This is my island, my culture. And then you do not stare at me. In my culture, it is taken just kicking the ball. " "In my culture, just to say:" From *** vivo Recording ".

Viv Richards said that the Australian bowler Merv Hughes - and that he replied.

16. "The local girls are much uglier than in Belgrade. Our women are much prettier. In addition, they do not drink so much beer. "

Georgi Hristov from Macedonia damaged relations with local, describing thus the women of his new football club in Barnsley.

15. "Is the world's second greatest athlete - gay?"

The inscription on the t-shirt Daley Thompson in which he has appeared at the Olympics in 1984 is not exactly clever, but a hidden reference to the rumors about Carl Lewis certainly caught the attention.

14. "Joe Frazier so ugly that he should donate his face to the Office US wildlife."

Fraser took the mockery of Muhammad Ali before their first fight for the championship in the heavyweight division in 1971, close to his heart - the more so that then Ali called him "Uncle Tom."

13. "I'm not the next Kournikova. I want to win the match. "

Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova shrugs off poorly worded compliment.

12. "Who do you think you are - Steve Waugh?"

Very thin rebuff Michael Vaughan, the captain of the England cricket, addressed to his Australian counterpart Ricky Ponting at the start of the tournament for "the Urn with ashes" in 2005. This phrase set the tone for the tournament, which England once, did not let themselves be intimidated. Waugh, Ponting predecessor, famous for having built a mockery of opponents in real art. 11. "In the English team has only three weaknesses: they no batters, bowlers, no and no fielder."

The only weak point of withdrawal of the writer Martin Johnson's team, which Mike Göttingen formed for the tournament for "the Urn with ashes"

From 1986-1987 -

that they returned home with a victory.

10. "Whether it's a cheese roll, it would never flew past him."

Graham Gooch on the "ball of the century" Shane Warne, who missed Mike Göttingen.

9. "It covers all the blades of grass, but only because his first hit - shit".

FC manager Dave Jones candidly describes the talents Carlton Palmer.

8. "I had not to push the legs, Fred." - "And your mother, too."

Apologies Raman Subba Row for the mistake - and the answer Fred Truman.

7. "He's got all that it takes a boxer but agility, endurance, fists ownership and the ability to endure when you are beaten. In other words, he has a pair of sports cowards. "

American columnist Blackie Sherrod about a contender for the title of champion in the heavyweight division.

6. "No matter how you look, and you're not good enough to play for England." - "Maybe it is, but at least I'm the best cricketer in my family."

Bowler James Ormond is not useful for words when in his debut in the national team of England day, Mark Waugh, Steve's brother, tried to pin him.

5. "Who believes that bored us, raise your hands."

Not that beautifully said, but this headline from the Daily Telegraph on The Sydney Photos England Rugby, saluting the fans after the victory over France in the 2003 World Cup semi-final, has received such a high place in my list is already due to the results of the next match. Raise your hands, to whom it is important that the contact was boring!

4. "Well, how's your wife and my kids?" - "Do all the good wife, children and idiots." Dialogue Rod Marsh viketkipera Australian team, Ian Botham, all-raunderom England.

3. "You were a crap player and now a crap manager. The only thing that makes me deal with you, - is the fact that you somehow my team manager, although you're not even Irish, you English asshole. Come in the ass. "

Words that Roy Keane allegedly said to Mick McCarthy, manager of the Republic of Ireland, and then was removed from the 2002 World Cup and sent home. Now Keane - in charge of the Premier League manager.

2. "Why are you so fat?" - "Because every time I fuck your wife, she gives me a biscuit."

Dialogue Glenn McGrath, bowler Australian team, with Eddo Brandes, massive cricketer from Zimbabwe.

1. That said Marco Materazzi to Zidane's sister Zineddina.

Or his mother or terrorism. Nobody really knows what the defender said the Italian team in the final match of the World Cup in 2006, but Materazzi insult so riled Zidane, he hit his head on the chest and was sent off.