The most influential celebrities in 2011

Making celebrities ranking American publication Forbes evaluates not only their income, but also the extent of their current popularity. In addition to the proceeds of each musician (before taxes), actor or sportsman, is taken into account the frequency of his appearances on television, in the press, the Internet and the number of fans on social networks.

Because of this, Oprah Winfrey gave way this year, the first place where poorer Lady Gaga, which make up the wealth of 32 million Facebook fans and 10 million readers on Twitter. In third place for the same reason has risen 17-year-old star of Youtube - singer Justin Bieber.

In the one hundred most influential global celebrities predictably got only one representative of Russia - earned in the last 12 months of $ 24 million Maria Sharapova. It ranks in the list of 80th place, between the writer Stephen King and actress Cameron Diaz. The first hundred celebrities earned for the year of $ 4, 5 billion, and the first ten - $ 1, 1 billion.

1. Lady Gaga

The most influential celebrities in 2011

Age: 25 years

Revenue: $ 90 million

Internet Rating: 1

Sometimes it is beneficial to look alien. Over the past year, Lady Gaga raised $ 137 million on 137 concerts in 22 countries and sold at estimated that 15 million copies of their albums. Advertisers are also lined up. singer contracts include Polaroid, Virgin Mobile operator, Monster Cable brand, Viva Glam and dating site It is said that a wealthy Russian paid $ 1 million for a cameo role in her music video. Title song of the album was released in May, Born This Way reached strips 1 million downloads on iTunes in five days, becoming the best-selling in the history of the shop.

2. Oprah Winfrey

The most influential celebrities in 2011

Age: 57 years

Revenue: $ 290 million (the state - $ 2, $ 7 billion)

Internet Rating: 13

The famous Oprah closes in September, and the leader puts more effort into the development of its own cable channel, OWN. So far, the ratings are not too high - for this reason, the general director of the channel Christina Norman was dismissed. But despite this, Oprah, whose state in March Forbes estimated at $ 2, 7 billion, has been able to earn an additional $ 290 million for the year.

3. Justin Bieber

The most influential celebrities in 2011

Age: 17 years

Revenue: $ 53 million

Online Rating: 2

17-year-old singer was able to win international fame almost overnight. His latest album, My Life 2.0, quickly went platinum, a concert film "Never Say Never" grossed $ 100 million in worldwide box office, and live performances are offered by the $ 600,000 only in ticket sales. The music video for the song Baby Youtube visitors watched 500 million times - the most popular can not boast of any one roller.

4. U2

The most influential celebrities in 2011

Age Group: 35 years

Revenue: $ 195 million

Internet Rating: 16

Ageless Irish musicians completed the most successful concert tour in the history of the music industry. In April, total fees have exceeded $ 360 Tour 554 million - so much attracted the world tour of the Rolling Stones 2005-2007. By the end of summer, when U2 musicians return home, the total proceeds from the tour will reach the mark of $ 700 million, and its audience will exceed 7 million people.

5. Elton John

The most influential celebrities in 2011

Age: 64 year

Revenue: $ 100 million

Internet Rating: 28 Over the past 30 years, Sir Elton John has sold 250 million records and is not going to slow down. Last year instead of 102 live performances and brought $ 204 million ticket fees. In this case, the musician is still time for a family: with his partner he adopted in 2010, the boy named Zachary. Godmother of the child became Lady Gaga (№1).

6. Tiger Woods

The most influential celebrities in 2011

Age: 35 years

Revenue: $ 75 million

Internet rating: 40C in November 2009, when Tiger Woods injured in an accident and then was caught in adultery, he was given bad winning the tournaments and advertising contracts. Despite this, Woods remains the highest paid athlete in the world, thanks to performances abroad ($ 3 million) and the two sponsors, do not throw it in a difficult moment, - Nike and game company Electronic Arts. Release of the video game PGA Tour 12: The Masters, with which a golfer gets a share, was the most successful in the 14-year history of the franchise.

7. Taylor Swift

The most influential celebrities in 2011

Age: 21 year

Revenue: $ 45 million

Internet Rating: 6

One can argue what genre sings Taylor Swift, but one thing is certain: this music is popular. The latest album Speak Now went triple platinum within a month after the appearance on sale in October. Concert tours bring the 21-year-old singer of $ 750,000 for the evening.

8. Bon Jovi

The most influential celebrities in 2011

Age Group: 28 years

Revenue: $ 125 million

Internet Rating: 44

Who said it was time to retire? Last May, Bon Jovi was able to fill the stadium three times "New Medoulends" in New Jersey (capacity - 82,566 people), and for the following 12 months the band played 74 concerts, raking in $ 200 million, and has released a greatest hits album. In December, the band's frontman Jon Bon Jovi went into one of the many tips under President Obama.

9. Simon Cowell

The most influential celebrities in 2011

Age: 51 years

Revenue: $ 90 million

Internet Rating: 62

Care Simon Cowell of transmission American Idol - the prototype of "American Idol" was painfully perceived by the audience. But they can be comforted: Producer autumn back on the air on Fox, and his new show will not be too different from the old one.

10. LeBron James

The most influential celebrities in 2011

Age: 26 years

Revenue: $ 46 million

Internet Rating: 27

basketball reputation was tainted last summer, when he announced the transition from the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Miami Heat in a specially created for this TV program titled "Decision". It reached 77% disapprove. Despite this, LeBron continues to be in demand. T-shirt with his number remains the best-selling in the NBA, as "it" sneakers. In April, the athlete has signed a contract with Fenway Sports Group, who will observe his business interests. Following the transaction, James became a co-owner of the football club "Liverpool", owned by FSG.