34 facts about Kurt Cobain

• 34 facts about Kurt Cobain

34 facts about Kurt Cobain

1. As a teenager, more than 8 months Cobain lived at home with his friend.

2. At the time when Nirvana was just beginning his career, he received a fax with an offer from the band Metallica, Nirvana but refused to cooperate with them.

3. Over the years, Cobain was engaged in the creation of a series of films called "Super-8", one of which is the scene of Cobain suicide there.

4. In his spare time Kurt liked to buy pieces of meat and shoot them in the nearby woods.

5. In June 1976, shortly after his parents' divorce, young Cobain wrote on the wall of the bedroom, "I hate my mother, I hate Dad, Dad hated my mother, my mother hated my father, it is just impossible not to be sad."

6. Cobain had a chance to join the US Navy, he discussed it for a long time with recruiters at the same time.

7. In an interview, Cobain said, "I met a lot of minds, capable of storing and digest a lot of information, but none of them did not have a single gram of wisdom to appreciate the enthusiasm."

8. His first composition Cobain recorded in 1982 in the house of her aunt Mary and named "Organized Confusion".

9. Cobain started using heroin on a daily basis in order to reduce chronic pain in the stomach.

10. According to some sources, he spent 100 dollars on heroin daily.

11. After Nirvana became famous musicians wanted to play in the first international festival of underground in Olympia, but project coordinators denied them than deeply wounded Cobain.

12. Kurt sometimes there were moments when he could sit in the corner for 45 minutes and did not say a word. 13. Cobain once said, "Art, which has a long-term value can not be judged by the majority, only a small percentage will show understanding and appreciate it."

14. Cobain could read the dialogues from the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" word for word.

15. A few hours after the performance on Saturday Night Live, and just a week before Nevermind became number 1 in the charts, Cobain got a drug overdose. Courtney Love found him at 7 am, lying on the floor.

16. On Christmas Eve, 1991, Cobain and Courtney Love began to live together in a small room at the home of their friend.

17. On the question of whether he wants to become the number 1 in the Billboard, Cobain replied, "It would be like to be 16 m, except that more people will be kissing your ass."

18. One of the most expensive items for Cobain was signed by the author of the first edition of "Naked Lunch" by William S. Burroughs.

19. In 1992, the year Cobain claimed that he and Courtney Love spent a million dollars: 80,000 on personal expenses 380 000 for taxes 300,000 home in Washington, DC, and the rest on doctors and lawyers. "It's not so much" - he said then.

20. After the execution of "Territorial Pissings" on Saturday Night Live, Cobain and bassist started kissing.

21. Before becoming famous, Cobain worked as an instructor in the children's pool.

22. At the age of 6 years he began to throw at police cars cans of 7 Up, filled with stones.

23. After listening to "In Bloom" for the first time and realizing how good composition, Courtney Love said: "I felt sorry for Kurt, I have introduced the nightmare that awaits him after this song will be released." 24. As a child, Kurt was a drum kit in the form of Mickey Mouse.

25. Cobain wrote: "I was forced to become a rock star, a recluse. No speeches, interviews, and more. All this is due to those who have not contributed to the development of rock who only interfered with manifestations of artistry. "

26. For the first time Cobain saw himself on TV September 28, 1991. It was a video from MTV.

27. At the age of 1 year, Cobain was wearing a Halloween costume of a woman cut the rubber.

28. Cobain once said, "Most of my life I spent like a man, but I've always preferred to chat with the girls, I like softer music. But everything changed when I started smoking pot. "

29. Before starting the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" show Kurt said: "Courtney Love is the best fuck in the world".

30. Favorite song Cobain - "Gigantic" performed by the band Pixies.

31. Courtney Love once said: "Kurt was clean and incredibly ambitious, and all that he wanted, he got."

32. At the time when Nirvana was just beginning his career, Kurt maintained that they rehearse for 5 nights a week.

33. In the lower grades of Kurt's father wrote it in the fight, but the boy did not want to fight, all the while he was sitting on the carpet with his arms and doing nothing.

34. In a letter to his father, Cobain wrote: "I have not picked up at you with her mother, because when I was growing up, I received the same dose of hatred from both of you."

34 facts about Kurt Cobain