7 unusual ways to go to another world

7 unusual ways to go to another world

Not so many designers working in the funeral business, and not a lot of people think that there are some more interesting ways to leave this world. For information on how to become a birch after the death, to fly to the moon, to turn into a diamond or go cryostorage.

Become a tree

7 unusual ways to go to another world

Spanish designer Martin Azua managed to combine the idea of ​​life after death to environmental decision dumping problem. In his "Biournu" made of cellulose, coconut and pressed peat is supposed to put the ashes of the deceased along with the seeds. urn is then buried in the ground, and a few months later, she gives the first sprouts. Tree View, you can choose at its discretion: it is assumed that the relatives of the deceased (or he, if attend to a question in advance) can pick up the plant that best represents the essence of the deceased.

Become a fireworks display or fly into space

7 unusual ways to go to another world

The British company Heavens Above Fireworks ready to mix human ashes with rockets and make a big salute to the memory of the deceased. Organizers pirospektakl develop each individual: the company believes that there is no better way to say goodbye to a loved one. The same company also offers the option to send the remains into space. For $ 695 you can go into space, and for 10 thousand - to fly around the Moon. When life will be much more expensive.

Become a fertilizer

7 unusual ways to go to another world

Swede Susanne Wii-Masak, a marine biologist by training, is concerned about the transformation of bodies into fertilizer. After working 15 years as an engineer in the chemical industry, it has developed a method called Promession, using which the body decomposes and begins to rot. Razrabotchki this technology sure dense coffins prevent air entering the body and the process of oxidation. Wii-Masak proposes to freeze the body in liquid nitrogen, after holding him for one and a half weeks at a temperature of -18 degrees Celsius, milled to small pieces in a special separator is placed under vacuum to remove excess moisture, and then transfer the remains in a readily degradable living under land microorganisms coffin. During the year, the body must dissolve completely in the soil. At this point is possible to plant a tree - this service is already included in the price.


frozen in a special chamber

7 unusual ways to go to another world

Company Alcor, Cryonics Institute and "KrioRus" offer services of people freezing immediately after their death, to continue to give them new life. The method consists in the fact that at very low temperatures, chemical and biological processes (including decomposition) slowed down to such an extent that they can be regarded as stopped. In this state, the body can be virtually forever. The most important (and difficult) to protect the extracellular space of the occurrence of ice. Other problems arise when defrosting: the current process is not fully debugged, and the case with the injury - fatal. Hopes on nanotechnology, which will allow in the future how to cure the incurable disease is now, and deal with complications during defrosting.

The body is stored in a special cryostorage more like a bomb shelter for VIPs: the slightest drop of electricity could lead to a change in temperature, which is the body most likely will not survive. At the moment, more than a hundred people in the world are in a "frozen" state. At present, cryoconservation of the whole body for an indefinite period is worth about 200 thousand dollars, and neyrosohranenie - 80 thousand.

Become a diamond

7 unusual ways to go to another world

Manufacturers of jewelry do not like to admit that the diamonds can be synthesized artificially. To this must be subjected to high pressure and temperature carbon which is also found in the human body. Among LifeGem created equipment for its fusion of bones: the technology creators claim that they need no more than 250 grams of dust. Further, in a special furnace remains hot, after which the formed graphite. The resulting mass was placed in a press where pressure reaches 200 thousand kilograms per square centimeter. Under the influence of extreme temperatures the molecules are attached to each other, forming a distinctive octagon - the canonical form of a diamond. The resulting stone is no different from the natural, neither transparency nor the density.

The cost of surgery depends on the size of the diamond and its characteristics, but it starts from two and a half thousand dollars. While such equipment is only in America, so lead dust will have their own - like sending parcels through postal company does not come cheap. The company also proposes to repeat the operation with pets - diamonds are obtained indistinguishable.

to be decomposed by alkali

7 unusual ways to go to another world

In Europe, which has long been concerned with the problems of emissions into the environment through the burning cremation seems quite environmentally unfriendly way to leave this world. Firstly, a plurality of fuel consumed in kiln operation, secondly, emits carbon dioxide - the main cause of the greenhouse effect. Third, the use of formaldehyde penetrates through the filters and into the surrounding atmosphere. Biochemist Sandy Sullivan has developed a new method - alkaline hydrolysis. His company Resomation LTD is ready to handle a special body with an alkaline solution, which is for two or three hours, corrodes human tissue, leaving only a few milliliters of fluid and bone pieces do not fall under the treatment. This method reduces the amount of emitted carbon dioxide by 35% and uses eight times less than the energy required for conventional high-cremation.

Washer for alkaline hydrolysis sell for 400 thousand dollars apiece, but the creators of the technology believe that the cost of services shall not exceed the cost of a standard cremation. The purpose of the near future - to take a 10% market share.

Turn into a pencil

The artist Nadine Jarvis may make the carbon which remains in the remains, a set of pencils. According to her, one man of average height will roughly 240 pencils, each of which will be applied and the name of the late years of life. As soon as pencils will grind, a box filled with pencil shavings, which can then be converted into dust again.