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• GeoFresher - City Amazons

Traveling through Sri Lanka, I found one very mystical, mysterious place called by locals "Stripura". "Stree" - a woman, "pura" - the city that is the city of women. Very often, this is the place the locals call "Lankan Bermuda Triangle", by analogy with the "Bermuda Triangle" near the Caribbean.

GeoFresher - City Amazons

There happens people leave and never come back. Information about this mysterious place is almost there, but the one that is - is going bit by bit ... What is the mystery Stripury?

Not so long ago, in the mid-2000s, a group of researchers went to the region (and in fact, it's a jungle, within a radius of many kilometers of no settlements, no people ...) in order to investigate the mysterious phenomenon: that of the danger lurking here man ? Why to go to these places never to return?

The expedition, to broadcast information on the achievement of the desired area, disappeared without a trace. On her search and rescue team was thrown. However, soon the group was missing. There were several teams who went and never came back.

There is only one person who went to Stripuru and returned alive - a monk who for several weeks had been there. After his return, he went into hermits built a modest monastery in the jungle, where he lives in the moment, being constantly in meditation. I have not yet managed to meet him and find out the details of your stay in that region, because it has little talking to whom.

GeoFresher - City Amazons

It is rumored that this mysterious place is found flora and fauna, which nowhere else can not be found, and some plants - are poisonous and are not yet known to science, or to have a narcotic effect, and then the person loses in full control over reality, getting to world of illusion from which it never returns.

There are people who say: the "square" has long been home to a group of women, the isolation from civilization, and not having any contact with the outside world. Many centuries ago during the reign of the King, here in the caves of the harem was built, which kept the concubines. After the possible death of the king's harem was "abandoned", the women had nothing to do how to look for ways to survive. Over time, they learn how to produce food in the jungle, they have learned to protect themselves from "outsiders". The question arises how they can live up to now?

There is a hypothesis that they multiply at the expense of the kidnapping (or simply not knowing who have come to this place) local male inhabitants, after the "use" of the appointment of men they were simply killed. If a boy is born in a tribe it also killed. There is the idea that women are living deep in the cave.

GeoFresher - City Amazons

Another interesting fact: Stripura located close to the 'Sri Pada' or 'Adam's Peak. " This mountain is considered a sacred place for Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims. According to legend, he visited the Buddha himself during his next return to Sri Lanka, and left the imprint of his feet. Christians believe - the mountain was visited by one of Jesus' disciples. Muslims believe that a wise prophet, too, visited the site and left a trace on it.

On this part of the jungle is hard to find information, because very few people know about it at all. From my own experience I would say that such places on the planet still remains a lot.

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