IgroFresher - Alice Madness Returns

It's amazing how few games made based on the popular books. The films completely - any more or less successful film, as a rule, has a companion game, but creating gaming counterparts books do not use at the popular developer (even numerous games based on "The Lord of the Rings" and "Harry Potter" are devoted to the respective films, and not their literary ancestors).

Or, for example, written by Lewis Carroll astonishing tale "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" in 1864: the seemingly perfect setting for creating games - a world of dreams, an open field for the imagination, is where to turn. However, until now there was only one decent game based on the universe of Carroll - I'm talking about developed 11 years ago under the leadership of a talented game designer American McGee (American Mcgee) the same game American Mcgee's Alice.

IgroFresher - Alice Madness Returns

The action took place shortly after the events described in the book. In the house there is a fire Alice, her family is killed, and she gets a deep psychological trauma. Soon, Alice falls into a mental hospital, where traditional treatments have failed. the heroine's body is in a catatonic state, and the mind travels to Wonderland, disfigured by the tragedy. And now, after 11 years leaves a sequel. Meet, Alice Madness Returns!

All curiouser and curiouser

The plot of the new game begins 11 years after the unfortunate fire. Alice grew up, but never fully recovered from the shocks experienced in childhood. Sometimes my mind still brings her, and she falls into Wonderland, which remained not the most hospitable place.

Alice is necessary to deal with its past and finally save or destroy the world of his imagination, until she finally lost her mind. Despite not being the most original plot, the plot is still one of the strongest sides of Alice.

Actually, the best thing in the game - this plot, style and atmosphere. The world created by the developers, so kerrollovskogo that everyone who read the book as a child, then feel something familiar. Remember the feeling of unreality of what is happening at the same time curious - what happens next?

The game is full of characters from the original books, but they are served in the most unexpected, I would say infernal light. The game is divided into chapters, the action takes place alternately in the real world and Wonderland.

Alice has a very vivid imagination, so the locations are varied and not similar to each other. Moreover, I do not know who drew them, but a healthy person could not draw this (this is a compliment, if that).

In terms of gameplay Alice Madness Returns - is a classic action from the third party. Alice artfully (any Jedi envy) guns Strizhalo blade (Vorpal blade), shoot at the enemies of pepper and deftly jumping long distances. Generally, in the game a lot of acrobatics and simple puzzles, if we play platformer straight from the 90's, but surprisingly, it does not irritate. Another greetings from the past - health is not restored automatically, you need to pick up kits.

Also, the levels abundantly scattered and hidden ... teeth. Yes, the player collects and spends other people's teeth on weapon upgrades. The latter differs great originality and, above all, balance.

Universal no weapons against some monsters is well suited Strizhalo blade, and the other better pour boiling tea (this is not an allegory). When health is below decent, the heroine falls in hysteria, gets temporary invulnerability and can break the enemy with his bare hands.

The technical part of the game, unfortunately, a bit weak, graphic seems outdated (especially when Alice wanders through the real world) and at the same time the game is, and sometimes manages to slow down. However, blame her for that I absolutely do not want, in the end, what's the difference, what about the graphics, the main thing that was interesting to play. And with that Alice Madness Returns everything is in order.


Can a computer game positioned not just as entertainment, but as a work of art? Yes, Alice and the best confirmation. Games industry is developing in the same way as the cinema and like a hundred, "Green Lantern" is always a "Forrest Gump" and in the gaming industry for a dozen "codes" will find "Alice." This game has a style and ambience. If these words are not an empty word for you, then be sure to play in Alice Madness Returns.


- Amazing atmosphere and unsurpassed style.

- Interesting story.

- Interesting gameplay.


- Outdated graphics, poor optimization.


IgroFresher - Alice Madness Returns IgroFresher - Alice Madness Returns

To think that because some things can be so reduced that turn into nothing.

IgroFresher - Alice Madness Returns

Well, you have just met, and you're already at it with a knife!

IgroFresher - Alice Madness Returns

- You can not cut off the head, if nothing except the head.

- If there is a head, it means that you can chop!

IgroFresher - Alice Madness Returns

The Lady Diamonds bulen cooked and fried cutlets ten.

IgroFresher - Alice Madness Returns

That's really fallen since fallen ...

IgroFresher - Alice Madness Returns

I have seen cats without smiles, but without a cat smile ...

IgroFresher - Alice Madness Returns

- How do you know that I'm out of my mind? - Alice asked.

- Certainly not in his, - said the Cat. - How else would you get here?

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The first film version of "Alice in Wonderland" in the world, dating back to the year 1903

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