Interesting facts about Lady Gaga

• Interesting facts about Lady Gaga

Interesting facts about Lady Gaga

1. It is the first song was written in 15 minutes and was called "To Love Again".

2. Often, as a teenager, she ran out of the house and wandered.

3. Its first official job was as a go-go-Dancer and waitresses.

4. His Gaga shows she belongs to the genre "pop burlesque."

5. As a child, classmates often threw it in the trash behind the local pizzeria.

Interesting facts about Lady Gaga

6. Gaga from school dreamed to get the role of Adelaide from a theatrical piece Guys and Dolls.

7. The lessons she taught piano stripper.

8. Specifically, in order to rid it of excess teatralizma while playing the piano, the teacher forced her to wear a bandage on his hand with a toy Pink Panther. Gaga was to ensure that the figure fell.

9. The first CD she bought her own money, was the album Dookie group Green Day.

10. One Christmas Gaga was presented with a signed and sealed drive Beatles and Stevie Wonder on a boom box.

Interesting facts about Lady Gaga

11. Gaga believes that it is home to 2 of the soul, her own and her aunt, who died before her birth. 12. believes in ghosts and the evil eye.

13. In real life, Gaga is very conservative and does not accept any deviation from the accepted traditions.

14. Gaga taught herself to play the piano by ear at age 4.

15. She loves to cook.

Interesting facts about Lady Gaga

16. He likes Italian food, especially pasta.

17. Gaga - southpaw.

18. It was bankrupt four times.

19. Argues that continually strives to ensure that its music was considered an art form, wants to create something really important and new in music.

20. Some of the singer's songs have been used in the youth series "Girl - Gossip Girl," such as "the Paparazzi" and "Poker Face".

Interesting facts about Lady Gaga

21. Gaga adores and idolizes Donatella Versace considers her his muse.

22. At the very peak of popularity in the late 2008, it was often compared to singer Christina Aguilera. Christina stated that it does not even have a clue about what a man or woman of Lady Gaga.

23. The singer is very sorry that was not born in the 60s, because then she would have had the opportunity to seduce John Lennon. She claims that she would Yoko Ono stepped in front of her pressure.

24. Lady Gaga absolutely sure that music and fashion are inseparable in nature. One can not exist without the other. 25. For all the guys - fans of Lady Gaga said that she is not interested in flirting. Therefore, only one word can be heard at the slightest flirtation from the singer: "No!".

Interesting facts about Lady Gaga

26. Lady Gaga's crazy about Prince Harry.

27. To create an image of her outfits inspired by his mother, who was a passionate fan of Valentino and Ferragamo.

28. Height Lady Gaga is only 1, 55 m. Therefore, the clip is used the technology of increasing the visual growth through computer processing. This technology is not something new. This tricky reception successfully uses, e.g., Kylie Minogue, whose growth is only 1, 54 m.

29. At the time, the singer said that he was going to stay in show business for at least 30 years. It will work long and hard, with no breaks.

30. Lady Gaga is going to create art and music, not to marry.

Interesting facts about Lady Gaga