Summer myths

Summer myths

Hot tea quenches thirst better than soft drinks (myth)

And burning tea, lemonade and iced equally well make up for lack of fluid in the body. As explained by the head of the department of human physiology and animals MSU Andrey Kamensky, adopted in Central Asia in the heat of tea - it is a tradition associated with the peculiarities of life of the local population. For example, the nomads in the desert Karakum simply was not possible to rapidly cool the boiled (to disinfect) water.

Tip: Hot tea in hot weather can drink to sweat harder, because due to the evaporation of sweat from the skin the person easier to tolerate the high temperature of the air. However, it is worth remembering that, along with then you lose moisture, and therefore want to drink faster after a hot beverage than after the cold soda.

If the wash scratch sea water, it will heal faster (true)

"Scratch it heals faster simply because they do not fester. The sea water due to the high content of salt for disinfection superficial damage to the skin, "- explains dermatologist Scandinavian Health Center Stepan Oganesov. But only if the water is clean - on public beaches there are many different microorganisms and scratches then it is better not to wash. A deep cuts, stab wounds and gunshot wounds water treatments are contraindicated in any reservoirs.

Tip: Wash the scratch clean sea water, starts looking for first-aid kits to treat the damaged area of ​​skin antiseptic and seal the plaster. Prompts - first-aid kit in Russian traffic rules should be in all cars.

Swim in less than half an hour after eating bad (true)

Gastroenterologist network of clinics "Niarmedic" Anastasia Shikhova advises to refrain from any exercise within an hour after eating, "Drastic movements can cause reflux - throwing undigested food from one of the digestive tract in the other in the opposite natural direction, and it is fraught with not only heartburn, but and inflammation. " In the water reflux increases the risk, as a person is in a horizontal position.

Do not walk

in wet swimming trunks (the truth)

Wet swimming trunks on the beach in the heat of a particular danger to health are not. But if going swimming on a cool evening - immediately change your clothes in the dry. Otherwise, you can pick up a whole bunch of diseases of the genitourinary system. The list is small, but impressive: urethritis (inflammation of the urethra), orhoepidimit (inflammation of the testicle and its appendages) and prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate).

Even a dark baseball cap saves from sunstroke (myth)

"The dark baseball cap can protect the head only from sunburn. From sunstroke, which is a kind of heat, the dark fabric protects bad ", - says MD Head of the Department of Human and Animal Physiology of Moscow State University Andrew Kamensky. Black baseball cap absorbs the rays and thus heats up, transferring heat to the head.

Tip: The heat on her head is better to wear something white, which reflects the rays. And if you really want to go out in the sun it is in a dark hat, have to buy a fur hat or cap of sheepskin. Long hair has good insulating properties. Tested on shepherds.

The smoke is harmful to health (myth)

When burning wood evolve toxic carbon monoxide gas and a pair of hydrocyanic acid and also mutagenic and carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Moreover, the solid particles of smoke at a rate of less than 10 microns, and therefore free to penetrate through the protective system in the lung alveoli. But drastic harm one or two evenings a campfire will not cause.

"Noxious compounds in the smoke from burning wood is much smaller than, for example, in tobacco smoke" - soothes MD, deputy director of the Institute of Pulmonology, Sergey Avdeev. Besides outdoor concentration of these substances in the air are small.

If the place to scratch a mosquito bite, it will be even harder to itch (true)

Touching activates proteins into bite-messengers of the immune system, and skin irritation develops.

Tip: Freeze bite, enclosing bank cold cola or ice cube. Lower temperatures slow chemical reactions in the body and inhibits signaling from irritable skin area to the brain. If the itching from the bite can not be tolerated, smazh bitten place camphor alcohol or camphor ointment.

The ear is exposed to water? Tilt the head to one side and jump on the spot (the myth)

"The external auditory meatus has a serpentine shape, so the water can get stuck in it", - says audiologist, otolaryngologist Scandinavian Health Center Elena Avdienko. Try to straighten the ear canal (not all of course). Bowing his head, massage the tragus (the small hryaschik before the opening of the outer ear canal) or pull up and back ear, holding the cartilage over the lobe. The main thing - do not overdo it. If you tear off the ear, we realize this is not easy.

If, sweating in the heat, ill with angina (true) to drink ice beer

Due to cold drinks is overcooled throat and the weakening of local immunity, but the man then becomes vulnerable to all the microorganisms that cause diseases of the upper respiratory tract, not just for a particular infection, responsible for the sore throat, which is rare.

Tip: Cold beer not so good. When ice drink liquid significantly reduced the sensitivity of taste buds. "Experts recommend spending drink wine, temperature is 10-14 ̊S" - said Professor of Moscow State University Food Production Dmitry Karpenko. This, of course, a good beer, the taste of which is not necessary to mask the cold.