Hands and the work that they are doing

Hands, who played 5000 concerts, dug 150 tons of potatoes, made 20,000 transactions and other eminent hands.

Hands and the work that they are doing

Hand drawn 40,000 cartoons

Hands and the work that they are doing

Boris Yefimov. Cartoonist, 104 years (28 September marks 105 years)

"A lot of good hands, I was shaking. I distinctly remember a handshake Mussolini. He took the Soviet delegation of 11 people, and each individually greeted. Mussolini was gorgeous, impressive - in a white civilian suit, tanned, in a two-tone shoes. Just dandy. And who could have imagined that he would be hanged upside down ?! Generally, these things I have ever talk with many great world. I saw and heard Lenin, I accompanied on his last journey Lunacharsky. Stalin once said by phone standing. He dined with Tito. But worse than the last thing I remember, I said goodbye to Lev Davidovich Trotsky, when he was deported to Alma-Ata. We embraced and kissed him, and he gave me a coat, when I was leaving. I told him: "What are you, Lev Davidovich." And he said: "No, no, no" - and held and held this coat, and I was embarrassed, of course. And then, when I was asked to portray him as the enemy of the people, which were to disappear? I could answer: "I have always loved and respected Lev Davidovich and draw caricatures of it will not." But I also had a wife, parents and son had a ten-year - all to kill them? They would be taken to the camp on the same day. I gave up. They were good or bad? Unknown. Wisdom is that all right. Do you know what my favorite poem of Mayakovsky: The horse said, looking at the camel:

"What a giant horse-fucker".

Camel also cried: "Yes, the horse did not you ?!

You simply - camel underdeveloped. "

And he knew just the gray-bearded god, What is it - the animals of different species. "

The hands, which revealed more than 8,000 corpses

Hands and the work that they are doing

Joseph Solomonovich Laskavy. Pathologist 1st City Hospital, 68 years old

"According to the stereotype, the pathologist came to work that morning, drink half a cup of alcohol treasury, rolls up his sleeves, take a large knife and a whole day guts corpses. In fact, our main work - study micropreparations taken by the surgeon from a piece of a corpse to determine what disease there. But the stereotype is not eradicated. Because all seen enough of American films. There's always this little Jew with glasses, which comes to the detective with a piece of coal in his hand, and he states that this was the last ember man of the white race 32 years and two hours before his death, eating chicken. Or here's another way: the big man with hairy arms and hairy chest. Me to successfully combine these two characters: on the one hand, a Jew with glasses, and on the other - my hairy arms. "

The hands that have made more than 3,000 circumcisions

Hands and the work that they are doing

Yishai Shafit. Moel, 41 years old

"Hands Mohel can learn from thousands of others, just look at the thumb and index finger. The fact that babies are cut without surgical gloves, as one of the stages of the operation is necessary to use nails. The procedure itself consists of three parts: the foreskin is cut off, then breaks the inner layer of the foreskin and the third part - from where trimmed sucked a drop of blood for a speedy recovery. That's just the second stage and need the nails on your thumb and forefinger, which must be specially sharpened. Adults also operate with gloves on, and the inner layer of the foreskin is cut with scissors. "

Hands 4116 times Spreading the jaws of the predator

Hands and the work that they are doing

Askold Zapashnyy. Trainer predators, Honored Artist of Russia, 27 years old

"If you want to know if I put someday hand into the mouth of a predator, then I do something I do it almost every day. Not that hand, his head thrust back. Animals for this number we select specifically to educate and start very young. Not every trainer predators is a pet, and we have the tiger, Martin, we have great confidence in him - he was awesome. This means - not always rushes. "

The hands that made the 7500 plastic surgery

Hands and the work that they are doing

Alexis Borovikov. Head of the Institute of Plastic Surgery, 54 years old

"I'm a surgeon. I bleed, and this is due to the danger of dying. And if the patient is willing to accept these risks, so it is really a strong desire to change the features of the body. My job - to help him. Girl wants silicone breast 800 cubes - why not? My hands can change her fate. "

Hands, played violin concertos about 5000

Hands and the work that they are doing

Tatiana Tikhonovna Grindenko. People's Artist of Russia, the leader of the band "The Academy of Ancient Music" and "Opus posth", 59 years old

"At first, I really took care of their own hands - I'm a musician. But it passed, when I received the blessing of an old man, even in Soviet times, to restore the church and build a church house. Then I with these hands kneading clay, straw, manure. It was the first time in my life when I have not been saving in general - the idea was beyond my fears. "

The hands that built the house 33

Hands and the work that they are doing

Nicholas A. Krasko. Builder, 51 years old

"I'm building a house from a tree. Build itself from the foundations to the last nail. People do not believe, they say: Behold the rafters - like you're one to put? I also have a system, special devices. Here the climber does not ask what he climbs into the mountains alone? Similarly, I want to prove myself that I can overpower a new vertex. You take in hand the board of lime - it also feels like silk. That's why the bath of her building - never splinters will not. "

a hand holding 260 dolls

Hands and the work that they are doing

Vladimir Karpovich Mihitarov. Puppeteer, 59 years old

"I played the role of Ceremonies after Zinovy ​​Gerdt, and for me it was the work of the heights of excellence. I had to play the Entertainer and Hebrew, and Farsi. But the first performance I had in Japan. After the performance, I turn to the audience: "Do-de-se" ( "Well?"). Silence. They are shocked. And then I say in Japanese: "Now I'll reveal the secret. You will not believe, but who now stands before you - a doll. " Another pause. I continue: "I'll get you another terrible secret: I, too, doll." And this started here ... Ovation ".

The hands that carried out 15,000 sessions of healing

Hands and the work that they are doing

Allan Chumak. President of the Regional public fund to promote research into social and anomalous phenomena, 70 years old

"People often ask me how I held his hand and can tell you about all your diseases. I just take everything complex. Although, in principle, I can work and without arms. This is only an auxiliary tool. If tomorrow they, for example, take and cut off - I just still do not lose the gift of his. "

The hands, mated to a 3000 Pioneer neckties

Hands and the work that they are doing

Ludmila Ilinichna Sosnovik. Pioneer leader, 82 years old

"It was in the pioneer camp, in 1939. All went on a campaign, and I look - light in one of the chambers. I went, and there homeless sleeps, and it louse run. Questioned: name is Eugene, parents died. I strongly for it from the authorities got, and he soon disappeared. Three days later he came together with friends. And during the war, homeless Eugene Shkurdalov received the Hero of the Soviet Union for the battle of Prokhorovka. A friend of his, whom he had brought into the camp, Grisha Rychkalov became twice Hero! "

The hands, dug up 150 tons of potatoes

Hands and the work that they are doing

Lidia Morozova. Peasant, 78 years old

"What is the earth? This is our mother's nurse. A reporter said, one that dirt! Mud! Well, except as may be. I can not, I'm going to cry! What's going on here?! Nobody mows without digging - how good is lost. Would I have Putin's phone, I would have called him and told him about it. I have boys who ride bicycles, chasing away - first all grass izomnut, and then wonder why the store is expensive milk. I worked on the farm, and the farm. And in 1961, my friends and gave two rabbits - male and female. I was engaged in rabbit breeding. Led several breeds, the best was in the Moscow region. Went to the Exhibition Center, it has received for its 70 rubles rabbits Prize. Now I have 40 pieces - each of eight kilograms. You try to grow them! He was born almost a mouse: small, naked. Every day for two grass to mow their bag. "

The hands that made about 20,000 heart operations

Hands and the work that they are doing

Leo Bokeria Antonovich. Director of the Scientific Center of Cardiovascular Surgery them. Bakulev RAMS, Lenin Prize and State Prize, Honored Worker of Science, Academician, chief cardiac surgeon of the Russian Federation, 65 years old

"The heart never looks scary. It's very beautiful. This body is amazingly arranged. There is nothing superfluous - two atria, two ventricles and the blood vessels that nourish it. At the left ventricle smooth surface, the right, conversely, consists of a plurality of muscular formations. There are some long-term operation, when the patient is clamped aorta - two hours stops the heart. And you know - right now you need concentration, patience and very uniform attitude to everything that is happening during this time. "