For that you can dismiss the employee

Stories of unusual dismissals.

For that you can dismiss the employee

was fired for not smoking

Thomas Jensen, the head of a small company in Buesum (village in Germany) was criticized for being sacked three employees of the company. The reason for dismissal - the staff did not smoke, while everyone else had this habit. Because of this, three of the dismissed allegedly created inconvenience for all workers who are not able to fully integrate into the team, and all were a sort of "black sheep", breaking the psychological climate in the company. In addition, they are worse than smokers, worked. All these statements are given with the words of Thomas. In the light of global trends rather bold and unexpected move, though stupid.

Cover Girl fired for weight

Covergirl Philip Hamilton was fired management of the company Ralph Lauren, producing clothing. According to Philippa, she was told that she strongly recovered and no longer able to represent items of clothing, which produces the company. The company said that the girl was not able to fulfill the terms of the contract entered into with it, and was therefore dismissed. In general, nothing is clear, but it is known that at the age of 23 years, with the growth of 165 centimeters she weighs 54 kilograms. If it overweight, I'm afraid to imagine what the girls leadership of this "wonderful" the company said thin enough to showcase their products.

The teacher was fired because she was not signed under oath

Wendy Gonaver was dismissed from the post of the University of California Fullerton teacher immediately after the first day of school, when she refused to sign the so-called "loyalty oath". It's kind of an oath, in which students and their teacher promised to defend the country and its staff from internal and external threats with the utmost determination. Wendy as a convinced pacifist, the annex to the text of the oath letter that the document violates her right to freedom of expression and religious belief. She offered to sign an oath with some amendments, but the university administration refused to satisfy her demands and put the question bluntly - or the signature without comment, or dismissal. University of Management also stated that should the legal requirements as all employees must sign an oath, and additional considerations or changes to the text will not be accepted. By the way, shortly before it was fired from the university another teacher that just added to his signature the word "nonviolently", that is, "without violence". After a surge of interest in the story in the media it was quickly reinstated. I hope that Wendy will also get the job back.

A basketball coach was fired for winning

It sounds like a joke, but in reality you are getting. Coach maiden school basketball team from Covenant School Micah Grimes was present at the game with his players from the academy Dallas team. The game ended with a crushing score of 100: 0. Some time after the match Mika was fired for letting the game go so far as to reach such an account, as well as for the fact that the name of the team did not apologize for winning opponent. Micah claims that is not going to apologize for my girls, so they do not feel humiliated and guilty. Man fellow, and fire him - a very talented alternative types to be politically correct.

Vodafone Employee fired for tweet

Gradually, various fashionable means of communication and interaction are becoming more serious force. Recently, this tool becomes Twitter system. The subscribers of T-Mobile once experienced difficulty connecting to the network due to a software failure, and a member of T-Mobile to inform subscribers placed in the corporate tweet: "T-Mobile in Hungary partly works, a problem with the software." After a while, another employee of the same company posted another message, to reassure customers: "There will be an official announcement about the problems with the connection, please be patient." Then one of the employees of a competitor of the company Vodaphone retweet this message to the Twitter account of his company with a note "Please call us;)", thus adding a share of sarcasm and mockery to the original message. This was followed by a lot of apologies from Vodafone to T-Mobile for incorrect connection of the employee, after which he was dismissed.

The waiter was fired for heroism

It is generally beyond the scope of common sense. The waiter from Fort Laderdeyla, Florida, who left the workplace for the disrespectful (in terms of the head) reason was fired. 22-year-old woman was attacked by an intruder with a knife near the shopping center, where there was a restaurant that served the waiter Juan Canales. Brave Latino offender grabbed and held him until the police arrived, which detained on arrival striker, nobody Albert Means. Everything seems to end well, but after Huang returned to the restaurant, his boss said that he may be free now. According to him, at Juan do well to be a hero, but he is not good enough in the role of a waiter. In general, this is the case when you want to say something very wrong about this alternatively gifted director and wish him to it somehow was attacked and a number was not brave waiter.

The judge dismissed for SMS

As is known, in the courtroom during sessions is forbidden to use mobile phones. Judge Daniel Gregory in trial several times used her phone to send several messages, including photos, one of his colleagues. After several such actions reflected her boss in a disciplinary letter, the fact of sending messages and the general mobile phone use, especially e-mail photos. I keep it all, as I understand it, apply it to the camera phone since broken the closed mode to the hearings. As a result, after consideration of the case, she was fired.