50 facts about Qatar through the eyes of Russians

• 50 facts about Qatar through the eyes of Russians

50 facts about Qatar through the eyes of Russians

1. Qatar - a typical oil-producing Arab States, rich and inexcusable negligible.

2. Prior to the study of oil reserves Qatar is pearling. It was another backward Qatar.

3. Form of the Board of Qatar - an absolute monarchy, instead of the Constitution - the Sharia, but sometimes European orders.

4. unlucky with the country's climate - very hot. But the warm Arabian Gulf, but terribly salty.

5. Wait - is so rare that the first rain of the year has been recently - on 7 November.

6. Oil revenues are spent on the social sphere. Effectively spent. But the freebie can be used only Qatari nationals.

7. To get to Qatar can be either at the invitation of a local company, or to obtain a visa, which will issue receiving hotel. Although if you are from a fallen capitalism - then a visa for entry!

8. Interesting historical sites there, everything happens here and now.

9. Outside the capital, Doha, in fact, nothing to do. So = Qatar Doha.

10. Doha - scattered city with districts or traditional 2-3-storey buildings house or a skyscraper.

11. Roads in Doha do not intersect at right angles. Usually - circular patrol.

12. Doha - a city under construction, rather dirty. But trash is somehow not very conspicuous.

13. Week starts on Sunday, the weekend - Friday and Saturday (usually only Friday), if you are a lone man - in the first half of the day you may not be allowed in the mall, for example. Only families and women. Bachelors wonder - color! 14. Only 20% of the population of Qatar - its citizens. The rest - foreign workers - the Indians, the Arabs nekatarskie Filipinos. Well, a little of Americans and Europeans.

15. Indians so much that in theaters twist films in Hindi.

16. Qatar would be even richer and more developed, if the salary of local workers did not leave remittances abroad, and remained in the country.

17. Qatari rarely work. Or from the poor (yes, there are such), or nothing else to do.

18. Citizenship get is unreal. Qataris have to be born by Qataris.

19. Children polls say in English. Maybe it's because they have a nanny-foreigner.

20. Qataris go to the white (men) and black (female) traditional dress. For men - dishdashas for women - abaya. Not all women go with the face.

21. Guys Qataris often suffer from excess weight.

22. Despite the fact that katarki go to Abaye, in malls, they buy up a bunch of European belongings!

23. Qataris, like all Arabs, love perfume. The smell is worth hours!

24. Populate the hotel Qatari couple can only on presentation of a marriage certificate.

25. Qatari staying for one night in order to change his wife, and to get drunk. Alcohol is banned. And not necessarily to spend the night - a couple of hours in broad daylight - and Readily already!

26. The distribution of alcohol (for foreigners, of course) is engaged in one single company. To obtain a license to purchase, you need to have a residence permit in Qatar, be over 21, have permission from the employer (!) And receive a charge more than $ 1,000. Displacement limited. Once again - no alcohol in supermarkets! 27. If the Arabs do not smoke - so, and does not drink.

28. Pork is forbidden, but they say that in December will bring. We rejoice, kosher!

29. Carbonated drinks are cheaper than drinking water.

30. From Qatar food itself does not produce anything. Most are imported from Saudi Arabia or the Emirates. Majors.

31. The most common advertising - advertising crisps. Arabs and Indians consume them tons! Yet all sorts of crackers.

32. The kitchen is diverse. If the Arab-with all sorts of herbs, spices, herbs. But safer to eat fast food - no surprises happen then :)

33. Petrol is so cheap (0, $ 25), that no one even thinks to ride on a small car. In fashion SUVs. Do not go on foot.

34. Public transportation in Doha almost there. No subway, buses run very rarely and is not constant, and then, with a special ticket-propuskovoy system is to move only taxi.

35. Qatar is perhaps the safest Arab country. Maybe because there is stationed an American military base :)

36. It is possible to live in peace, even without knowledge of Arabic. Almost all speak in English.

37. Russian everywhere. They are few, but they exist.

38. Handshakes are extremely rare (in an international environment). Often simply "hellou" and all.

39. Walking with bare shoulders and clothing above the knee is considered impolite, although clubs can.

40. cereal institutions only for the hotels. Not cheap, close early.

41. Contingent - men-Lebanese or Egyptians, Arabs rarely black-Sudanese-Filipina maids. And the Europeans, where do without them. 42. No show business. In addition to world stars popular Egyptian and Lebanese artists. But even the music that pretend to be modern, still with traditional motifs. The cinema is also traditional.

43. Public beaches there, if only outside Doha (nafig need?) Or at the hotels, again, not cheap.

44. Calling abroad is cheap, but within the network to talk not so.

45. Al-Jazeera - the most famous and respected Arabic TV channel. Qatari :)

46. ​​Literary Arabic to colloquial Arabic - discord! Rules are not complied with, emphasis cloud!

47. Qatar is probably the most athletic Arab country, although not so much involved in sports, much as building sports facilities.

48. You like to watch rugby, cricket fighting without rules. Game! But to play like football, of course.

49. 3 previous years were carried out in Doha final women's tennis tournament. But now, the tournament moved to Istanbul.

50. Qatar take World Cup in 2022, followed by Russia.