96 facts about Argentina through the eyes of Russians

Galina Timofeeva lived for 12 years in Argentina and wrote these interesting facts specifically for Fresher readers.

96 facts about Argentina through the eyes of Russians

1. Argentina - official name - the Republic of Argentina. It is second only to Brazil's territory and third after Brazil and Colombia on the population of the State in Latin America.

2. Argentina is located in three climatic zones: tropical, subtropical and temperate.

3. Argentina - a country of Indians displaced by immigrants. Argentine nation was formed in the XIX-XX centuries many European immigrants.

4. The national composition of immigrants has been and remains very diverse: dominated by Spaniards and Italians, many of the French and Armenians, Germans, Britons, Poles, Czechs, Roma, Serbs, Hindus, Arabs as well as representatives of the Slavic peoples.

5. In Argentina, home to a large number of descendants of immigrants from the pre-revolutionary Russia, mostly Ukrainians, Belarusians, Russian, Jews, Latvians.

6. Religion: Christianity (Catholics - 90%). The population is very religious. A huge number of churches.

7. Currently, citizens of Russia and Ukraine may visit Argentina to 90 days without a visa.

8. General Jose de San Martin - Argentine Lenin. He led the army that defeated the Spanish. San Martin made a significant contribution to the struggle for the independence of Argentina. In the center of the capital to his monument to lay wreaths all foreign delegations.

9. In 2010, the country had legalized gay marriage. In July 2010, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner in the ceremony, which was broadcast live on state television of the country, signed a law on gay marriage, adopted on the eve of the parliament with the support of the government and personally Kirchner couple. According to the president, it is "a fundamental victory" on the road to full equality in society. 10. Between Christmas and New Year in Argentina did not make a big difference - these two festivals are celebrated almost the same. Typically, Argentina Christmas - a family holiday, with the obligatory gifts.

11. The most popular part of the Argentine culture - Tango, plastic and music who appreciate romance all over the world.

12. Football is a national passion, not just a game. During world championships and responsible in educational institutions and schools, pupils and students are not learning, and watching football. Diego Maradona - a living icon of the country. Confrontation football clubs "River" and "Boca Juniors" are irreconcilable.

13. Paraguayan tea mate - rather rite (unsanitary) than just a drink, and his offer - a sign of sympathy. The beverage is drunk from the container through a common tube (bombilla) and embarks on a circle.

14. Argentina is among the ten leading countries in uranium reserves. The country is known for its scientific development in the field of nuclear power and uranium industry.

15. Among export industries occupies a special place slaughterhouse - traditional and country-specific industry. Argentina is one of the most significant producers of meat (mainly beef) and its exporters.

16. According to the number of cattle Argentina ranks sixth in the world for the production of meat per capita - the fifth and the consumption of it - the first. Meat - national food Argentines.

17. Opened in 1913, the Metropolitan of Buenos Aires, was the first and the largest underground in Latin America and in the southern hemisphere.

18. Argentines - cheerful, friendly, talkative and sociable people and still very optional and non-punctual. Country "Magnani" (from mañana - tomorrow).

20. Argentines drink a lot of his Argentine wine. In this regard, they are very big patriots. Strong drinks are not popular. 21. On the streets of Buenos Aires is not safe, so is not desirable to walk at night through the dark alleys. Do not let children walk alone on the street. Frequent and robbery in broad daylight. Robbing banks, shops, hostage-taking - part of the story on the news. Car theft - a very common crime.

22. Available, free and good socialized medicine. The doctors do not take gifts and bribes. Attitude in the hospitals are very friendly. Try to imagine all this, it becomes very sad for our Russian and Ukrainian medicine. Although there are some oddities. The first thing the doctor will advise the gastro-intestinal disturbances - soda "7UP". Unhealed wounds and stitches sprinkled with sugar.

23. Required attribute the bathroom and toilet rooms in houses, apartments and hotels. - bidet. Argentines have been in other countries, very surprised by his absence.

24. On the streets everywhere and always a lot of beggars and homeless people. Begging even young, healthy and able-bodied.

25. Even the very old houses inside in very good condition, porches clean and beautifully decorated - flowers reproductions, furniture (tables, chairs, sofas). On New Year's in the halls put decorated trees. The doors in the hallways in the main glass, view the entire entrance hall.

26. The main priorities - football, sex, meat. Reading books - an empty pastime. Should be read only when you learn, and after completing his studies, not to forget the letter - to view the newspapers.

27. A very important part of the female body in Argentina is considered to be the priest. Even contests for the best ass region of the country.

28. Argentines - true patriots love their country. Argentine flag there in each family. He hung out to all national holidays from the windows and balconies.

29. The Argentines are very attached to their families, supported by a very strong relationship, even with distant relatives. 30. It is very fond of children. Many children are allowed. No children are not screaming, not slaps.

31. Often in a divorce, children remain with her father, and even if the mother, the father takes children from previous marriages weekend, vacation, vacationing with them. Communication with children is not lost. Argentines - very caring fathers.

32. February - month of carnivals throughout Argentina. The main carnival takes place annually in the city of Gualeguaychu in the province of Entre Rios, 200 kilometers from Buenos Aires. Carnival has been held for more than 30 years and is very popular among tourists. Carnival in Argentina focuses on dance and acting, its roots originate in the medieval Italian tradition.

33. In Buenos Aires, including numerous suburbs immediately adjacent to the capital, home to 13,356,715 (as of 2009).

34. Ciudad de Buenos Aires is a multinational, major metropolitan separation occurs on social lines. There are areas - slums (Vigie), by analogy with the Brazilian "favelas", where even the police fear to appear.

35. Buenos Aires is ranked first in the world among all the cities in terms of total capacity football stadiums.

36. In the central part of Buenos Aires currently are around 200 points Wi-Fi.

37. The President of the country - a woman, Cristina Elisabet Fernández de Kirchner (Spanish Cristina Elisabet Fernández deKirchner.). She became the second woman president of Argentina (after Isabel Peron) and the first woman - president of Argentina as a result of elections.

38. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner approved a law according to which Argentina was introduced ban on smoking in public places and tobacco advertising. In addition, we have tightened conditions of sale of cigarettes. In particular, the sale of single cigarettes and sales through vending machines was banned. 39. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has made in 2010, an official visit to Moscow and was presented with a cap of fox from the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. They also discussed issues in the fields of nuclear energy, gas industry, agriculture, the participation of Russian companies in the construction of a new gas pipeline from Argentina to Bolivia.

40. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev during his visit was surprised plugs in Buenos Aires and even experienced all the inconveniences associated with the heavy traffic on its own, but found the experience useful. I traveled around the city without flashing lights!

41. Malvina - a long-standing dispute between Britain and Argentina. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Argentina expressed protest in connection with the British intentions to extract oil from the coast of Argentina (in the area of ​​the disputed Falkland Islands (Malvinas)). February 21, 2010 British Ocean Guardian drilling platform arrived in the area where the oil was discovered, located in the northern part of the Falkland Islands, and started drilling.

42. Argentine women - a lazy and "armless". Houses do not prepare, often order food by phone at the house. Even to insert elastic pants or sew buttons on clothing - pass to the workshop. One is not quite young client said in the workshop that she would have to sew a button, but it does not have a "special" needle.

43. In the city a huge number of restaurants. Especially a lot of meat restaurants where they cook the meat on the grill - Parrilla (parrilla). Many Chinese - "free fork" (Tenedor libre), where the fee for entrance and drinks. Many restaurants with national cuisine, sushi bars.

44. Resident many Chinese, especially in the capital. The Chinese hold shops, laundries, saunas.

45. The Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur ( "Day of Atonement") closed a lot of stores. On this day, you can determine who hosts the store. 46. ​​Very good transport connections. Payment on city buses through cash machine. Entrance only through the front door, out - through the middle or back. Intercity - double-decker buses.

47. When I learned that people from Russia, sympathize with, that's cold.

48. In winter, there is a couple of weeks of cold to 0 degrees. Go bareheaded. Get into the gloves and scarves. There are blue and shiver.

49. Girls Dress casually, do not use makeup. Main clothing - T-shirts, jeans. High heels are only "occasionally". Jackboots are only prostitutes during working hours or transvestites. In the summer walking around with bare bellies. Particularly awful view from the protruding navel in pregnancy. Argentine "uniforms" - denim bottom, black top. Haircuts are not taken, a rarity. Go with her long hair. At the hairdresser go to hair coloring, hair removal (Well very hairy), and straightening his "horse" of hair. A huge number of hairdressers.

50. Grandmothers, pensioner, as a rule, well-groomed, tastefully dressed, short and neatly trimmed, manicured.

51. Men also well-groomed, well-dressed, especially when compared with ours in Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet republics. Argentines who visited St. Petersburg, Moscow and Kiev say that women have a beauty, but many ladies dress up as "easy" behavior or transvestites. But about our men respond very poorly.

52. Many workshops on repair of clothes (surpassed Chinese) keep our compatriots.

53. Every weekend morning in many squares and public gardens are formed fairs that sell every kustarschina, products "crazy" Argentine handles, articles made of silver, semiprecious stones, knitted clothes, paintings, any Indian rubbish.

54. The Argentines are proud of their football, meat, condensed milk, pies with various fillings, "empanadas". 55. 29 of each month at restaurants and snack bars - day, "Nokis". Tasteless potato dumplings. Eat a "salsa" - any gravy. Preparing the dough of boiled potatoes with flour and raw egg, and then pinch off a finger to get in shape, reminiscent of our pasta shells. It's not tasty!

56. The Argentines are very polite, patient, never Naham, quietly listen to all visitors and customers (we have already heard enough of this!).

Even if tolknesh Argentine or stepped on the foot, he apologized. A common occurrence when apologize both sides.

57. Babies, starting with kindergarten age, are often asked whether they have the groom or the bride?

58. School education - weak. They draw up to the outlet. In kindergartens and junior all classes except sculpting and drawing, conducted on the floor. And usually, the tiled floor.

59. Sign in almost all the major museums of the country absolutely free or fee is symbolic - 1-2 pesos.

60. It is very fond of animals. Many people keep dogs and do not necessarily purebred.

Most often, dogs and cats neutered. There are special people who walk their dogs, when the owners at work. You can often see the man who becomes entangled in a 10 or even a 20-lead, lead the whole pack of different-sized dogs. So many veterinary clinics and specialty stores.

61. A lot of agencies selling real estate and somu. The apartment can not be removed without a guarantor. 70% of Argentines live in rented apartments. Price rented housing is strongly dependent on the area. The average price of two-bedroom apartment in a decent area within 500 dollars.

62. Taxi drivers are very friendly, polite and talkative. Taxis are black with a yellow roof.

63. No black bread and yogurt. Meat is eaten with white bread, rolls. Little choice of sausage. From the tastiest meat in the world manage to do very nasty sausage. 64. Before entering the subway always handing out free newspapers.

65. There are outbreaks of malaria and dengue.

66. Buenos province in Lyuhan, there is a zoo where you can enter the cage with predators (tigers, lions, cougars) and photographed.

67. Participation in elections - a must!

68. Immigrants are good, especially the Europeans. All Argentineans except Aboriginals which 0, 5% of the total population - descendants of immigrants. Blood anyone, but when you ask, refer to themselves as Argentines.

All are very friendly, all smiles, no ethnic conflicts.

69. There is a feast - day nations. Still there - day race, ie the local Indians...

These days are organized on the fair premises with dancing and food.

70. Youth - not aggressive. Not scared to pass by a group of teenagers and young people, and even inadvertently hurt. In response, just apologize. Smoke are asked to smoke only out of consideration.

71. The era of the dollar 1: 1 lasted from the mid-90s until 2002. The economic miracle that began in Argentina in the early 1990s, did not last long. Now the dollar is 1: 4.

72. Over 12 days - from December 21 2001 to January 1, 2002 - in Argentina was replaced by the four presidents.

73. There are home right in the shoe. But on the street a lot of waste products of dogs, for which the owners are rarely cleaned.

74. The bus driver always comes out to help a disabled person in a wheelchair. Almost all buses are equipped with a special pull-out step.

75. Very frequent pickets and demonstrations. Overlap movement. They beat drums and burn tires. Very often beat the drums at the Ministry of Labor and Congress of the building.

76. A lot of men with gay.

77. Tattoos and piercings are very popular among women and among men.

78. There are several Russian churches in Argentina. At Easter and Christmas are going to our parishioners. Basically, from the considerations to show themselves and others to take a look. Then, in the square near the churches, roughly mark the occasion. 79. Have a housekeeper and nanny - the lot, not only the rich, but also people of moderate means.

80. dorm rules are not respected. Celebrate very noisy - with music, crackers, fireworks and cries until dawn. And to celebrate can start after 21 hours.

81. Russian jelly (jelly) is the Argentines surprise and disgust. Jelly there can only be sweet.

82. sue the employer - a common phenomenon. As a general rule, and most of all - the employer is always a loss. The law on the employee side.

83. Honorable people can call, adding to the name the prefix "Dr.". This does not mean that it has to do with medicine or a degree.

84. Both men and women kissing at a meeting and parting.

85. In Argentina, you can not open an umbrella indoors - to bring bad luck.

86. Iguazu Falls, located in the north of Argentina, found in 2011, one of the seven wonders of the world.

87. In the south of Argentina is the southernmost city in the world - Ushuaia, which attracts many tourists.

88. In the north-western part of Argentina there are province and the city of Jujuy. At the Russian sites, and Wikipedia is called incorrectly - as the Jujuy.

89. Puerto Madryn - a city in the province of Chubut in the Argentine Patagonia, is another tourist spot. Every year here swim swarms of southern whales and dolphins for traditional marriage rituals.

90. A very important event in Argentina, is considered to be the 15th anniversary of the girl. Celebrated as the entry into adult life (boys' 18-year anniversary, but do not say). It celebrated in a big way. Gown bought for the bride.

91. The Argentinian may come into the restaurant and ordered fries with a fried egg.

92. In Argentina, there is a land of forests and lakes. Bariloche - Argentine Switzerland. Beautiful at any time of the year. In winter - ski resorts.

93. Almost all of the fish that are caught off the coast of Argentina, is exported. Argentines do not eat fish almost. Our herring and dried fish makes them wonder - how can you eat raw fish? 94. Argentina has become the cradle of very important discoveries in the field of paleontology. Argentines are proud that most dinosaur skeletons found in their territory. It is a land gigantozavrov, noazavrov and titanosaurs.

95. Los Glaciares (Glaciers) - National Park, located in Patagonia on the territory of the Argentine province of Santa Cruz. This is the largest ice massif of ice after Antarctica and Greenland.

96. Gaucho - this Argentine cowboys. This is a special mentality and way of life, their fate was disappointing and unenviable. Their purposeful destruction of the country's government has stopped recently. Today, the vast expanses of the South American pampas still possible to meet people in colorful baggy pants, ponchos and black wide-brimmed hats, but they are - a poor excuse for their freedom-loving ancestors.

Galina Timofeeva, especially for our website