Rules of life Em Si Hammer

• The rules of life Em Si Hammer

Rules of life Em Si Hammer

Fuck Em Si. Just call me Hammer.

Do not hesitate to say that you love me. But, of course, not to me.

There is always someone, who do not like what you're doing. This is normal. All in a row like kittens only.

I'm not sure that once again I would like to put on the, which carried an eighty-ninth.

Do not ever do a hat the main element of the wardrobe - that's what you need to know all the artists. Nothing on earth people do not remember as well as hats. So when you shoot it, you cease to be recognizable.

The clothes are not able to change a person. Boy-bell-bell boy will remain, even if pinned on all gang tchotchke world. A gangster gangster is always - even if put on the three-piece suit.

American paradox is, in the ghetto all want to be rich, and all the rich want to be a gangster from the ghetto.

Evil manifests itself in people very early in the. When children play cowboys and Indians, someone always wants to be bad.

Whoever is pointed out to you the way is always a good idea to learn about and a workaround.

This is a stupid question - I'd like to change something in your past - journalists, it seems, will always ask. And each time I will tell them that firmly believe in the butterfly effect (the term of the fantastic story of Ray Bradbury "A Sound of Thunder," in which the death of a butterfly in the distant past, changes the whole history of the world). But still I say it again: I do not want to change anything, because in this way the value of each passed a mile. I really want to believe in the, that each new day make you better, but seems to have perfected yet there is a limit.

Do not celebrate, which has got to you too easy.

Once I was called gospel rapper (gospel music - a genre of Christian church music, especially popular in the African-American media). Not so surprising, if your first band called "Men of the Holy Spirit."

The fragility and imperfection - the best that God has given to man. No one really wants to be immortal. Just in this very difficult to admit.

Always try to be part of the solution, rather than part of the problem.

The death of one does not warn about its plans to. What are you up to today - do today.

Life is too unpredictable to not appreciate it.

It seems that fifty - this is the age of, when the time starts to go too fast.

No one can accuse me that I live in the past,. But in the past, live some of my fans.

I have nothing to say to the young musicians to. I usually just ask them less swearing.

The people who say that music should be a joyful, and the people who say that the music should be thoughtful, frighten me with the same force. "There should be" - it's about the mustard in the hot dog. In the end, the music - it's just a set of sounds. Meaning music fills the one who listens to it. You do not believe me, ask your dog, what she thinks about Mozart.

I have stolen many of - and Puff Daddy as well. As a musician, a musician, of course.

They say even Versace pants like these, which I had had twenty years ago.

I've never lied to, I said if I knew someone.

I feel sorry for those, who was bored at the inauguration of Obama.

I'm pretty good I know the Lord.

I'm sorry, but I need to pray.