Interesting facts about the film "Brother" and "Brother 2"

• Interesting facts about the film "Brother" and "Brother 2"

Interesting facts about the film

The idea of ​​filming the continuation of the cult of the domestic film "Brother" came after the Executive starring Sergei Bodrov wrote a letter to the woman, whose son served in Chechnya. She asked how to deal with the bandits who stole her from the garage filial motorcycle. Letters were subsequently such a flood, and the creators decided that such "popular" film simply can not have an increase. However, funds for the movie the producers did not have many of the sponsors refused and had to shoot almost adventurism.

Popular in those years presenter Ivan Demidov has appeared in the film by chance. Disrupt the shooting in the television studio, Yuri Lyubimov, who refused at the last moment, he made a film director Alexei Balabanov seek urgent replacement of virtually Ostankino corridors. The first was caught by the arms Demidov. I did not balk.

Persuasiveness Danila Bagrov, with bags stuffed with weapons, stalking the streets, largely due to occurred during the filming of history. Just at this time, when the scenes were shot in Moscow, city patrols combed in search of terrorists. Machine, pulling a gun props from Mosfilm, came under such a raid. The situation was resolved with great difficulty, and then on the actors faces, carrying "Schmeisser" and would suit even the dummy firing in the doorways, there was a genuine fear. Machine, who starred in the role of collector cars banker Belkin, earlier belonged to Goebbels.

The prison, which was shot in a movie before shooting was a guardhouse and it was allowed only because once there sat the film's producer Sergey Selyanov. I agreed.

During the filming of the American Pyrotechnics not set about creating samopal - simply did not know what it is. Then the job handled operator Sergey Astakhov, who has made it in an hour from the brass tube, iron and manganese clips sawdust. Americans were horrified and almost refused to work with the Russian.

The second time a group of nearly refused to cooperate in Chicago, when the director of the film said that he wanted to shoot the film real police (forbidden), to shoot in the "black block" (where no white will not go on pain of death), and that the operator will remove himself from the trunk to the speed on the highway, because it does not need Russian stunt. As a result of all of this in the film there.