This insanely real world # 9

We continue to observe the most insane and real events of the year. In our mesyatseischislenii come September, so, in this collection we will accompany the first and timid breath of autumn.

This insanely real world # 9

So what's interesting has happened in that time? Let's see.

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Let's start the tradition with Russian:

Nomination "Russian WALL-E"

In Krasnoyarsk appeared robot beggar. The electronic device itself has to earn a living and their own development. Driving around the streets of the city, a box on wheels captivates even the most serious.

This insanely real world # 9

For each coin miracle of technology nods appreciatively. Its designers - two schoolboys - to control the robot using a mobile phone. Young Krasnoyarsk decided to find out Are usually uploaded to the problems citizens to invest in modernization.

This insanely real world # 9

In the two publication robot collected almost 1,000 rubles. These designers are going to spend money on a video camera to their cardboard pet was truly seeing.

Well this is not a coin toss? Even inveterate miser tremble. And guys - well done! There are still Kulibins on Russian soil!

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Not behind the young student from Krasnoyarsk and Rostov:

Nomination "Not my me, I laid!"

Rostov student came up with an eco-plates, which do not need to be washed.

A young resident of the southern capital, concerned about environmental problems, invented the dish, which will help conserve water.

This insanely real world # 9

The new dish named Ox-Eye, and it has already received the second prize at the national stage of the competition James Dyson Award 2011.

This insanely real world # 9

The essence of the invention is to make a multi-layer plate: cardboard-seven layers glued special film that can tear the extent of pollution. Experts explained that the waste in this case a minimal amount, and such plate rot much faster disposable "counterpart" of plastic. The harsh Russian conditions such as severe water supply such novelty will have just what we needed. 7 times dinner - 1 time threw.

Let us turn to our neighbors:

Nomination "Found on the Spit Sand"

Belarusian high jumper Mironchik-Ivanova lost the "gold" World Cup because of the hairstyle. As evidenced by the photos, the track of landing guaranteed her the result of almost 7 meters, and then the gold medal and a cash prize of 60 thousand dollars.

This insanely real world # 9

However, a long tail, in which Anastasia gathered hair, she stole 16 cm. He drew in the sand barely visible mark at which the measurements were made. As a result, Mironchik-Ivanov became only the fourth.

The decision, according to which the hair is considered part of the body was made in 1952 at the Olympic Games in Helsinki.

One of the favorites of the competition Polish jumper made an attempt, which guaranteed her a silver luxury braid athletes but on landing "stolen" from its results 60 centimeters and pushed Olympic champion in Melbourne on the 12th place.

Girl athlete, take an example from Timoshenko!

This insanely real world # 9

Meanwhile, in Kiev:

Nomination "Groundhog Day"

Committed mass escape from the Kiev zoo animals. Among the escapees were a fox, porcupines 8 and 7 marmots. Porcupines zoo staff noticed at the box office and was caught, and indeed a fox, which also did not have time to get out of the zoo's perimeter.

This insanely real world # 9

Surkov also initially failed to return to the cage. As explained by the director of the zoo, marmots have made mine and sat down deep in burrows. "We're trying to get them, but the more we dig, the deeper they are buried," - he said.

This insanely real world # 9

It should be noted that animals are constantly running and other Ukrainian zoos. In Odessa, for example, year and a half Honduran zoo staff caught the snake, which, as it turned out, all the while living in the neighboring enclosure, which was heated by a better than her own. Well, just zoopobeg of Redemption. Freedom of marmots! Meanwhile, the investigating authorities are checking who is behind all this. The perpetrators would be found and will be given to re-tiger or lion.

Let's continue the animal theme, all the more so abroad, brothers our smaller and larger pranks from the heart:

Nomination "Bears drove a stolen car ..."

In the United States bear hijacked a passenger car. animal victim was the vehicle of the family McCarthy. They rented a house on the lake and next to them was parked Toyota.

This insanely real world # 9

At night, the head of the family, Brian McCarthy noticed through the window that his parked car someone is busy. McCarthy called the emergency services. Returning to the observation post at the window, he saw that the car is no longer in place. The car was found in a neighboring house lawn.

This insanely real world # 9

It was found that night in the cabin climbed adult bear and stuck there. Trying to get out, toed tore the whole lining interior. He then touched the hand brake and the car rolled. Bear drove to the nearest stone pillar, and the car got up. Predator is still able to get out and run away in the thicket.

That's news! We, in Russia, bears walking through the streets on foot, as is well known, but in America and did ride in cars!

Keep up with the predators and feathered fellows:

Category "Ass - not a fool!"

In Sydney, there were flocks of talking birds. Some residents of the largest city in Australia has begun to doubt his sanity. In the last decade Sydney has become a refuge for the wild pink cockatoos, cockatiels and cockatoos usual, who settled in the country's largest city, escaping from the prolonged drought in the western regions.

This insanely real world # 9

In recent years, he received many calls from people who think they are mad when they see in their backyard flocks of parrots, unanimously repeating: "Well, who do we have here a handsome boy?".

This insanely real world # 9

explain this phenomenon is simple, scientists say. Unleashed or escaped from owners domestic parrots are nailed to the flocks of wild relatives and teach them what people themselves have learned. Now, experts are hoping that a pack is not gonna kill a parrot trained mat.

The last remark is very handy. In other avian "goodies", flying from above, and added strong language against unlucky passerby.

And Prongs counterparts and did overtake people addicted to bad habits:

Nomination "Moose in Apple"

In Sweden, drunken moose climbed the apple tree. A resident of the village Saro near Gothenburg was terribly surprised to find in the neighboring garden animal stuck in a tree. Apparently, moose attracted juicy fermented fruit of the apple tree. He slipped and became entangled in the branches.

This insanely real world # 9

The cries of the unfortunate beast caught the attention of the villagers. Those caused fire, which was released tipsy elk. remainder of the night animals come to life in the garden. Morning, elk, despite the obvious hangover symptoms, went to the forest.

This insanely real world # 9

Oh, elk, elk! "The apple never falls far from the tree.

Nomination "In turn, gentlemen!"

Bank robber was asked to stand in line. The attempt of the ne'er robbery occurred in the south of Boston. A man in a dark blue jacket with a hood pulled down over his eyes, approached one of the windows, and handed the cashier a note with a demand to give him all the money.

This insanely real world # 9

In response, the woman behind the glass said it had closed. Then the attacker tried to squeeze through to the second window, but the cashier behind the counter and another client reproached the offender that he climbed out of turn. After that, the hapless robber turned and left the bank.

And in general, must be recorded in advance on a robbery and take the voucher!

Nomination "Earth men, the land of hope!"

Company IKEA has equipped recreation room for men, such as children's playgrounds. Now representatives of the stronger sex can pass the time until the wives indulge in shopping. In the room called "Land of Men" set table games such as pinball, there are newspapers and magazines. There are sofas and armchairs, and even televisions.

This insanely real world # 9

Visitors to maintain a good mood even treated to free soft drinks and hot dogs. The first such store was opened in the room, which is located in the suburbs of Sydney Australia. Over time, they can appear not only on the Green continent.

This insanely real world # 9

Now, with the word "shopping" will light up the eyes of both spouses!

At the same time, other initiatives cause mild discomfort in the stomach area:

Nomination "locusts soy sauce"

Scientists offer a cheaper way to solve the problem of food shortages: the usual meat substitute insects. Since many such meals will seem disgusting ideas the authors try to explain lucidly all the charm of a "diet".

This insanely real world # 9

To popularize entomophags - eating insects - will join the British Food Standards Agency. And the European Commission is ready to contribute to the realization of the idea of ​​more than two million euros.

This insanely real world # 9

In addition, insects emit significantly less greenhouse gases than cattle, and this will greatly help in the fight against global warming. So scorpion soup or grasshoppers in their own juice will soon become familiar dishes on the tables of Europeans.

Category "Animals and humans"

Psychologists believe that the character of the man or woman can tell a lot pet. Women who choose to pets cats, purposeful, efficient, intelligent, feminine and usually looks beautiful. Male bachelors who lived in the house cat, do not bother to search for the second half, they are self-sufficient.

This insanely real world # 9

And the dog breed you can determine what type of men like a woman. The owner of the shepherds want to see the next defender. Hostess Dobermans love to criticize the men and have an iron grip. "Small" dogs live with the ladies, who are too demanding of men. And men compared their quality dog ​​with his qualities. What about insects, birds, and fish as well as exotic animals?

Nomination "SMS sleepwalking"

A new species of rare diseases fix doctors in the most technologically advanced countries. This SMS-sleepwalking, or uncontrolled sending of messages using a mobile phone.

This insanely real world # 9

This is a new disorder of modern man. In order to gain an SMS from the person does not require active movement or "turn on" the brain. This can happen automatically, just out of habit.

This insanely real world # 9

In addition, US scientists have already registered the first case of unconscious send e-mail - one American got in a dream to the computer, wait for the download, and wrote a letter (to whom - not specified).

Doctors advise: to avoid awkward situations with someone of your friends from your list, it is necessary to clean away the phone to the nightstand or under the pillow.

Now let us turn to some interesting records:

Nomination "grimace and win!"

In the UK, held a traditional competition - international championship for the ugliest face. During his choosing the ugliest man. This year the winner of the competition was "shocked and flattered" 24-year-old Claire Moffat.

This insanely real world # 9

She managed to do the most awful expression among all comers to win the championship this fun. During the "coronation" happy Claire said: "My technique affectation is to abut tongue in cheek and screw up one eye. I do not even think will win, because, as a rule, in the competition win older women. I thought that they had a much better chance than me, because they have no teeth. "

This insanely real world # 9

I wonder if you repeat the action of the last paragraph? =)

Nomination "That's what it means: to walk on his head!"

Chinese acrobat jumped up the steps on his head. Record listed in the Guinness Book of Records, has been installed on the air one of the channels. Acrobat Sun Xi Zhong overcome 15 steps on his head. Initially, much like he was nervous, but then going with the spirit and courage goes the way through.

In this regard it should be noted, and a master of kung fu like Fu Binli, who set a world record for push-ups on one finger, Do this exercise 12 times.

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And then do not even try to repeat! Life can be overcome in the previous contest.

Category "Feeding positive!"

Diet of happiness developed in Italy. Scientists from the University of Catanzaro has identified a list of products which allow to overcome the frustration and anger. This chocolate, eggs, milk, cheese, poultry, pork and beef, nuts.

This insanely real world # 9

the researchers were able to prove scientifically that a guarantee of good mood is in the "right food", which contains the amino acid tryptophan. Experts say that one should consume daily is not less than 350 grams of "cheerful" foods.

This insanely real world # 9

Such a good naborchik products for weapons rays of goodness!

Nomination "In shnobelem!"

In the US, announced the winners of the award Antinobelevskoy. The ceremony was held at Harvard University in Boston. This award, known in Russia as well as the Ig Nobel, awarded for the most dubious achievements in science.

This insanely real world # 9

many doomsday predictors were among this year's winners. According to some versions of the presented end of the world was to come several times already.

In the category "Medicine" Award received the study authors about how the need to urinate affects decision-making process.

One of the winners was also the Norwegian, in his scientific work tried to analyze why people sigh in everyday life. Among the owners of the Ig Nobel Prize he has appeared as the mayor of Vilnius. He proposed to deal with illegal parking luxury cars with tanks and demonstrated how it might look.

This insanely real world # 9

I would like to see the results of "Medicine" study in the nomination. Thus affect or not? I wonder how many rash decisions global scale could be avoided, whether in people taking them more time to think.

Recently insanely real events featured a girl learn to cow gallop. Now let's see what they do in this time of horses:

Nomination "Horse asanas"

A resident of Canada has taught his horse to practice yoga.

This insanely real world # 9

35-year-old Linda Guanti used to deal with Indian gymnastics in the open air, in full view of 17-year-old Arabian horse named Lewis.

This insanely real world # 9

The animal finally decided to follow the example of the hostess. The horse began to copy asanas performed it, adjusted to their own capabilities and structure of the body. At the same time, according to Canadians, Lewis takes and such postures that most horses are simply afraid to run from fear of being too vulnerable: for example, in one of the asanas horse falls, bending the front legs and pressed his head to the ground, while the hind legs animal remain straight.

This insanely real world # 9

According to Canadians, yoga improved not only her health, but also a positive impact on Lewes: horse joints become flexible and mobile again, the animal has become more active and healthy, it can even participate again in the races.

Well, wait, when Lewis mastered the lotus position. And organizes its own master-class for other ungulates.

Nomination "Find friends"

Canadian uses Atlantic Ocean as Facebook.

60-year-old fishing village on the island of Harold Hackett has got thousands of friends all over the world, without the help of social media.

One can say that man has created its own social network, and helped him in the Atlantic Ocean.

Over the past 15 years, Harold sent more than 4 million messages in a bottle - and received about 3 thousand responses. Inside the vessel, he puts write a letter asking him to reply and send it by regular mail. As a result, a man has got a lot of pen pals. And every Christmas he gets 150 greeting cards.

This is how! Desperate situations do not happen! So please be positive from a diet of happiness, go their own health, as Lewis, and do something useful or just a bit of a fool to lie (or walk around on your head) to get rid of unnecessary ballast problems and prepare for new challenges!

At this until all! Stay with us! Ahead in the queue - October! And with such insanely real events do not seem gloomy Autumn!

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