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How to choose and wear a hat.

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Until 1950 the hat worn by all men without exception. Appear on the street without a hat it was like that out of the house without a shirt. After the war, fashion and mores simpler and hats almost disappeared from the male wardrobe ... to a triumphant return after 60 years.

Hat - it is not only stylish but also functional accessory. She failed disguise hair or bald spot growing, will keep your head warm and protect your eyes from the sun. Besides hat adds style personality, and puts the emphasis in the clothing. It only remains to choose the appropriate style of headdress.


Classical flat cap has a rounded shape, narrow field and a small visor. For a long time it was associated with the working class, because it was very popular with Italian and British drivers handymen. Nowadays cap in retro style has become a fashion accessory that can "revive" even a simple ensemble of jeans and T-shirts.

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Fedor - a hat made of felt, ribbon entwined with soft fields, which can be raised and lowered. To many she is familiar from the films of American gangsters. This hat is not necessary to wear with jeans and a T-shirt, polo, but it is perfect for suits, classic shirts and raincoats.

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Hat porkpay

The name of this hat was due to the fact that its shape resembles the outline of a British pork pie. Fedora became popular in the late XIX century, and today it is an essential feature of the wardrobe of jazz musicians and bands in the style of ska.

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Another type of Fedor - felt hat with upturned margins and crown frustoconical (often with fold above), decorated with a wide ribbon. In the 20th century this hat were mostly politicians and diplomats. He later became branded accessories Godfather. Like Theodore, this hat is suitable for suits, classic shirts and raincoats.

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Tight Men hats hemispherical shape, with little upturned fields is considered an icon of British style. Nowadays pots no one wears, except on the theme parties in the style of the 1910s, but their return to fashion is more than likely.

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Hat etiquette

1. Push back hat gives its owner an open and friendly feel.

2. The hat pulled down over his eyes, the image adds mystery.

3. Slightly shifted to one side hat is suitable for business meetings and negotiations.

4. take off your hat before entering the elevator, restaurant or someone's home.

5. While welcoming the familiar, you can touch the fields hats hand.

6. At a meeting with a familiar lady supposed to lift the hat.

7. At the sound of the national anthem take off his hat and pressed to his chest in the heart area.