This insanely real world # 12

Finish to sum up the past year. Its finale - December-month - gave us a lot of events like fun, funny, and Christmas and New Year spirit. Let's see what came out of it and open the chest with the wonders of the news!

This insanely real world # 12

To begin, according to tradition, with the near abroad:

Nomination "serve the Fatherland!"

Belarusian beaver tore delivery smuggling in Lithuania. Website Border Committee of the country said that the animal tumbled into the river a tree that blocked the road raft with cigarettes.

This insanely real world # 12

The contraband cargo attackers were floated on the water. It is reported that the raft caught in the branches of a tree just 15 meters from the state border. Smuggled goods were seized by border guards.

This insanely real world # 12

Here they are invisible heroes of the boundary of the front!

Meanwhile, the situation may be the opposite:

Nomination "007"

Pakistani security forces arrested a monkey. Animal detained for trying to cross the border with India. To date, the monkey brought to the zoo.

This insanely real world # 12

This is not the first time that animals are victims of confrontation between India and Pakistan. In May last year, the Indian peasants caught as they seemed suspicious pigeon. According to local residents, the bird could spy for Pakistan.

This insanely real world # 12

"Mr. chimp, present your papers!"

Continuing the theme of the Apes: while some "spy" in favor of the state, while others successfully enjoy all the benefits of civilization.

Category "Nano-tech monkey"

Orangutans in the US city of Milwaukee will be able to communicate with each other without leaving the cells using the iPad via video. Already, the animals enjoy viewing videos and simple games on Apple's gadget.

This insanely real world # 12

Primates began his acquaintance with the tablets back in May. One of the zoo's staff is almost at the same time showed the device orangutans, primates and were just fascinated. Thus began a collaboration.

This insanely real world # 12

The animals learn to draw on the tablet. The basic idea was that the monkeys spend their free time. The curators want to allow primates really play, draw, watch videos and do all the things that would make any child in their place.

Rebellion monkeys in the zoo certainly not expected!

Nomination "Koteykino happiness"

Roman cat named Tommasini became the richest in the world of animals. He inherited 10 million euros. The cat was wandering until he was sheltered Italian Maria Assunta.

This insanely real world # 12

She had no relatives, and in October 2009 she bequeathed all his property (including apartments in Rome and Milan, the land in Calabria and bank accounts) cat Tommasini and other stray animals.

Maria Assunta died recently, and the total amount of the inheritance amounted to about 10 million euros. Previously he considered the richest cat Blackie, received in 1988 from its British owner of 9 million pounds.

Sea valerian, a house full of cats and biotapki at every turn!

But the dog in China is not waiting for miracles, and earns a living in business:

Nomination "Mongrel-biznesmenka"

Chinese mongrel conducts business better than your own mistress.

In the tiny store on the north-east of the country the dog itself is paying customer - distinguishes between notes of different denominations. And it may even give change.

By the way, and in a figurative sense, too. If someone tries to leave without paying, harmless at first glance pooch show the worth of its sharp teeth. The hostess even pays its unusual assistant small salary. With this money, the dog runs to a nearby shop and buys a favorite treat - a potato-done.

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Well completes world news fauna bear very remarkable:

Nomination "Hello, bears!"

Polite grizzly bear waved to passing. A video with a striking gesture of wild beast has become a hit on YouTube. It was removed in the wildlife park in Washington, where animals often see people. Perhaps this is why toed predator has learned to imitate a man and successfully demonstrated his skills on camera.

This insanely real world # 12

The American family was traveling in a special car, when their young daughter so much like a bear, that she decided to wave him goodbye. However, she was very surprised when I told her the animal savvy same.

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Successfully captured such an unusual and video turned out very positive and uplifting.

However, back to the world of men:

Nomination "Tax Serpentarium"

Indian charmer let loose snakes in the tax office. About the inhabitants of one of the states named Hakkulov I know that he saved many people. Usually it is called, if there's ever noticed a dangerous snake.

This insanely real world # 12

All this time Hakkulov sought area, where he could keep his snakes, but each time was refused by the local authorities. Losing patience, the man went to the tax with the "support group" of poisonous reptiles. There he produced several dozen snakes, among which there were a few cobras.

This insanely real world # 12

In the room he began to reign chaos. Some have started to remove what is happening on their camera phones, others got blankets and tried to throw on the reptiles. There were also willing to break the caster sticks. Meanwhile, the delay Hakkulov failed, and it is now wanted by the police. A new method to combat corruption?

Nomination "The kingdom of Morpheus"

Scientists have found a gene in sleep duration. European experts have discovered why some people have enough to feel good and valuable work hours, and the other much more.

This insanely real world # 12

For example, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was enough to 4:00 night's sleep and an outstanding theoretical physicist Albert Einstein to sleep, we had 11.

This insanely real world # 12

Scientists say that the whole thing in the gene that determines eneregetichesky level in the cells of the body. Depending on its mutations, sleep can be shorter or longer. And this feature, they say, is inherited.

Experts added that the discovery of this gene will help in the future to artificially adjust the number of man hours required of sleep per night.

The Chinese then tried to define this feature in practice:

Nomination "Bayu, Baiushki-bye!"

Five Chinese tax authorities dismissed for being asleep at the conference.

This insanely real world # 12

It is noteworthy that the event was dedicated to the eradication of laziness at work. Broadcaster BBC said that it was held in Shanxi province.

The conference discussed, inter alia, measures to reduce the marriage at the time of occupation. It is noted that five high-ranking officials of the tax service have lost their positions because of that slept or read newspapers during the conference.

Here is such an eight-hour sleep!

Let us turn to a very amusing record, perfect for this month:

Category "under the control of reason"

The Dutchman ran 40 kilometers in the desert, without making a sip of water. 50-year-old Amsterdam Wim Hof ​​during lost more than 5 liters of liquid, and about 6 kg. The man was accompanied by a doctor, who closely followed his well-being.

This insanely real world # 12

Earlier Wim Hof ​​has set 18 world records for withstanding extremely cold temperatures, the latter - just a few months ago, after spending almost 2 hours, immersed up to his neck in ice. The secret of the Dutch - the ability to control their body temperature.

This insanely real world # 12

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Nomination "Strong hair"

Sri Lankans hung on the hair for more than 20 minutes.

Thus the 37-year-old man tried to set a world record for the duration of hovering on your own hair. Before him, it did not try one.

This insanely real world # 12

Tying the hair in a tight bun, Sri lankiets hanged himself to a ceiling beam and held in this state, 23 minutes and 24 seconds. Weight males is 57 kilograms. According to the champion, this trick he could perform with regular practice of yoga and meditation.

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to connect these two records in one - would leave a stunner!

Category "Theft under a skirt"

A real hit in the British social networking has become a videotape unusual robbery. The woman tried to bring alcohol, hidden under a long dress.

On the record shows how an ordinary family studies range in the supermarket. Then the woman, carefully concealing their activities from surveillance cameras, takes a case of beer, it hides under the floor and dresses, holding it between his legs, trying to get away from the store.

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Apparently, the robbery went well. The woman moved so skillfully that supermarket employees had not noticed anything. Now users who watched a video on the Internet, trying to guess - you need to do to move so quietly, squeezing between the legs of the box with 24 banks alcoholic beverage.

There are women in British villages ...

Nomination "Thank you, Cap!"

Time journalists compiled a list of the most obvious discovery of the year. Many scientists who read popular science articles in newspapers, roar with laughter, the magazine writes. Some discoveries that served as something new and innovative, in fact, are a set of well-known facts.

This insanely real world # 12

Moreover, in order to understand this, do not necessarily have to be an expert. Among these discoveries were the following: "Promoting abstinence is not conducive to abstinence," "relaxed lifestyle promotes fullness" or "Brain injuries cause headaches."

Experts write that the latest discovery was apparently a sensation for all the scientists who thought that concussion causes pain in the shoulder or the knee. But no - on similar injuries suffered in the first head.

Scientists are waiting for the US National Endowment for the Study of headaches writes that if a long time to lie in the dark with your eyes closed, you can go to sleep.

Nomination "Christmas omissions"

Fight the priests in the temple of the Nativity in Bethlehem had to separate the Palestinian police. Law enforcement officers have dissolved in opposite directions about a hundred fists waving brooms and priests of the Greek Orthodox and Armenian Apostolic churches.

This insanely real world # 12

The fight took place in the Basilica after a dispute with respect to the representatives of the two churches Borders "jurisdiction" of each of them in the temple. The action unfolded in front of astonished tourists.

This insanely real world # 12

to clean up the floors of the temple priests, without reaching agreement, they began to beat and pelted each other with brooms. After that, the police intervened in the case. "No one was arrested because all participants - the people of God, - employees authorities said. - In addition, no one was seriously hurt. " Download video

Nomination "Hereafter hello"

American advertiser Send to a friend greeting cards from the world. In August this year 88-year-old Bob McCulley, a former director of one of the advertising agencies and satirist, stepped into another world.

In December, some 400 of his friends were surprised, having received from Bob greeting cards. "Hey, please do not call me. I recently moved to a quiet area ... "- reads the inscription on the front side of the card. on the inside of the text wrote: "... In my new home there is no phone, and the gates are closed after dark."

This insanely real world # 12

Under the inscription of the cemetery gates were depicted, in which Bob is buried, and the headstone on the grave of the total man and his wife.

Friends Mackay said that such a trick - it is in his spirit. So, for several years, he sent greetings on behalf of his former dog.

Well, finally - the most kind, touching and just good news, imbued with a festive spirit and wonders!

Nomination "Man - it sounds good!"

This insanely real world # 12

Kindness of strangers turned rescued life. 60-year-old Winnipeg Gizbreht Victor, who was driving his pickup truck was driving on the highway with his wife, he stopped to help two strange women to change the flat tire.

After driving some distance from the scene of the incident, he suffered a heart attack. His wife was able to slow down the pick-up and called for help. Women who have helped Victor, just passed by they stopped, and one of them began to do artificial respiration. Then the doctors arrived, and as a result the man survived. Subsequently, Victor met with the woman in the hospital and tearfully thanked her for the help.

Nomination "Wishes!"

Good people sang Christmas wish poor girl. Five-year Helene tied to two pink balloons his letter to Santa Claus, written in Spanish, and launched them into the sky.

This insanely real world # 12

In the letter she asked Santa to give her a Christmas doll, tea set, tennis shoes and pants. The girl lives with her parents, who can not afford to buy these gifts as experiencing serious financial difficulties. The family is forced to live in a trailer at the eldest son, who lives there with her two children.

This insanely real world # 12

Balls issued by the state of Washington, covered the distance of 1,000 kilometers and landed in the territory of a ranch in California. Pick up a message from the Sanderson family decided to fulfill the desire of the girl and bought her presents.

Nomination "Miracles do happen!"

The young American came out of coma one hour before death. Doctors already planned to turn off 20-year-old Sam Schmidt of the apparatus of artificial life support.

This insanely real world # 12

A university student in Arizona were seriously injured in a car accident. Doctors could not take him out of the coma and they noted a young man's brain death.

Sam's parents in mid-December was offered to think about the withdrawal of his internal organs for the purposes of the donor and the medical staff began to prepare for the shutdown from a hopeless patient of life vehicles.

However, only an hour before the last consultation Sam gave signs of life, moving his fingers, and began to respond to treatment, and then woke up. the young man himself is sure that what happened to him - a real miracle!

Nomination "Superheroes among people!"

Ordinary people become superheroes for the sake of a stranger. This happened after like 48-year-old disabled-collector comics Superman Mike Maier stole the entire collection.

This insanely real world # 12

The man fell into despair, because these comic books collected from 10 years of age. However, as it turned out, superheroes do not exist only in the fantasy world. After learning about Mike trouble thanks to social networks, to help him come to Superman fans from around the world - from China, Australia, India, and even Paraguay.

These people sacrificed their Mayer collection of comics and memorabilia associated with Superman. The result is a whole package weighing more than 90 kilograms, and which was handed to Mike.

On such a positive note we end observe an amazing, crazy and interesting events of the past year! Good mood remains, and insanely real events is still very, very much! Stay with us!

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