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5 movie stars of the past year with the right wardrobe.

Mikael Blomqvist

Who plays Swedish detective journalist in the film "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", Daniel Craig most of the screen time goes to the most simple things.

We can not say that his character drew particular attention to the clothes, but he certainly can learn from. At least the ability to wear a cardigan and large glasses, without becoming like a hipster or elderly scientist.

Oscar for style Oscar for style

Jacob Palmer

Ryan Gosling in the movie "This foolish love" plays a professional Don Juan, one of the main weapons of which - the perfect wardrobe. It consists of sitting like a glove suits, shirts open at the neck and V-neck jumper with, opening the collarbone.

Oscar for style Oscar for style Oscar for style

Peter Guillem

Benedict Cumberbatch as a British intelligence officer 1970 in the movie "The Spy, get out." Hero Cumberbatch, Peter Gill - the young and trendy of the characters in the film, does not avoid bright ties, handkerchiefs in the breast tone and slacks.

Oscar for style Oscar for style Oscar for style

Georg VI

Men of the British royal family always dressed in the perfect costume. This is true both for Prince William and for Colin Firth as King George VI. His double-breasted suits and simple shirt in the style of the 1940s in the movie "The King's Speech" - in our time a good band for men older than 40 years on the hot seat.

Oscar for style Oscar for style

Ernest Hemingway

Corey Stoll as Ernest Hemingueyya in the movie "Midnight in Paris" is always dressed in a jacket, a white shirt and slacks, and looks simple, but courageous. This combination should take note of any man: coarse jacket looks manly and white shirt implies attention to their appearance and style - a perfect example of a game on the contrast.

Oscar for style Oscar for style