15 most remarkable theater of the world

Cinemas, located in the palace of the XV century, equipped with technology of tomorrow, have their own chefs and others in which you can enjoy not only a movie.

Some films look better on the beach in the open air, the other - in medieval castles, others go well with beer on the top floor of the showroom. Today, the most profitable movie theaters - the ones where the audience does not see a movie fanatic, and ordinary people who want to have fun and appreciate the free communication, quality food and nice interior.

Odeon (Florence, Italy)

15 most remarkable theater of the world

Ticket price: € 5, 50, over the weekend - € 7, 50

While small cinemas in Italy are closed, Odeon in crisis feel confident. However, with such owners as media group RTI Mediaset, Silvio Berlusconi, under the auspices of, and holding 21 Partners, among whose shareholders - Alessandro Benetton, he himself can afford it. Cinema is located in a stone building of the XV century Palazzo dello Strozzino, once owned by the family Strozzi - the richest and most influential citizens of Florence. After the First World War, in the 1920s in a former palace by the architect Marcello Piacentini demolished walls 121 of the room and create a common space - kruglyyzal with a stage, on which stood a movie screen. Decor from reconstruction hardly affected: Hall still adorn tapestries, crystal chandeliers, marble columns and original sculptures of the Renaissance. Every 45 minutes, dropping off film session and announce a pause to the talkative Italian viewer could discuss the plot of the film, and at the same time to examine in the light of the design space.

Korsoer Biograf Teater, (Korsor, Denmark)

15 most remarkable theater of the world

The ticket price: 55 DKK ($ 9, 5)

Korsoer Biograf Teater opened January 30, 1907 in the "red room" Hotel Korsor today is an entertainment center, where in addition to other movies are shows, concerts and performances stand-up comedy. Three years ago, the owners visited the Pioneer Theater in the Polish city of Szczecin - according to the Guinness Book of Records, the oldest cinema in the world. Of course, wooden vintage red interior and upholstery of chairs impressed by the Danes, but most of them struck by the fact that their own theater older champion for a year. Returning home, they have restored justice: given the Guinness Book of all the documents and confirmed its status as the first theater in the world. And to others the oldest theaters were not so insulting, on Korsoer Biograf Teater site there were references to the Pioneer Web pages and Lumiere cinema in Pisa.

Shankweiler'sTheater (Orfild, USA)

15 most remarkable theater of the world

The ticket price: $ 9

One of the oldest theaters of America car can be seen in the movie "Twister" and "The Shining" with Jack Nicholson in the lead role. Plots both film is set in provincial American towns, and road theater appears to them to be the best way to show a simple and uncomplicated life of Americans from remote places: in such places car cinemas and still exist today. On Shankweiler's Theatre territory is a classic snack of popcorn, pretzels, donuts and Coke. Film sound is at a frequency of 90, 7 FM, but if the car is not equipped with a radio, then when entering the territory issued a special stereo receiver. In April, May and September cinema works only on weekends, but summer movies are shown every day.

Fashion Island (Newport Beach, United States)

15 most remarkable theater of the world

The ticket price: $ 13, 50

What should be the cinema to be called fashionable? Firstly, appeared recently. Secondly, located surrounded by boutiques. Third, decorated in the Italian style, as in Europe, perhaps one Italy still associated with luxury fashion. And fourth, having big leather chair with wide armrests, turning into tables - that was where to put a glass of champagne, premium ice cream and other specialties. Cinema Fashion Island meets all the aforementioned requirements. He appeared in the middle of December 2011 on the top floor of the mall Fashion Island in California next to Gucci and Valentino shops. Seven screens, 115 seats and a bar where you can order pizza, salads, coffee. Before introducing the restaurant to the cinema, marketers carefully studied the question, what is better - self-service or waiter? It turned out, even the most fashionable places in recent years tend to look after themselves. First, democratic, and secondly, even whispers a waiter would interfere with watching the movie - the audience themselves fit to the bar and pick up a tray of your order.

The AMC Pacific Place Cinema (Hong Kong)

15 most remarkable theater of the world

The ticket price: around 50 Hong Kong dollars ($ 6, 4)

It is called the most technologically advanced theater Asia, six cinemas, the best to date audio system SRD-EX and other technical innovations. Tickets are not sold at the box office of ordinary glass, and behind high pillars, reminiscent of the check-in in the movie "The Fifth Element". You can also book tickets and choose their favorite online places. Fluorescent arches, sleek wall, LED lights, aerodynamic roof of metal structures and steel floor showcase in which the interiors will be watching a movie in the next twenty years. The distance between the leather seats - 120 cm viewers to feel comfortable and, if desired, pulled up. The menu is written that bar products are not anyhow-what, and import: cheeses, olives, donuts, muffins, wine and mineral water - all "brought from ten different countries."

O'Farrel (San Francisco, USA)

15 most remarkable theater of the world

Tickets: $ 20-50

In 1960, enterprising brothers Mitchells opened a cinema for adults on a former car dealership in San Francisco. On the ground floor showed pornographic films, they produced the second and filmed. By the 70th institution has acquired fans and become a full-fledged club, where in addition to film visitors are offered a striptease, alcoholic drinks and erotic performances. Golden Time O'Farrell Theatre were in the mid-80s, when an old friend of Mitchell Brothers - gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson described the life of the regulars of the club's best-selling "The Rum Diary" and "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". This theater we owe the invention lap dancing (variations of striptease) and the popularization of the VIP rooms. Despite the fact that against the owners of the club was opened about 200 criminal cases, doors O'Farrell still friendly wide open for all those whose age is at least 21 years ID.

RooftopCinema (Melbourne, Australia)

15 most remarkable theater of the world

The ticket price: 20 Australian dollars ($ 16, 2)

Rooftop Cinema is an open-air, rooftop six-story art-noir building Curtin Housev Melbourne. Cinema is starting to show in the evening, at half past nine. By the time it gets dark, visitors have time to order a beer in the bar, take pictures of the sunset and views of Melbourne, sit back in the wooden chair and get ready for viewing. The program - art house, classic and the latest film news. Cinema Seasonal, operates only in the summer - from 21 November to 30 March. It is important to remember that on the roof of the evening cold and windy, and warm clothes will come in handy, even if lucky enough to beg the bartender blanket.

Ciné de Chef (Seoul, South Korea)

15 most remarkable theater of the world

The ticket price: 6 000-10 000 won ($ 5, 6-9, 4)

Ciné de Chef French translates as "theater with the chefs." A place where you can have dinner and watch a movie at the same time. The first cinema hall equipped with luxurious electronic seats, hi-fi-system-and 3D-sound. Second - leather sofas for couples, red folding chairs and tables for drinks. The menu of the restaurant as a traditional kimchi (pickled vegetables sharp) and pulgogi (meat in soy sauce), and French and Italian cuisine. The ticket price includes only some snacks, and for alcohol, desserts and other dishes will have to pay separately. Basically, show news, but sometimes you can get to the old melodrama with a happy ending.

Electric Cinema (London, UK)

15 most remarkable theater of the world

The ticket price: £ 8-15

Cinema was opened in 1911, and for a hundred years, has survived two World War, unbridled party hippies in the '70s and the threat of becoming a Bingo Hall. Around him are always legends and stories. Some - excellent, for example, that in the early '80s, when cinema was a hair's breadth from the closing of it I fought very Audrey Hepburn. Others - chilling: in the late 40s for the Electric Cinema projector was famous serial killer John Reginald Halliday Christie. Now the theater is one of the best entertainment in London. While viewing the film, visitors can called the waiter and ordered a glass of the best in the British capital of absinthe with olives or coffee with hand-made chocolate. In addition to the usual rooms, there are rooms where they show movies on viewers' choice. It should be noted that the Electric Cinema is quite demanding to their repertoire: "bearded" comedies and blockbusters here prefer historical epic and European cinema.

La Cinematheque Francaise (Paris, France)

15 most remarkable theater of the world

Ticket price: € 6, 50

Francois Truffaut said about him in "Stolen Kisses", and Jean-Luc Godard has spent his entire youth in its walls. However, "Cinematheque" then was in another place - in the Palais de Chaillot at the Trocadéro, which still ran the trio "The Dreamers," Bertolucci. Now the "Cinematheque" does not know: it is located in a modern and intricate building of the former American Cultural Center, designed by architect Frank Gehry. Despite the fact that the protesters were: American aesthetics of the building and out of keeping with the French cinema understanding, transfer did take place. On the new site, "Cinematheque" allowed herself to four rooms, has acquired media library and museum that houses archives, posters and decorations for the movie "Metropolis" by Fritz Lang and "The Cabinet of Dr. Kalinari" Robert Wiene. Entrance to the museum costs € 10, but it's worth it.

Chinese Cinema Theatre (Los Angeles, USA)

15 most remarkable theater of the world

Tickets: $ 13-17

To visit in Los Angeles and did not go to the "Chinese Theater" - all the same that to be in China and not see the Great Wall. Cinema was built by the famous showman Sid Graumann in 1927 and opened the premiere of "King of Kings" - the first in the history of human full-length film about Jesus Christ. For the construction and decoration of the United States government buildings received permission from the government of China to imports of the bells of Buddhist temples, pagodas, stone dragons and "divine" lions. All these artifacts have been removed from the "Middle Kingdom" legally, to create a grand theater for 1162 seats and secure for America the status of a major power in the world cinema. And Chinese Theater, known for its "Walk of Fame". On the sidewalk outside the theater can be found imprints of hands and feet of Charlie Chaplin, Jack Nicholson, Marilyn Monroe, Clint Eastwood and other stars. There also were several premiere episodes of "Star Wars" and repeatedly awarded "Oscar".

Sun Pictures (Broome, Australia)

15 most remarkable theater of the world

The ticket price: about 16 Australian dollars ($ 13)

Before 1970, an open-air main scourge of this theater - by the way, the oldest in the world of all those like him! - have been flooding. Sometimes, the audience came to the session with a fishing rod and combined movie from fishing in the Indian Ocean. After the construction of protective structures situation has improved, and the cinema became, perhaps, the most fashionable area of ​​the country for moviegoers. Tourists and locals gather here every night to the sound of the surf and the sound of low-flying aircraft engines (nearby the airport is located) to see the recently released Hollywood news. Metal benches and wooden chairs, placed in front of screen, can accommodate about 500 spectators. In addition, according to the Guinness Book of Records was built in 1916 by Sun Pictures is the oldest open-air cinema.

The Raj Mandir (Jaipur, India)

15 most remarkable theater of the world

The ticket price: 90 rupees ($ 3)

The Raj Mandir in Bollywood - the same thing that the Chinese Theater in Hollywood, here grandiose premiere and show the best films of the country. Pink building, decorated with stars and zigzag inserts on the front, night lights lanterns of different colors. Girls dress up in the most expensive sari and men wear bright shirts. How else?! After all, there was a new Bollywood film! Ticket is better to think in advance: in the auditorium no room to swing fall. It is noteworthy that the checkout line up by gender, one - for men, the other - the female. Women, by the way, two times shorter. Although Europeans complain that hard chair and small, and even the distance between the rows so that the sitting be obtained only with raised knees, going to the cinema - a required element of the program of stay in India. Although the films are in Hindi, because of the emotional game of actors can easily understand the intricacies of even the most intricate plots.

Colosseum Kino (Oslo, Norway)

15 most remarkable theater of the world

Ticket price: NOK 90-100 ($ 15-16, 7)

Colosseum Kino reputed abode of blockbusters. In his defense, cinema cited the economic feasibility: in Scandinavia it is the biggest, you need to think about filling space for 2100 seats, and a low-budget film for a narrow audience it since its inception - in 1921 - would hardly have reached to the present day. But for this Colosseum Kino in 1995 it had to go through a major reconstruction. Since the theater was built on the same principle that the Catholic cathedral - a round shape, high dome - because of too good acoustics of the building is not allowed to show modern fighters: explosions and fights disease threatened the audience eardrums. But now it is possible to watch 3D-movies and a cacophony accept any of the columns.

round panorama at the Exhibition Center (Moscow, Russia)

15 most remarkable theater of the world

The ticket price: 40-60 rubles

In fact, the Americans have come up with a circular Kinopanorama unique in the world, and Nikita Khrushchev, being under the influence of the Disney attraction, he ordered the creation of the June Plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU in 1959 something like that in Moscow. The idea implemented in three months. ENEA appeared on theater capacity of 300 people, which instantly became a mandatory program for foreign tourists. 11 screens, forming a vicious circle, patriotic demonstrated 20-minute film. But if in 1960 people were on duty at night at the box office to buy the coveted ticket for a session today barely recruited five people. It seems to be a great idea, ahead of 3D and 4D together - can be inside the movie, swivel in all directions and see what is happening behind his back - but make a unique Moscow movie theater relevant and commercially successful no one has not yet succeeded.