Relationship - heartache

• Relationship - heartache

Those who at least once in their lives experienced the heartache, knows that it is much stronger than the physical. From the latter can be eliminated by taking a pill or an injection. But there is a world of such drugs - time does not count - that would assuage his soul draining tears bubbling in his chest, tearing the cause of suffering from heart and memory ...

Relationship - heartache

Few could stoically endure this kind of pain. Therefore, for the most part people resort to different ways of getting rid of it - is often disastrous, not only for health.

A classic example: Igor wife died. In the hands of a young man left two young people. Overnight on the happy family were only fragments of memories ... Heartbroken husband did not stay in one place and, in the end, found solace not in sons, and a bottle of vodka. After a few months of alcoholic oblivion successful entrepreneur has become a degraded person. As a consequence, the children were in an orphanage, Igor himself - at the bottom of life ...

Someone unbearable heartache makes the World Wide Web and a hostage of its own illusions. Eugene car accident put him in a wheelchair. The verdict merciless: he would never walk again. Yesterday's big guy has turned into a helpless invalid. But as they say, the trouble does not come alone: ​​to the main grief joined cardiac injury - a break with my girlfriend. Having gained a foothold in their own inferiority, Eugene plunged into the virtual world. There he - the old, healthy, with no broken lives and complexes. Jack - a poet.

Relationship - heartache

His poems have dismantled a quote, VKontakte wall full of postcards from vozdyhatelnits, and the image of a sad dreamer attracts more and more new virtual fans like honey - flies. One of them - Julia - writes especially good writing and so gently smiling at him with a photograph ... A month later, Jack and his understanding girlfriend already hard to communicate in ICQ, another two - the first phone conversation. Hearing the voice of Julia, Jack realized that finally disappeared. But suddenly, as if a bucket of ice water falls on top of him: sms Yulin with only one question: "Do you not want to see me in real life ..?". So, trying to overcome a mental pain, a person falls straight into the arms of the second. And well, if not break through, like it happened with Kareena.

Tearjerker, I tell you the story. I remember how shocked she was the same students, the number of which I was a part, and teachers. Freshman Faculty of Economics Karina poisoned because of infidelity favorite.

Relationship - heartache

whether she wanted to prove traitor to its exclusivity, is unknown. Maybe, as is often the case, I imagine the weeping lover in his own tomb. was evident from the conversations main friends Karina: student last week went not herself, attended classes through time, his eyes were constantly on the wet spot. Cry from the heart was read in all its form, but not finding any way out, no aid svol Woman grave. Her own hands. But things might have turned out differently, the heroes of my stories get timely support to relatives or psychological consultation. But not everyone is able to vent their pain differently. This problem is characteristic of introverts - people whose personality is focused on the inner world of thoughts and feelings. How, then, is the soul and drown out the cramps do not reach the extremes?

Relationship - heartache

There are rules, observing that, you can gradually get rid of the oppressive state, without the risk of crossing the border of what is permitted.

  1. Do not feed off his grief. Photos of a loved one, the sad melody, mental excursion into the past - all this will aggravate your already unenviable position. It is important to understand it in time and not to focus on what is already not return.
  2. Find a fun hobby, a hobby that might open new facets of your nature, and capture all your imagination. Sign up for a yoga or enjoy learning a foreign language, for example. In the end, one can immerse oneself in work - sometimes it is a very effective way.
  3. Many people find salvation from heartache in religion. Prayer, communion with the higher powers in the temple help to rethink the situation, comforted the idea of ​​what is happening laws. There are cases when by faith, the person to get out of the darkness of sorrow and finds a new path to a brighter future.
  4. Be careful not to be alone with their troubles. So you risk becoming a hermit and build each other and the outside world impenetrable wall. It is clear that your mood is not conducive to active communication, but still at least try to make contact with those around you. Remember, relatives far not indifferent to your state of mind. And even if it's not, maybe outside of your apartment find a person who will share with you your sorrow and can help you. It is only necessary to take a step.
  5. change of scenery: whether traveling to another country or a trip out of town - will help to distract from the sad thoughts. Fresh impressions, new acquaintances, if not cure, or at least dull the pain of the soul.

In general, as used to say good old Oscar Wilde: "Heal the soul sensations and feeling let heals the soul." And let these feelings are extremely nice!

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