How and for whom collect ZIL limousines

Likhachev plant was once one of the country's most intriguing business. It was there for many decades to produce cars for the higher ranks of the state. What is the secret ZIL limousines and what awaits them in the future?

How and for whom collect ZIL limousines

Series production of ZIL limousine stopped in 1999. And that means mass, mass, these machines never have been, each of them is unique, because it is collected exclusively by hand. In Soviet times a year special workshop Likhachev plant produces about 25 cars.

Since the beginning of the two thousandth need for ZIL limousines no longer, as the head of state and his entourage boarded a German Mercedes. The fashion for all the west quickly swept the country for a long time in isolation from European innovation. And its development immediately were irrelevant.

How and for whom collect ZIL limousines

But the shop was not without work. People had to get a salary and those who at one time collected limousines for Gorbachev and Brezhnev, made tow, staff buses and other special equipment. Since 2007, production resumed limousines, although not in the quantities as before. Master repair the models produced before, completely restore old and damaged samples. The last five years ZIL manufactures its premium model cars 41047 in the amount of 5-7 units per year exclusively for private collectors.

How and for whom collect ZIL limousines

This old armored limousine with bullet traces on the glass and the body is under renovation, after the repair the car will be like new.

A collect is what. Limousines and convertibles ZIL unique in its kind. Body and chassis of the vehicles are assembled by hand. Technology literally grind out on wooden panels all body parts 3, 5-ton (!) Cars. This is not a factory robot stamp wings and arches of foreign "Mercedes". Here every centimeter exclusive. filling the car is still impressive. Limousine Zil equipped with 8-cylinder 7, 7-liter engine capacity of 315 liters. from. with a torque of 600 Nm. Fuel consumption of the machine with the power unit is 30-40 liters per 100 kilometers. These heaviest limousines have a one-piece body and duplicating the ignition system and brakes. Engineers believe that their car will accelerate to 200 km / h.

Low center of gravity does not turn the limo under any circumstances. The machine stands on its four wheels reliability of any sports car. Construction of one such instance manages the shop at 100-150 thousand dollars. The price tag for the collectors are more buyers, however, to enter and personal wishes of the client, for example, about the finish. The average is 250 thousand dollars for a ready-made model. Cost, frankly, frankly overpriced. Employees ZiL, by the way, could not explain how a car's price, for her management of the plant personally negotiates with clients.

How and for whom collect ZIL limousines

Walking through the factory shop, unwittingly plunge into the past - good, bright, Soviet. Looking at people who work in the Zile it becomes clear that a limousine to collect more to them than work.

When you look at the six-meter edifice it is hard to imagine that all this is the work of men's hands. But immediately plunge into the past, however, the same sense of feel and being in the shop of the plant. It seems that for 60 years nothing has changed here, even people. These masters, once had a high salary and a prestigious job, are now trying to simply prevent sink into oblivion the case throughout his life. Work eight hours a day in three shifts at the plant are now paid an average of 25 thousand rubles.

To the stop orders limousines from the Kremlin, in the premium shop ZiL 800 people worked. Now this figure is much more modest - 172 people, but there remained the most loyal and persistent, many of whom had worked on the assembly of heads of state limousine for my entire adult life. Once entrance to the premium shop was closed even to plant managers. View the assembly secret armored limousines with the latest electronics you can just get a special pass to the KGB.

How and for whom collect ZIL limousines

This wizard has a unique work, he collects a convertible (not believe) in the air! The platform is installed and the machine is built bottom upwards. Technician strictly follows the instructions and size, verifying the desired numbers on the rulers. Such specialists in the world is no longer, in fact as well as ways of working. The uniqueness of the method - manual assembly.

Last workshop for the production of original and special vehicles designed a new model in 2010. As the director of the production Mikhail Sattar, four cars, including a convertible, are tailor-made for the Victory Parade. However, the government, specifically the Ministry of Defense of the other machines were chosen and Zilovskoye new items remained at the factory. Instead, they passed through the Red Square set for US chassis Chevrolet Suburban 10-year-ZIL limousines 41041AMG collected by the company "Atlant Delta", owned by Oleg Deripaska. At each of them stood ZIL icon at the plant, they had almost nothing to do. A ZIL waited patiently for the regulatory authorities give go-ahead for tests and still hoped to show the world your car, but it did not happen.

Shop workers involved in the project, remember the story with bitterness and regret. It is obvious that the assembly ZIL limousines for them not just a favorite work, and the most important thing in life.

New cars was not easy. "From us, no one expected, did not believe that we will be able so quickly to build new cars, good cars. We have equipped limousines Power fuel injection. Appearance corrected in the design studio Cardi. Folding top for a convertible was bought by the Germans. In short, everything was ready, but we were not given even to test the machine on the range, "- say the plant engineers.

How and for whom collect ZIL limousines

This limo was supposed to plow cobblestones of Red Square, but it did not work out. Now the car is waiting for its new owner right on the factory floor.

After the parade, one of the three new products were sold in private collections in Ukraine, the other two are still waiting for their owners. The cost of these items is significantly higher than the normal price ZIL limousine, because these machines - not serial, the first and only of its copy, the more stylized for the Victory Day parade, these models have a price tag of 360 thousand dollars.

And now the fun. It is no secret that lately in the press began to appear frequently information about new developments, which allegedly ZIL is preparing for Russian officials. The designer sketches Sahakian, other obscure figures of the new limousine. Boldest statement said that the ZIL is about to introduce a brand new car for the president. "Official figures designer Sahakyan we saw, we liked with these sketches could be to work All other figures -.. It's just a bluff to take as a basis the 47 models of the limousine ZIL, to which the plant has nothing to do", - said the director production of original and special vehicles ZIL Michael Sattorov.

How and for whom collect ZIL limousines

Here on these wooden panels molded body of the future of the limousine, all work is done manually.

However, experts hinted that some shops have their own development are, however, to talk about it sooner. If you believe the rumors, the first new car, which according to some estimates is almost ready, will be shown the mysterious high-ranking official, for which he was made, it will happen around the end of February. and then it is already possible information and photos will appear in the news media. From what we already know - the limousine was built five years, and most likely, he will import modern engine and gearbox. The new prototype is made based on the length of the machine, but is still large size and equipped with all the latest technical innovations. Some sources also report that the first copies will be armored, the weight of each car will be not less than 5 tons. There is information about that and similar sedans with a shortened base may occur in the future. In this regard, it is interesting looking information, which is distributed for Presidential Affairs Department. Press secretary Viktor Khrekov department said recently that the business manager has not yet been received from the ZiL "no clear proposals on the car for the first persons of the state." Earlier, the head of department Vladimir Kozhin reported that President Affairs Department is addressing the issue in detail the development of the domestic car for the president with car factory ZIL. Anyway, this topic comes up regularly, but the specific details has not yet been reached. The main thing is that we managed to find out from representatives of the plant, is the fact that the company is ready to create and produce machines for the officials, and dedicated craftsmen are just waiting gosotmashki.

How and for whom collect ZIL limousines

To be honest, it is difficult to imagine the mass production of ZIL limousines, and do mechanics in this statement do not believe, considering that these cars are not designed for the masses.

But his design office in ZiL not, young professionals because of low salaries at the plant do not linger. Although zilovtsy, if necessary, to promise to raise all the resources and assure that they have the strength to complete the work. "We are ready and willing to do new and modern machines under an internationally recognized unique brand ZIL We are waiting for orders from the FSO from other bureaucratic structures For Limousine ZIL -.. Is not a" Bentley "," Maserati "or" Rolls-Royce ", such units of machines 90% of all that is in the limo with a label ZIL -. Russian production, and only 10% -. some small foreign parts in the future, we plan to revive and 110 th model, which necessarily have to taste to private collectors. All the heads of the leading states have their own cars. Russia is not d ave to be an exception and we are ready to execute such an order if it goes ", -. Sattorov summarized. Indeed, the British Queen Elizabeth goes to the "Rolls-Royce", the US president moves on the Cadillac, even the Chinese leadership has made a choice in favor of the domestic automobile industry. Russia's rulers for more than fifty years, enjoyed armored limousine Likhachev automobile plant. Maybe it's time to bring back the tradition and at the same time help Zilu. It is quite obvious that without modern technology and financial investments history of the plant, and with it the premium shop Russian limousines doomed to failure.

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