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- Danka, look who I brought!

- Vit, are you crazy? Even at home we did not have a dog!

- Let your child will be glad, because he so wanted.

Danka out of the room, and a smile broke across his face. At the hands of his father was a small little black lump and yawning all the time.

- Who's that, Dad? - smile grew wider.

- It's ... um ... call him what you will. Just promise my mom that will take care of him, and you'll have to take it back.

- Mom, Mom, Mom, I promise, honestly, honestly, let him leave, please!

- Well, I leave already, mountain onion.

- Spasiiiiiiiiiiibo! Dad, let's call it ... Chib!

- Why Chip? He's not a mouse, but like! It must be something pogroznee come up for a German Shepherd.

- Do not Chip and Chib. I want to Chib, well pozhaaaluysta!

- Okay, okay, so Chib Chib. I promised you a gift for your ninth birthday. On play with him ...


As time went on. Danka grew, grew Chib. From a small lump, more like a mouse, Chib turned into a beautiful large German Ovcara. During these two years Danka has never broken the promise given to the mother. I walked with Chibom morning and evening, fed him, trained ... He loved his dog and he reciprocated.

- I'm walking, Mom!

- Not since last night, until one night, half an hour the dog is enough.

- You do not know, Mom, he should be tired with running about, playing with other dogs. Of course, not to an hour, but half an hour is not enough!

- Oh, everything, go, go.

They usually walked with his friend Andrew on the field. In addition Dalmatians was the same age as Chib. And this time, they agreed to meet near the water tower, through the garage, about a hundred meters from the house.

- Hey, small! - called someone Danko from the darkness. - Let's change, we are a pack of Camellia, and you give us your dog? - No, - he replied dryly, Danka, and quickened his pace.

- And we just take away from thee, and favorable exchange!

Danka said nothing. He tried to quickly pass this evil place. Chib was running side by side on a leash.

- You Th, small, are not realized? SchA you and your dog on a rope is empty!

The crowd, a person 7, jumping off lying panels, quickly moved in his direction. Danka stiffened, took the leash close to the collar and squeezed that there are forces. The blood pounded in his temples. He was scared.

Dirty hand reached for the collar with the words:

- Give me a mongrel! Delicious turn skewers!

Around there was a heart-rending evil laughter. In an instant the leash jerked, Chib made a sound similar to "García" white teeth and walked on the dirty bastard hand. Young cattle howled in pain and jumped aside.

- Oh, you beast, well, hold on ... - the crowd made a leap forward, but stumbled upon the wicked growl Shepherd.

Danka ruffled the dog's withers, hugged him and kissed his nose, saying:

- Chibushka, My Savior, what would have happened if not for you!


Danka pleased ran home. Still, all examinations commissioned ahead of vacation and 10 th grade. At the traffic light turned green, and he pulled across the road. Left something grated and creaked, behind came a heart-rending female cry. Blow ... The last thing he remembered - it is the blue blue sky and people running toward him.

In the intensive care unit Danka spent 6 days, two days, one in a coma. Were broken both legs, ribs 6, open craniocerebral trauma.

Mom all the time did not depart from it. Still face much older this week a woman did not budge. Eyes staring at one point. It was more like a wax figure, rather than a person.

The first thing when asked Danka regained consciousness: - Where Chib, ma?

- Well where the road is waiting for you at home! - face female tears rolled down.

- Ma, bring him here, I want to see him.

- Danya, you understand, he can not be here, it will not be allowed here, - said the mother through her tears.

- Ma, please, it will start up, please.

Mother did not tell him that this time Chib strongly handed over. He almost did not eat, haggard, wool ceased to shine, he almost did not sleep, only lay and whimpered. Veterinarians said that to him everything is fine, that he was not ill and had nothing to advise.

- 5 minutes only. You understand that dogs can not be here, I might get fired! - Strict nurse gave instructions to his father.

- Of course, thank you very much!

Victor dug the chamber door.

- Danka, look who has come!

- Chiiiiiiiib! - joyfully shouted guy and jerked forward.

The dog jumped up and rushed to the bed ...

Chib not let the bed anyone, even parents snarled. After much persuasion, the chief doctor, shepherd was allowed to leave on condition that it will come feed and walk.

The guy got better eyes. Chib afternoon sitting by his bed at night slept in the legs. Returned to the usual healthy color hair, appetite, he began to look like himself before the tragedy with the owner and best friend.


- You see, - said the vet. - He denied paws, he suffers from pain medications do not help him, he did not eat.

- We understand. - says Victor. - Well, maybe you can do something?

- What to do? Dog 12 years, it is almost a hundred years, man. With age, you can not do anything. The only thing that you can - it relieve his suffering!

Danka sat in my room, trying to make the exchange rate. Ahead was the last year of study at the institute. He did not want to listen to this Aesculapius, he did not want to see anyone. But he knew everything. Chib was dying, dying of old age. Danka did not want to believe it. The father entered the room and looked at his son. He was hard to make a decision even harder was Danko. They understood each other without words ...

- Do not worry, do not prick sick dog will not feel anything. Less than a minute and you're done.

Danka could not look at it, he ran into the room and buried his face in the pillow ... Chib screamed, 2 seconds again.

- Yes, that is, the needle broke. - a doctor cursed.

Danka all lying on the bed, his face buried in the pillow. Each sound emitted by the dog, his heart sank. The dog yelped again.

- But how can this be? - Surprised doctor again broken needle.

The guy jumped out of bed and ran out of the room.

- Get away, get away from him! I do not want do not want to !!!

He fell next to the dog. Arms wrapped around his neck and clung to him.

- Chibushka, my dear, my dear, I'm sorry, I'm sorry I could not save you !!!

From his eyes tears flowed ...


"I've never head of a dog. Never. You say time heals? Maybe. But it's been five years, and Chib all the time in front of my eyes. Living. They say that all dogs are the same, that there is no difference if I Sign a shepherd dog, and it will not be different from Chiba? So you never had a dog. They will differ greatly. his character, his behavior, his own response, their spots in the coat. I've never head of a dog. never ... "