Best photos of the contest "Golden Turtle"

"Golden Turtle" - is an annual international competition of photos of wildlife, which takes place since 2006. Below is an overview of the works of winners of the contest this year.

Category: "Animals"

Author: Ursula Haaberg

Title: Fighting foxes

She's photo of the year:

Best photos of the contest

Category: "Harmony of Life"

Author: David Alemany

Title: Northern fulmar

Best photos of the contest

Category: "Man and Nature"

Author: Naila Garifulina

Name: Born Free

Best photos of the contest

Category: "The Art of Nature"

Author: Alexander Aristarkhov

Title: Christmas decorations

Best photos of the contest

Category: "Landscape"

Author: Ursula Haaberg

Title: Mountain Hverfyall

Best photos of the contest

Category: "Other Animals"

Author: Ilya Gomyranov

Name: pearl diver

Best photos of the contest

Category: "Underwater World"

Author: Alexander Safonov

Title: "yin and yang"

Best photos of the contest

Category: "Microcosm"

Author: Michael Rugal

Title: The Phantom Menace

Best photos of the contest

Category: "Birds"

Author: Mark Veber

Title: Rope

Best photos of the contest

Category: "Portrait of the animal"

Author: Igor Gushchin

Name: New Bear Fashion

Best photos of the contest

Photographer of the year at the "Golden Turtle" named Sergei Gorshkov - Russian wildlife photographer (Kamchatka, Wrangel Island), multiple winner of various competitions. Several of his works from the author's comments.


Kamchatka, the Kuril Lake. Every day for a month I went to the foxhole and spent about her from morning to night. Many interesting things I was able to sit out and remove. But this portrait with Lysimachus look is my favorite.

It's no secret that animals should be photographed at eye level or slightly below. Fox is a small animal, and to look into her eyes I had sometimes for half a day on the snow crawl on his belly:

Best photos of the contest

White on White

Taimyr Peninsula. The beginning of June, and in the tundra is still winter. At this time, Partridge had already begun to change their plumage in the summer. I was happy to have found this a female who has not yet started molting, and for a while she posed for me. The sun was covered with clouds and the photo came out very mild, without hard shadows. There are only a couple of colors, it is not overloaded with information. Due to the simple and unobtrusive background model picture turned out very easy. What I wanted:

Best photos of the contest


Wrangel Island, Tundra peak. Young foxes puppies - this is a very interesting object for shooting. They spend all the time in games, fights and brawls. It is only necessary to choose a good point to take photos, be patient and enjoy the pleasure of observing.

I love to shoot all the wildlife at eye level from this photograph always look much more impressive:

Best photos of the contest

Fighting Ruff

Taimyr Peninsula. Ruffs fight - it is a great spectacle. I remember in my childhood, these little bullies staged fights about my village at all spring thawed. But now, to remove such footage I had to climb into the center of the Taimyr Peninsula. For me it was a great joy to see and photograph these beautiful tournament fighting cockerels. I caught myself thinking that for a long time not so happy shot, as this time, when I made these fights.

In the world there is no similar plumage Ruff male. Many times I was just on the Taimyr Peninsula, but not always, I have seen fighting and withdraw these waders. This picture I made on the penultimate day of my expedition.

A fine drizzling rain, and Tundra quickly cleared of snow. I noticed that the first thaw arrived a few females of waders. They are actively feeding on the first water, and did not pay heed to me. I went 10 meters, set up his Nikon D300s and waited. Males have arrived unexpectedly, and immediately began to sort things out. Sometimes I do not have time to accurately focus the lens, which is why a lot of staff had to be thrown in the trash. But in the end I got a few good shots. Females have departed, and the battle ended as suddenly as it had begun:

Best photos of the contest

Portrait of a fox

Wrangel Island. The polar fox burrows small puppies were in May. In the litter they have up to 18 pups, and to feed the fast-growing, ever-hungry army is not easy. Parents around the clock running on the tundra in search of prey. Lemengi, eggs geese, and sometimes adult geese - all parents drag oneself along the hole.

foxes often build their burrows near the colony of snow geese, it's convenient - output is always there. In June, foxes should not grieve: around a thousand eggs. There are so many that the fox hides eggs in store for the future. When young puppies grow up and begin to explore the territory, you will find most of the hidden eggs of the parents, and it will be a great help for them:

Best photos of the contest


Botswana, Okavango Delta. How can I take a picture of a lion on the ground without leaving the car? I've been thinking about it, but everything was very unexpected for me. In the morning we found a pride of lions and stopped 20 meters away from him. Through what time interval the male approached very close to the car and lay down. I ran up to him a young lion, and they began to play. I took the camera mounted on a tripod, the camera turned upside down and gently, slowly lowered it down to the ground.

Leo did not pay attention to it. I ran the camera blind, and the descent is done using a rope. At some point, a little lion cub pressed, he screamed, and the mother immediately rushed to the rescue. Everything happened very quickly, but I was ready and had to make a series of shots. So I realized that it is possible to shoot the wild animals of the earth without leaving the car without breaking the rules of visiting the parks, without scaring wild animals and putting their lives at risk:

Best photos of the contest

Polar bear

Wrangel Island. One of my projects is dedicated to the unique polar animal reserve "Wrangel Island", also called maternity home of polar bears. In addition to polar bears, there are found in large quantities polar owls, white geese, musk oxen, arctic foxes, walruses and other animals. If you arrive on Wrangel Island, the first thing that greets you - the endless piles of garbage and scattering of rusty barrels. Any attempt Arctic industrialization accompanied by a monstrous contamination of the territory. I usually follow the motto "Earth is beautiful", point the lens in the opposite direction from such stories. But here I made an exception in order to attract attention to the problem, and, as a result, to make our planet cleaner:

Best photos of the contest


Wrangel Island. Geese usually stay amicable pairs. Caring for the gander - to protect the nesting area. For several days, the male one by one banishes all the aliens from their nesting sites. It should be a neighbor in search of food to fly in foreign airspace or wander into someone else's territory as a fight starts immediately.

Geese are very cautious, and I was forced to use a lens Nikkor 600 mm F-4C Nikon D300s. Usually photographed from cover, from the lowest point:

Best photos of the contest

A few pictures of wildlife Sergei Gorshkov without comment.

Best photos of the contest Best photos of the contest Best photos of the contest Best photos of the contest Best photos of the contest