This insanely real world - the second top-May 10

Second half of May can be called a very full of interesting and crazy events. And this time the animal brethren yielded the palm to his older comrades and reasonable. Although in the latter as some of the news after you start to doubt involuntarily.

Let me remind you that all the interesting scene placed on the degree of irrationality and singularity of the 10-th place in the direction of the first.

10th - "Boar-predictor"

In the city center, in the fan zone Euro 2012, settled boar-predictor.

This insanely real world - the second top-May 10

During the European championship it will be every day to make predictions on the results of upcoming matches. Besides boar, the results of the Euro 2012 matches in Ukraine will predict and octopus Pavlik from Alushta aquarium.

This insanely real world - the second top-May 10

It is already "tested" in 2011 by the Spanish "Barcelona" matches with the Donetsk "Shakhtar". Now Pavlik prepared for the football championship and change his caps form on the bottles with the food, so that he "coached tentacles effectiveness-tive."

As for the fan zone for Euro 2012, it will open on June 7 on Khreshchatyk and Maidan Nezalezhnosti. There will be a screen size of 150 square meters, which will show the key matches of the tournament. Also in the fan zone planned "Day of Borsch and Dumplings", as well as music concerts.

The dangerous job of work! It makes a mistake a few times - and the closure of the championship will be served sandwiches with smoked bacon.

9th place - "lightning gun"

Americans invented a gun that shoots lightning.

This insanely real world - the second top-May 10

Rob Flikenger read comics' Five Fists of Science "and created their own weapons. New running through the arrester with Tesla coil, which acts on the battery at 18 volts. When pressing the gun shoots 20-kilowatt lightning that can hit targets at a distance up to 10 meters. Housing formidable weapon made from a children's toy guns and insulators - porcelain. Comic that inspired American, tells the story of the confrontation of Nikola Tesla and Mark Twain, on the one hand, and Thomas Edison and Guglielmo Marconi - on the other. Two recent physics According to the authors advocate a negative character.

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Now the turn is to be gravipushka. Gordon Freeman sure to inspire!

8 place - "Semka there?"

Hungry Bear stole the American's bag of sunflower seeds.

This insanely real world - the second top-May 10

According to the victim, "robbery" Randy Murray, a wild animal was taken to the garage, after breaking a window. The man himself did not find the bear. However, experts who examined the scene, expressed confidence that the theft of a 22-pound bag of sunflower seeds made it a bear.

This is indicated by the traces left by animals paw prints and wet noses. Probably he stole the female seeds that got into the garage with cubs. Murray said that more than anything in the incident he was surprised that the bear was not able to break the bag and sprinkle seeds on the floor.

This insanely real world - the second top-May 10

"After stealing seed predator returned to find some other food, but nothing edible was not in the garage, and the animal is arranged in the room a mess, scattered things."

Here is a clear bear reared sparrows.

7 place - "Happy Feet!"

Famous in Japan Penguin caught after 82 days on the loose.

This insanely real world - the second top-May 10

Back in March, the bird was able to escape from surrounded by two-meter wall of Tokyo Sea Life Park. Freedom-loving native Antarctic observed under a bridge in the Japanese capital, one of the locals.

It is reported that he called the Sea Life Park. Two officers arrived there could bare hands to catch a penguin. Bird surveyed veterinarians who found her quite healthy and well-fed - lacking only a few feathers.

This insanely real world - the second top-May 10

Smile and wave, smile and wave!

6 place - "Thor hurry on a plane!"

German politician almost missed his flight because of the unusual hand luggage.

This insanely real world - the second top-May 10

In Berlin Tegel Airport Security Service refused to let Chris Kuhn meter on board with an ax in his hands. The words of men that the weapons - not now, but only an imitation of role-playing and theater, has not convinced the security service.

They also moved to pity the words of the politician that props - not his, and the other, which he carries an ax in Stuttgart. As a result, Kyunu (owner bushy beard) had to run with a hatchet through the airport to a special counter, where it is registered as "sports equipment" and allowed to be put into the luggage.

As reported by German media, do the task, a party functionary had to go back to the dispatch of the aircraft. And Kuhn and ax safely to Stuttgart.

This insanely real world - the second top-May 10

Never before the Germans did not see running around the airport with arms Viking.

5 place - "Prostiboty"

In Amsterdam will open the world's first brothel prostitutes with robots.

This insanely real world - the second top-May 10

The creators call them "prostibotami". Skeleton robot is made of high-strength titanium alloys, and the skin and muscles - from elastic silicone, co-tory, according to developers, is no different from real girls.

Robots are able to work without interruption 24 hours a day, and even hold a conversation with the client. Despite the fact that the approximate cost of "prostibota" until comes to a few thousand dollars, the Internet has emerged many who want to try a new type of service.

This insanely real world - the second top-May 10

Robotic brothels, according to the city authorities, should return the interest to the Amsterdam tourist destination, which is markedly decreased after the law prohibiting foreigners to smoke marijuana in the local "coffee shops." In coming years, the creators of the project plans to fully convert the quarter "red-light" and make a network of robotic brothels. How can you not quote Bender: "Kiss my shiny metal ass!"

4th place - "Mushkino Mountain"

In Chinese toilets allowed to fly only two flies.

This insanely real world - the second top-May 10

Beijing authorities in the fight entered a number of new rules and standards for the cleanliness of the city. The amendments in one toilet at a time can be no more than two flies. The aim of the new regulation will improve the conditions in public places, as well as additional staff training.

Answer the rule "one toilet - Two flies" have all the toilets in the city center and popular among local tourists. Insects, according to one of the local officials, mentioned in connection with the fact that their number makes it more quickly and efficiently assess how each bathroom is compliant.

This insanely real world - the second top-May 10

Some Beijing residents embraced innovation with a pinch of irony, however, many have supported the initiative of the authorities. However, it is unclear how the authorities intend to enforce the new rules, and who will be responsible in case the rules are violated

In China, even the flies are law-abiding and loyal to the Party. If the toilet in the insect will not be - will add two flies urgently.

3rd place - "Pussy destroyed marriage"

Israeli divorced his wife because of the cats in the apartment.

This insanely real world - the second top-May 10

550 animals lived together with his family. On the proceedings of the court divorced the man said that a huge number of cats that sheltered his wife, prevents him from eating and sleeping. According to the ex-husband, the animals were taken from the master products or did not allow it to cook food.

When he wanted to sleep, he saw that the cats have taken all the bed and the bed was nowhere. In this case, the animals do not sleep on the floor. During the divorce proceedings, the court tried to persuade his wife not leave her husband, but a resident of Israel chose to remain with the pupils. Duration of marriage is not specified. When the house cat began to appear, it is also unknown. Some kotokratiya, indeed.

2 nd place - "Emergency descent"

A man stuck in the garbage disposal, running away from his girlfriend.

This insanely real world - the second top-May 10

On the unusual occasion faced the Emergency Situations Ministry in Tyumen. They had disembarrass man, stuck in the garbage disposal. The fact that there is a person, the regional rescue service said an eyewitness.

Arriving at the address, rescue crew found at the 5th floor of a nine-home stuck in the garbage disposal 31-year-old man.

As the victim said he jumped into the metal structure from the site of the eighth floor to get away from her friend. Flying down three floors, the young man got stuck and began to ask for help. To help him, the rescuers had to cut one compartment garbage.

After that, the victim pulled out and handed over to the brigade emergency treatment. The ministry pointed out that their practice is the second such incident. The previous one was a few years ago and also ended successfully.

Here is a general cleaning!

1st place - "Light head"

"Driver-idiot" attempted to highlight the lighter the gas tank.

On popular video hosting has got an incredible event that happened at a gas station. Place and time of action is unknown, but judging by parked "Lada", the shape of the tanker, the clothes of the characters and icy conditions - the events taking place in Russia.

The fun starts with the 30th of a second when the driver "Skoda Octavia", apparently, decided with a lighter to find out whether its fuel tank was filled. Of surveillance cameras is not exactly seen, what does "idiot driver" as it is called the author of the video, but then flared up fire hazard. For help, almost slipping on the icy tiles, hurry refueling worker. However, as it turns out after a few seconds, use a fire extinguisher, he can not: white smoke clouded all around, but the worker still manages to put out the fire.

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The theory of evolution in the illustrative example!

In this review of the second half of May to end. June will no doubt be full of crazy stories. Stay with us!

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