Rules of Life Fedor Konyukhov

Rules of Life Fedor Konyukhov

The traveler, the priest, 60 years old, Moscow

The most important thing - that was not edifying. It is not very nice when a person becomes and teaches.

How can you exchange yourself when you're sixty?

I used to think that in fifty years be bored, I'm old. At fifty, I would like to take a priest - a village tserkvushechka. But now I understand that every age is interesting. As you look at a woman - even in this age it is manifested.

When 20 years ago I went to Everest, after my return came newspapers, magazines. And now I got up again, and in a week it is out of date. All learned about it from the internet and immediately forgotten.

The computer that I am taking a very heavy. But it than good: it is possible to get your feet on it. Even the advertising is such.

Something is changing in the world with great speed, but something - stand still. In computers, we have stepped forward, but the oxygen masks have not changed.

There are so-called Everest truposbornik - a couloir. Wherever you fall, you do not care to fly away. It's like purgatory. At night, when you go, you can not see anything, only the lantern illuminates the track. And when you go down in the afternoon, it becomes terribly: they like after the fight there are black, mummified. Sometimes only cats can be determined when the person died. One I saw the same cats that were I in 1992. I the first time I climbed Everest, I thought to write it - I'm an artist. Now, I thought, what there to pray, how to read the prayer. And on top of that lay on the backpack, I remembered the words of the Patriarch of the Serbian - Paul. He said that we should not think about heaven on earth, and we must think about how would not turn Earth into hell. In heaven it is something we will never turn.

Previously, I wrote a lot of pictures, I have them about three thousand. And now I think: why write, let the white canvas stands.

If you are chasing glory, it will run away from you. And if you're going to learn to get a diploma, too, does not work.

I went to the Merchant Navy, because I knew that if I did not finish it, I will not co-driver and I can not find the North Pole (1990 Konyukhov alone reached the North Pole). Because GPS did not yet exist. Then it was Leningrad Arctic College, art in Belarus, the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris and the University.

I was awarded Brezhnev, Gorbachev and Yeltsin. 30 years ago, I was proud of this, and then I thought, enough is enough. When I was in Chernomyrdin called to make a hero of Russia, I say: "Viktor, I when I knock on the heavenly gates to even look at the paradise, the apostle Peter will come, see that Fedor Konyukhov is worth all the stars and awards - and then slam the gate in front of me. Well I think you're a hero - consider. But why hang a star? " Edmund Hillary first climbed Everest in 1953, and in New Zealand, where he lived, there are five dollars with the image of Hillary. Gagarin's our whole world knows, but for some reason we can not release the money to Gagarin. Gagarin himself is not necessary - it is in the other world in its place - but it is necessary for our children. Eight years ago, I spoke to the students at the same school in the Yaroslavl region. I did not know how to start a conversation with them. They've got Gagarin stadium, so I ask, "Do you know who Yuri Gagarin?" And they say: "This is football; not a politician. "

Footballer pay a million a month, and he is a fool.

Cosmos I never drew. It does not gamble and loneliness - what I love. I would be there was hard, in an enclosed space. Well I looked out the window - what? Is the same as in an airplane when you fly, and just think, would fly quickly.

So many friends and countries have passed through me that I live now, if I was 300 years old. That's just all airports I still look the same.

In China, no one bother about time zones, as we have. In all of China at all hours of the same time.

None of Russia does not undertake to go around the world under sail for 80 days. None of the 140 million. The British, the Americans were able to do this, but not us. When did the French, I called my son and said, "I can not sleep. French 45 days have passed. We are lagging behind by 50 years. " And he says: "In a country of 140 million all sleep, but can not you?" Yes, I can not. The world turns, but people watching football, eating sandwiches and remain calm. But I'm restless. In this year of the Russian Everest first climbed only four people. In Moscow, 15 million - as the guys - but Moscow neither rose.

Traveling were, are and will be. And in a hundred years, and two hundred and a thousand. They will change - will be different, but the word remains the same. You already can not be as Maclay or Sedov. Who does not open the mainland or an island. You open your spirituality.

When hard, then there are thoughts that everything, more than ever, but as you get back - I want to again.

All interesting. In the fifties, when I lived in the village, we had no light - and it was interesting. Now around computers - and also interesting.

In whatever mess you may be gone, but also from her need to get out.

All is eliminated. Only Everest is.