This insanely real world - the first top-July 10

The beginning of July in terms of mad-really gives out enough saturated. And spontaneous amazing events gave way to a very refined and carefully, even in gourmet prepared curiosities.

All interesting incident posted on the degree of irrationality and singularity of the 10-th place in the direction of the first.

10th - "catch blonde goldfish"

A test of the new sports car from Renault became the goldfish.

This insanely real world - the first top-July 10

Check the car was one of the German track. Behind the wheel of the car sat a fragile reporter Margot Laffite and in the passenger seat - glamorous blonde named Jenny, who was holding an aquarium with fish.

This strange race became part of Renault advertising campaign - the whole process was filmed by several cameras, and after the installation has turned a good movie, which had already started to gain popularity on YouTube, especially for the male audience.

Despite the sharp turns and the constant change in the trajectory of motion, Jenny kept aquarium and fish in it to keep a straight. However, about half of the water from the aquarium still splashed around the cabin, essentially soaking both girls.

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The Silence of the fish, wet T-shirts ... For a 100% success is not enough only impressive figure kote.

9 place - "Do not dig another hole,"

Kazakh official, who shot cartoon about corruption, got on a bribe.

This insanely real world - the first top-July 10

Akim (head of the local executive authority) of the village Kyzylzharma demanded the entrepreneur from Kyzylorda oblast 4 thousand dollars for help in obtaining land. The detention occurred during the transfer of money. In May, the official presented at a meeting of anti-corruption council in Kyzylorda cartoon on the fight against corruption, which was created under his leadership. Animated picture consisted of a slide, which was shown to "The Story of a bribe." At the end of the film the hero is in jail.

It demonstrated that all art is based on real events.

8th place - "The initiative is punishable"

American lifeguard lost work for the salvation of man.

This insanely real world - the first top-July 10

He tried to help the vacationer in the area, outside the area of ​​their responsibility. Company representatives said that they had to fire his young employee, because he has violated the requirements.

According to the rules of corporate organization, the beach and swimming area is divided into zones of responsibility between several rescuers. Saved was in a semiconscious state, and in his lungs was water. The rescuer was a man first aid, and drew up a report about the incident.

The quintessence of the principle of "none of my business." A guy Respect!

7 place - "Upside Down"

An unusual tourist site opened in Yalta.

This insanely real world - the first top-July 10

In the only in Ukraine, inverted home furniture hanging from the ceiling and chandelier standing on the floor. The building area of ​​43 square meters built 2 months. An idea borrowed from the Poles. The result was a strange sight.

This insanely real world - the first top-July 10

Furniture, hanging over his head, the visitors will certainly own check - whether held on tight. The owners assure that everything is fastened securely, even heaviest falls sofa. It is said to be in the house upside down safely, only to the vestibular apparatus did not disappoint.

This insanely real world - the first top-July 10

The developer plans to come up with a few interesting ideas for the project. For example, once to get the water to flow from the bottom up - contrary to the laws of physics. And build a house next to the bizarre upside-down garage, which will be fixed upside down real car.

This insanely real world - the first top-July 10

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A good site for astronauts ... and cozy home for bats.

6 place - "Back to the Future"

American "back" of 20 years ago to talk to himself.

This insanely real world - the first top-July 10

A resident of Maine, Jeremy Macdonald in 1992, when he was 12 years old, recorded a video message, having made a fictional dialogue with the future of "I". And after 20 years, the long-awaited interview finally took place.

On a mounted video 12-year-old Jeremy asks his interlocutor, whether pets are alive, but he sadly tells him that they are already dead. In turn, the 32-year-old Jeremy asks what he did the teenager in the absence of the Internet. As it turned out, he drew very well - in confirmation he showed himself an adult figure, arousing of bewilderment.

"Do you still paint?" - he asked 12-year-old. After 20 years, Jeremy confessed that he gave up this hobby. The recording of this unusual "conversation" became a hit on the Internet, gathering at present over seven million views.

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12: You look different

30: C'mon!

5 place - "Love is dangerous"

In the Indian village of Asara is strictly prohibited marriages for love.

This insanely real world - the first top-July 10

In addition, the village authorities have imposed a number of restrictions for women. Village Council members decided that a couple who married for love, will be expelled from the village.

This insanely real world - the first top-July 10

The elders also banned women under the age of 40 years old to attend public places unaccompanied and use mobile phones, and also ordered them to cover their heads when they go home. Sami village leaders explained their decision to care about the safety of the local women.

One of the members of the board and at all said that marriage for love - it's a disgrace to society. According to him, such unions are detrimental to the reputation of the family, from which she comes. But the village people themselves, it turned out, were satisfied with the bans. Thus, in their view, these rules help girls avoid unwanted associations.

The lady went for a walk - you can now, in 45!

4th place - "Woof-TV"

In the US, he earned the world's first television channel for dogs.

This insanely real world - the first top-July 10

Every day it is becoming increasingly popular. I note that the creators of the very responsibly and professionally approached the choice of TV programs for pets. To attract them to the screen, a special color correction was applied, since it is known that dogs can not see the red and green color.

It's the same with music that matches the dog's pulse and recorded using a minimum of tools. Even operators "kneel" to shoot video with a dog's point of view. On the screen, the dog will see their own kind, people and nature. Daily 8-hour broadcast will not be interrupted by advertising and even news.

This insanely real world - the first top-July 10 This insanely real world - the first top-July 10 This insanely real world - the first top-July 10

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There was another contender for the right to possession of a remote control.

3rd place - "Sir, you are pregnant!"

65-year-old Swede suddenly found himself learned that will soon become a father.

This insanely real world - the first top-July 10

A curious this situation was the fact that the pensioner Eloffson Gest went on another medical examination. There, according to the results of his urine test, doctors determined that Gest is at an early stage of pregnancy.

Hearing a strange diagnosis, the man almost fainted. As it turned out, so unexpected for the patient delivered a verdict due to the presence of bacteria in the body of a man, similar to the micro-organisms present in pregnant women.

When it was discovered, Gösta relieved. However, I must say, it really is waiting for replenishment of the family: in August it will become a grandfather, and in October - already great-grandfather.

These insidious bacteria ...

2 nd place - "The American Dream"

Obese Americans dropped almost 100 kilograms to get into the army.

This insanely real world - the first top-July 10

20-year-old Jay Roundtree sat on a diet and active in sports. Two years ago, a young man weighed 184 kilograms. Buckeye dreamed undergo military training and serve in the US armed forces. This is why he made a personal feat, losing weight for a year and a half to 93 kilograms.

This insanely real world - the first top-July 10

Roundtree seriously got down to business: sat on a rigid diet and was careful not to eat over 1500 calories a day, and up a sweat doing in the gym. Now Jay can not remember how hard it was without a shudder, but the suffering was not in vain - he achieved the desired result, and now nothing will prevent him to realize a dream - to serve in the army.

Are you ready for such feats for the native military office?

1st place - "White friend and companion"

In America, we are talking toilets.

The authorities of the State of Michigan found an original solution to get rid of the drunks and accidents on the roads. They installed in bars talking urinals. The device is quite the usual way. Once the visitor closer to the toilet, the latter triggered the sensor and urinal female voice welcomes people: "Hey, listen. Yes, I'm talking to you. "

Vocabulary "other white" is limited: all that can be heard from him - this offer to wash their hands, not to sit after taking alcohol behind the wheel and call a taxi. The experiment is designed to reduce the number of offenses related to drunk driving. Although, as the inhabitants of notice, it will bring a visitor to the idea of ​​"squirrel".

Sober up sober up something, but who will clean up afterwards?

In this review the first half of July is coming to an end. What else will cook us in July? We learn in the very near future, so stay tuned!

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