22 facts about the United States through the eyes of Russians

We returned from a trip to the US, where they spent almost three weeks. While still fresh memories, I decided to share their opinions about this country. At first I thought to divide the facts into two groups: positive and negative, but then decided to give all together, so it will be better.

4 days we spent in New York, 6 days in Colorado in the vicinity of Denver and a week in Miami.

22 facts about the United States through the eyes of Russians

1. In the US, you will not die of thirst - water is free. Besides the fact that everywhere you can find drinking fountains, you can also request a free water in any institution catering. That is nothing to prevent you, for example, go to a Starbucks and ask for a glass of ice water - it will all be free.

2. All all drink iced drinks with ice - is the norm. When you come somewhere, you default poured ice water. The hotels are equipped with a refrigerator icemaker and supermarkets are also vending machines for edible ice.

3. In the United States really all say hello and smile. Someone is doing frankly, some may not, but the fact remains that, wherever you went, with whom you had not met by chance, all you smile, it may be asked, how are you doing. You sit down in a taxi - probably with you to discuss the weather and ask how you came to the cafe - the waiter asked how was your day and wish good night, back to the hotel - say hello and ask how was your day.

not mandatory - 4. English. Even if you are not the best English, can be completely complexed in this occasion. Especially if we talk about major cities or tourist (New York, Miami), here is the confusion of languages, people such emphasis that we are with your English, we can say simply shone. I was surprised that many of those that have long been living in the United States are citizens of this country, do not bother to learn the language. In Denver, I drove a taxi driver - he is Ethiopian, English it was just awful. Was in full confidence that he had arrived recently, it turned out, more than 20 years ago, and nothing - works. 5. Taxis are very expensive. It was a surprise to us. 30 km in the same direction, the same number to another - if you please pay 120 dollars. This implies the following fact.

6. In the US, it is impossible not to be able to drive a car, if you're not in a major city with well-developed public transport. For example, in Colorado of the natural attractions we have not looked at as a car, we could not take a (little experience of driving), and taxis insanely expensive. We lived 15 kilometers from the center of Denver (Colorado), respectively, we had to take a taxi to go to the city zoo, a water park and the local amphitheater. This is a relatively Nedalniy travel in one direction is not more than 30 minutes. All for a taxi we paid $ 280 - represent ?! During three trips back and forth. In general, without a car rental there is not possible to set a target next trip be sure to get behind the wheel.

7. The price does not include taxes. We are accustomed to the fact that when you come to the store or in the cafe and look at the price tag, you see the final price. There is absolutely not true - in price does not include taxes, and for different states, cities - and tax is different. In this regard, it is very difficult to plan in advance the budget.

8. Tipping is optional, high and sometimes already included in the price. An interesting point, wherever you go, it is expected that you will leave as a tip, and by default, and surprisingly, the highest tip. Show on the example of the taxi, after a trip in the event that you pay the card, then you have three possibilities to thank the taxi driver a tip - 12%, 17% tip and tip 22%. Options without a tip - do not. Café tip if included in the bill, is 18%. If not included, is expected at the same level (we usually leave 10-15%). 9. Everywhere you can pay by card, absolutely everywhere. And, apparently, the majority have only the card and pay. In the taxi, subway, cafes, supermarkets - everywhere there are terminals for payment - great to be honest. And there is always the option (I had always thought, and how to leave a tip when paying card) for the tip you during the payment field blank to leave as a tip, or choose from several options proposed (as in the case of a taxi).

10. Skyscrapers in New York, drop dead! Seriously, it is very impressive. I always when I go on and look at three rubles Moscow City think, wow, how cool! So all of New York on the order abruptly, and with what kinds of heights!

11. Broadway and Times Square Drop dead! I live a lot more impressive than on TV. I have never in my life seen such a high quality advertising on the screen resolution of such a huge size. In the evening, come out of the theater - lighter than during the day.

12. Persons with disabilities in the United States - not disabled, but ordinary people - everything is so convenient to do for them - automatic doors, lifts - everything is there, everything is convenient.

13. Metro in New York terrible, compared with Moscow is very ugly, but extremely functional, dirty and stuffy in the stations themselves. But! Very cool inside the train - air conditioning works fine.

14. Another of the people. Most initially very friendly. Even if they are wrong, always first say - sorry, just in case. And even children, it seems to be brought up from childhood. If you are someone accidentally pushed, first of all tell you I'm sorry. On the street, if you experience problems - people are always willing to help with a smile. 15. Dress all - who as he wants, fashionistas, fashionistas can not see, all mixed up. I have the feeling that this is not such an important issue for most. Dressed - and dressed. We are in Denver for three days were at an educational conference for teachers in North America, so there is someone in the T-shirts was someone wearing shorts, who is wearing a suit, who in overalls. I just imagine how much would show off in the clothes we have, if it took place somewhere in Russia.

16. In New York, eat in the more or less decent place expensive, too expensive in Miami. Dinner for two with no frills costs us at least $ 100 (do not forget about tax and tip 18%). On the other hand you can eat and cheap (in the diner and fast food). Brighton Beach we overeat to belly chicken ala Rostiks for two + stake for $ 11 (already including tax).

17. Obese people have a lot, visually more than in Russia. On the other hand people who are actively involved in sports, much more than in Russia. In New York, our hotel is across from Central Park - every day there are crowds of people running around, doing aerobics, yoga, team games - beauty!

18. In New York, on the street you can meet people of all nationalities and races, and the white there is less than half. Taxi drivers are mostly Hindus. In Denver, on the contrary - black almost not visible, one white. In Miami, the street can be heard mainly Spanish speech and found dark-skinned characters.

19. Miami has nothing to do without a car, as there is only the beach, the ocean, unfortunately, dirty - a lot of algae and household garbage, but very warm.

20. In New York, a wonderful museum, and in general it takes a lot of time, as indeed are many places that are a must visit. 4 days we did not have. 21. Are there any men on the beaches wear long shorts - melting to his knees! In the water park, I was like a white crow in their normal swimming trunks, shorts, all staring at me and point the finger. I had to urgently put on his usual shorts, not for swimming.

22. A trip to the USA - never a budget. Therefore, I see three possible goals for the trip to work or earn money (not for nothing that many students go to the US Work and Travel program), business travel, and expensive vacation. Honestly, if we had only beach holiday, we probably would not have thought of Miami, where there are options closer, more accessible and better, and then it was just at the same time a business trip, and at the same time to see :)

In general, summing up, the United States - is not a panacea, a very large country with its pluses and minuses, there is something good, something bad, but overall, we really liked it - for myself, I answered the question of why so many people hurry there.