10 stories about people adjust to his own funeral

Until then just never thought of people ...

Connie Farnklin: a witness in a murder case

10 stories about people adjust to his own funeral

In 1929, a tramp named Connie Franklin and his girlfriend Tillar Ryuminer were captured by bandits in the city of the Ozarks, Arkansas. He was killed, the body is mutilated and burned, and she had been raped - at least this version sounded injured. According to the charges in this heinous crime on the dock there were 5 people, but it's not kleilos.

There was not just evidence that the crime itself was the case - it turned out that most Connie after the alleged murder seen hanging out around the city in search of work.

After he said that about any crime knows nothing, Tillar said she did not do it does not recognize. The process itself began to resemble a farce, about it even Time magazine wrote. Connie continued to stand on his own, and to swear that he had not killed the man. And he was right ... in a sense.

It turned out that his real name was Marion Franklin Rogers, he is the father of 4 children, who escaped from a psychiatric hospital is nearby and tried to start a new life. The defendants were found not guilty, and the judge ordered the burning irritated recording.

Lord Timothy Dexter: 3000 people attended his "funeral"

10 stories about people adjust to his own funeral

"Lord" Timothy Dexter (apparently, he arrogated to himself the title) made his fortune in the export business. He was born in 1748 and, having no formal education to 50 years wrote the book. Read it, however, it was almost impossible, because the author has completely neglected this smallness as punctuation. Nevertheless, the book became popular and was reprinted 8 times. Once he began to wonder what people will say or will do when they learn of his death. He started the rumor of his own death, and waited for the results. At his funeral it was 3000 people, but Decter did not like that his own wife is not enough, in his opinion, mourned, so that he gave up the original ideas effectively to appear on its own wake. And after the ceremony, beat his wife with a stick.

Ken Kesey: fabricated suicide, or "Flying" over the border to escape arrest for possession of marijuana

10 stories about people adjust to his own funeral

This is probably the most famous stuntman in this list. Author of the classic novel "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and a member of a countercultural group 60 "Merry Pranksters" in 1965 staged his own death to avoid being arrested for possession of marijuana. He threw his car near a cliff in the California city of Eureka, left a note inside the "ocean ocean, finally I can beat you," and fled to Mexico. Less than a year later, he returned, and was jailed for 5 months.

Corey Taylor pretended to be dead not to pay the bills

10 stories about people adjust to his own funeral

Corey Taylor tired badly Verizon service. When he learned that the dead do not pay bills, he decided to fake his own death certificate, and send it to your service provider. However, the company quickly found out that the death of Corey imaginary, and he still had to fork out, laying out $ 175 that he remained so due.

Alison Matera faked death and come to his own funeral

10 stories about people adjust to his own funeral

Alison Matera was known as a sweet and completely trouble-free person. And she still could not think of a way to tell your friends, parishioners and friends, he did not want to go to church anymore. She suffered, suffered, then told their friends in the choir, was dying of cancer. And I stick to this version almost a year. Sometimes he talked about how being treated. When she stopped going to church, she told everyone that he was going to go to a hospice to die there. Finally, she called the pastor, posing as a nurse, and reported his "death." But it seems that some have gone too far with his idea, when there was a funeral, posing as his sister. Soon after her ruse was uncovered.

William Grote: acted as the killer himself

10 stories about people adjust to his own funeral

Wife Grote informed the police about the disappearance of her husband 10 November 2008. Later, his wallet, a leather jacket and a bag of groceries were found near the river. To make sure that all the detectives swallowed and believed in his death, November 24 Grote called the police and said that he is a murderer; then at reconciling the voice coincided with the voice of "killed", which was recorded on avtoootvetchike. Later, he was found in Montana, and ordered to pay 13 thousand dollars spent on his quest.

Aimee Semple McPherson: to pretend that was dead, and ...

10 stories about people adjust to his own funeral

It was one of the most popular evangelists of his time. In May 1926, Amy's mother announced that her daughter is now "with Jesus" and that it carried away the water flow. and failed to find the body.

Passed month with little, and suddenly Amy declared in Arizona, and claims that she was kidnapped and held in some shack in Mexico to get a ransom.

However, to make ends meet in its history clearly did not fit. When the woman disappeared, she wore a swimsuit, but when there was again - a corset. She was never able to show where there was a shack that served as her prison. McPherson was charged with perjury, followed by a high-profile trial. Witnesses claimed she had an affair with the radio operator, where it is preached, but she denied it all. As a result, since it cleared of all charges, and what actually happened, and remains a mystery.

Gandaruban Subramaniam: faked his own death, remarried and started a another child

10 stories about people adjust to his own funeral

History Gandarubana Subramanyama began in Singapore in 1987, when his business car rental cracked. He escaped to Sri Lanka, where to get a fake death certificate, claimed that he was killed during a firefight in the local civil war. This allowed his wife to demand payment of insurance in the amount of $ 250 thousand - for such a sum Subramaniam prudently insured his life.

And in Sri Lanka using a false passport, he again married to his "widow". Then they had a fourth child was born.

After 20 years, he was caught again when he tried to enter Singapore. Wife divorced him, and swindler sentenced to three years in prison.

Hugo Jose Sanchez faked death and was caught on the CD-ROM buying Elvis

10 stories about people adjust to his own funeral

Hugo Jose Sanchez all have gotten away with it if it was not Elvis. He worked at the HMV British retail giant, but he was so poor he could barely feed his family. Therefore, in the head he got the idea to stage the death of a heart attack, and escape with his family in Costa Rica.

The company got its trick, even sent his wife for alleged plane monument, and, most importantly, start paying a modest pension.

The circuit has malfunctioned when Hugo friend tried to use his discount card (which gives employees the company) to buy a CD of Elvis Presley. Following each even call from the police station Hugo, but the hung up. Investigators quickly unravel the case, both were arrested, after which the friends had to spend some time behind bars.

Benny Wint: 20 years without a specific reason pretended to be dead

10 stories about people adjust to his own funeral

Benny Wint with something decided that it wanted, and started to run. In 1989, on the eve of his marriage to Patricia Hollingsworth he went for a swim and never came back again. His thought drowned. In addition to the bride, Benny mourned his ex-wife and 4-year-old son.

Twenty years later, he was stopped for lack of lights on the license plate, and then in the Uinta had an attack of remorse. He told police that sailed and came back because he thought that he was wanted on charges of drug possession. As it turned out, no one and for nothing that he had not sought, so he hid in vain.