5 projects, evidence of Nazi folly

5 projects, evidence of Nazi folly

We've all heard a lot of stories about the horrors of the Second World War and Nazi atrocities. In comparison with them evidence of the folly of Hitler's command, pale and lost. Therefore, for them almost no one remembers. Still, to be fair, we have decided to fill this gap and to talk about several projects completely idiotic Nazi Germany.

1. Operation "Kill the Pope"

5 projects, evidence of Nazi folly

In 1930, Hitler ordered the Catholic schools to replace the crosses on the walls in all classes on your photo. It is thus he saw himself in the next world: Lord and Savior - nothing else.

5 projects, evidence of Nazi folly

To realize this plan into practice, the first item was listed the seizure of the Vatican. The second - the kidnapping of the Pope. Third, perhaps, Hitler had declared himself the Messiah.

By 1943, Pope Pius XII began to allow himself to address the Nazis, though very vague, but the public accusations of cruelty. Hitler posted threats about the same degree of the nebula.

And in September 1943, Hitler ordered the implementation of a special operation to seize the Pope SS General Karl Wolff, and admonished him, saying: "I want you to be with his men occupied the Vatican as soon as possible, seize documents, artwork, and sent to the north of the pope with all his curia. "

No wonder it was not in all this. To occupy the Vatican, take the value and capture the Pope - in the spirit of the Nazis. But ... there was this plan and another component. Once the first group of Nazis captured the Vatican, and the Pope found himself in their hands, had come second, secret group, under the pretext of "saving the Pontiff," which was to announce the first Italian killers. Dad had to die "accidentally in the confusion" during the operation of their own salvation. Put the blame on the death of Pope relied on Italians. This project was destined to fail. Someone passed the Nazis and the Italians warned about the impending provocation.

According to historian Robert Katz, the murder of Pope Pius XII would not have brought the Axis powers; most likely, it would only cause a backlash, or may be brought down on their heads "ten plagues".

2. Weapons of retaliation: an enormous, terrifying and almost useless ...

The defeat in the "Battle of Britain" led the Nazis in a terrible rage. They conceived a range of ambitious aviation and rocket-artillery projects through which planned take revenge for the raids. New weapons they gave any adjectives that are looked for in Germanic mythology type "Spear Votan" "Sword Siegfried" and t. D., And m. P. Very proud, in general.

It turned out - for good reason.

The documents relating to the tests of these missiles, appear such reasons for the failure, as "too steep rise", "fall within the airport", "steam generator failure" ... Here is the testimony of one of the very disgruntled engineers, test samples, hard explode in exactly three seconds after the launch: "We had a million explosions only to realize one simple truth: the value of this missile can be equated to the value of a small motorcycle."

Of the six thousand manufactured "weapons of retaliation" was launched 3170 pieces. From the 1403's, that have been hit by England, 300 in the target is not hit. That is, it landed somewhere in kilometers 80 from across England. Those that have been to crush London, too, marksmanship is not different - only 517 hits on 1359 attempts. But even so, maybe not so little for the pilot project - if not to compare this trohmilliardny project with the project to build the atomic bomb, which cost the US 1, 9 billion dollars.

Even when the missiles have reached the objectives, the destruction of them were relatively small. The mass of the explosive well-known V-2 rocket was 730-830 kg, whereas Allied bomber could reset 10 times more explosive on a target which for 6380 kilometers.

3. Possession Switzerland

All the time, while the world was boiling in the cauldron of World War II, Switzerland managed to maintain neutrality. And that was a good reason. The invasion of Switzerland - the company is almost doomed to failure. In the north and south boundaries of the country are protected by the mountains. In addition, the Swiss were well armed and always ready for a worthy meeting uninvited guests. And as soon as the Nazis began to show interest in Switzerland, the Swiss immediately gathered an army of 500 thousand people.

Of course, and Switzerland, it was possible to win with a strong desire, but it would be too costly. For such a tiny trophy.

At the beginning of the Second World War, at a time when Winston Churchill only took office, Hitler ordered his strategists to develop a plan for the invasion of that country. "The continued existence of such a state, as Switzerland is simply unacceptable - resented Fuhrer - a festering pustule on the face of Europe."

Hitler was so close to the heart (or that he was there instead of the heart) took the existence of this little speck on the map, that, according to the memoirs of one of his generals "at the mention of Switzerland, fell into a rage. And that, given the peculiarities of the psyche of the Fuhrer, could at any moment turn into a full-scale military action. " Operation Tannenbaum was put in place presumptuous Switzerland once and for all. You want to know what forces are scheduled to throw in the conquest of the country of chocolate and a penknife? 25 divisions, or 500,000 people - four times more than it took to capture Norway.

In short, before you get stuck in Russia, the Germans had almost stuck on your own "backyard", fighting with the enemy, which is not represented for them is absolutely no danger. But to climb icy mountains, protected by half a million Swiss army Rambo German Army still was not necessary.

The reasons that Hitler turned the operation, remain unknown.

4. Enter censorship (putting prohibited works on public display)

Pre-Nazi Germany was quite rich in cultural events of the country. In the 1920s, German artists made a revolution. From Bauhaus to Dadaism - in the field of Fine Arts fared just fine.

And then the Nazis came to power and decided it was time to reconsider the approach to artistic creation. Books were burned, films and theatrical productions were subjected to severe censorship, more than five thousand of paintings were seized.

The apotheosis of this campaign was the exhibition of all the "wrong" that the Nazis found them in contemporary art. The exhibition called "Entartete Kunst" or "degenerate art."

Great idea - to collect all the works of art, "does not correspond to the spirit of the Third Reich" and put that all have seen how it's disgusting. Responsible for the moral character of the German people's committee made a tactical error - when simultaneously with the exhibition "bad" art, arranged an exhibition of works approved by the Nazis. So to anyone who has eyes can see which one is causing the public greater interest.

Aryan exposition was visited five times fewer people than the "degenerate art." The latter was one of the largest and most successful exhibitions in the history of painting.

5. Anenerbe


Center of Nazi ideology, of course, was the idea of ​​belonging to a superior race. Not just a race of white people, and to her Nordic ekstrablondinistomu ekstragoluboglazomu segment, which alone is able to bring all mankind to happiness and prosperity.

And then there was one small problem: all of the above required to give a scientific basis. And it was not. There were just no way backed by the claim that they are descended from some most-most-presamyh in the world of ancestors.

To find the scientific evidence to this theory, the organization Ahnenerbe (translated as "Ancestral Heritage") was established. These people have decided what whatever was literally dig up ancient evidence which would prove the origin of ultra-white Aryan straight from Atlantis.

As a result Heinrich Himmler now had to suck out the grounds for declaring fellow gods of the finger. Because, in spite of the mass vbuhali funds in a project, no "hard evidence" is found, of course, it was not. Those artifacts that still managed to dig out, could only prove the failure of the legend of racial superiority. With a Herculean effort, scientists from Anenerbe found that while the Romans built one of the largest empire that ever existed on earth, the ancient Aryans molded pots. On the conclusions of the Ahnenerbe even Hitler laughed:

"Why do we attract the world's attention to the fact that we have a brilliant past? Is not it enough that our ancestors were living in mud huts until the Romans erected magnificent buildings? Now Himmler unearths these shacks, and comes to the delight of every pot and a stone ax that is. "