"Made in Germany"

• "Made in Germany"

Confiscated from the prisoners of German prisons items with which you can get out at will, or to make a stay in prison more enjoyable.


The heating element are razor blades. Prisoners use such boilers for the preparation of alcoholic drinks are banned in prisons. In a typical set moonshiner includes a plastic bowl with a mixture of softened fermented fruit or juice, heated metal coil or something that can go for it, a rubber hose and plastic containers for the finished drink. Prison "Santa Fu", Hamburg.

Double-Barrel Gun

together with homemade pistol ammunition was found in the cell, where two prisoners were held. The weapon was manufactured in the prison locksmith. It was loaded with pieces of steel and a match head. Celle, November 15, 1984.


Pletka with razor blades was found during a search of the inmate addict after he chamber, threatening with a knife, he tried to get the employee of the prison to give him a large dose of methadone. Prison "Santa Fu", Hamburg 1996.


A prisoner secretly gathered a radio and put it inside the volume of the Encyclopedia. Perhaps the receiver was made by request of another prisoner, has such a deep knowledge in electronics. Ludwigsburg, 1970.


Improvisation on the theme of the rope in a classic style, made of towels and sheets, the length of 16 meters. May 2, 1998, two prisoners have used it in an unsuccessful attempt to escape from the sixth floor of the prison. One prisoner slipped and fell down, the second managed to escape to the roof of the main gate, where he spotted a surveillance camera. Prison "Santa Fu", Hamburg, 1998.


The prisoner joined the wooden handle of a mop with the saw blade so that it was easier to hold. Device was found in the cell and confiscated before they took advantage. Prison "Santa Fu", Hamburg.

to pipe smoking cannabis

The tube is made from an empty tube of horseradish. Adaptations for smoking drugs - the most common type of items confiscated in prisons. Prison "Santa Fu", Hamburg.


Knuckles shook with a handle made from a file, stolen from the prison workshop. Wolfenbüttel 1993.

Warmer grill toaster

The prisoner picked this multifunction machine wire, broken battery pieces and foil. Ludwigsburg, 1980.