10 Bond gadgets that can buy one

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Bond was probably the world's first kidalty and boom: in his arsenal accumulated hundreds of curious devices. Jetpack exploding pen, disguised as a chubby crocodile submarine suitcase killer, bagpipe-flamethrower ... Unfortunately, most of these amazing items or have not yet been invented, or is only available in this super spy - and money will not help. But not all that bad: it selected 10 gadgets lit up in James Bond movies, which could buy anyone and has sufficient funds. By the way, without any risk of incurring the wrath of the security services.

The smartphone from the Sony Xperia T

10 Bond gadgets that can buy one

Price: £ 400

The film company Sony Pictures is financing this and the following two series of James Bond on equal footing with its shiftless, nearly bankrupt subsidiary of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, so the show a lot of product placement from Sony. Phone Xperia T, which is now enjoying himself James Bond - the flagship smartphone of the corporation. The Android operating system ensures that the user will be involved in the digital networking: be able to download all the most current applications and games, change files with other androids of the new NFC technology and easily synchronize your device with others. Plus traditionally strong for Sony multimedia front: powerful HD-camera, suitable for all programs, "iron", Walkman branded music player. However, while the phone is available for pre-order only the residents of the UK and global sales expected to begin before the end of the year.

Set of skeleton keys

10 Bond gadgets that can buy one

Price: $ 50

An indispensable thing - a set of master keys, disguised as a Visa credit card from American Express, issued by, say, in the name of James Bond. It comes with a fun brochure about the basics of hacking in the English language, written in the spirit of Ian Fleming - succinctly, juicy and witty. As befits a good self-instruction manual, at the end of the book there is a list of exercises for those who really want to practice your craft safecracker.

Camera Leica M3

10 Bond gadgets that can buy one

Price: $ 2,000

Leica M3 - the best gadget of all time, according to a survey conducted by the specialist magazine Stuff and eBay auction in 2006. Trendsetter Bond, of course, felt its potential much earlier: the first time he used the legendary "Leica" even in 1959 during surveillance gold smuggler Aurica Goldfinger. Buy today vintage "Leica" in befitting its complete status is not so easy, and the price is usually high. But for lovers of antiquity, which at the same time for some reason, need the functionality of a modern system, there is a series MINOX Leica 3 replicas that look almost like the original, but make digital images. The image quality, however, is low - 5 megapixels and 32 megabytes of internal memory enough at the best on 100 shots. On a secret mission this gadget will not take, but a fair price - about $ 200.

Espresso Machine La Pavoni Europiccola

10 Bond gadgets that can buy one

Price: $ 600-900

Apartment James Bond was first shown on the screen in 1973 movie of the year, "Live and Let Die". Oddly enough, nothing that could lead to mass suicide among interior designers, it was not. The only memorable gadget - an enviable Italian espresso machine La Pavoni Europiccola. Cooked in her cappuccino made to M. Bond boss, lasting impression. After drinking a small cup of coffee, she asked: "And that's all for the sake of what is needed such a big thing?". However, most consumers think differently today espresso machine Bond can only be found in the Museum of Modern Art in New York and on eBay.

Watch Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Casino Royale Limited Edition 2907.50.91

10 Bond gadgets that can buy one

Price: $ 3,000

Swiss brand Omega advertised bondiane 1995. The most blatant product placements was an episode in the movie "Casino Royale" in which Vesper Lynd can not distinguish from the Rolex Omega, for which Bond awards her a contemptuous grimace. Model 2907.50.91 - just watch those who were on hand at 007 in this fateful for all kinomarketinga scene. Electronic auction price for top models Omega, designed specifically for the James Bond comes to $ 3000.

Ski Olin Mark VI

10 Bond gadgets that can buy one

Ski Olin Mark VI - one of the most relevant product placement in the history of James Bond. In the movie "For Your Eyes Only," 1981, the scene with their participation does not bring nothing but pure joy: Italy, white alpine slopes, rapid chases, intense music ... Skis are not intended for jumps, but Bond is not confused: the movie John Eaves, understudy Roger Moore, maketh tricks that would be the envy of the stunt team Red Bull. Driving performance Olin Mark VI at the height of the present day, but the bindings technology for two decades, is still noticeably stepped forward.

Memory Card Micro Vault 007 Limited Edition

10 Bond gadgets that can buy one

Price: $ 60

Commonplace, in general, flash drive, persuasive unless accessibility and capacity - 8GB or 16GB, but first and foremost, the fact that she - accessory of James Bond film "Quantum of Solace". And besides it lasts long enough to even 16 gigabytes ceased to be a significant amount of memory. Finally, the advantage of Micro Vault - built-in program Virual Expander, allowing three times to increase the space on the memory card due to the special technology of archiving unused files. A 48 GB - this is a serious argument in favor of the superiority of the office.

The Sony 007 Edition Cyber-Shot DSC-T50b

10 Bond gadgets that can buy one

Price: $ 55

Camera for fans of Vesper Lynd - the only one of the Bond girls, which was able to detect this man, and the heart is very delicately break it. In "Casino Royale," the heroine Eva Green uses the Cyber-Shot DSC-T50b during a cruise on a yacht villain. In 2006, simultaneously with the premiere of the film, a limited edition camera with the "007" logo on the brushed metal casing has been released. Get this rarity today is problematic even for online auctions. However, a simple Cyber-Shot DSC-T50b, which, in fact, enjoyed Vesper, is quite inexpensive. This is a mediocre-quality camera from Sony, the only advantage of which is that today, that it can give the girls with the words "You are my Vesper."

Robot spy Wowwee Rovio

10 Bond gadgets that can buy one

Price: $ 475

This particular gadget bondiane not yet filmed, but his grandfather worked with James Bond and the agent Q in the movie 1985 "View to a Kill." In the photos, the robot spy looks like a giant cyborg assassin from the order of turtles, but in fact it is a very compact device: length - 30 cm, width - 17 cm, height - 33 cm The gadget is equipped with a sufficiently accurate camera and microphone, transmitting the image and. sound via Wi-Fi. He, too, is controlled via the Internet, so the opportunity to sneak somewhere and burn the video to built-in memory there. But I do not need any remote: to Wowwee Rovio, you can connect via a computer or mobile phone. Finally, this clever and cute pet can come back in a special booth for automatic charging.

Watch Swatch 007 Villain Collection

10 Bond gadgets that can buy one

Price: $ 40

While the main character of James Bond is for Omega watches and snarls when women take them for the Rolex, his enemies prefer more creative solutions. For the premiere of "Quantum of Mercy" in 2008, the Swatch, a major Swiss brand casual hours, released a collection of 22 models, each of which was devoted to a particular supervillain. General Georgy Koskovu got a cute parody of the Soviet "Commander", an avid poker player Le Chiffre - hours with a peak heart in the center of the dial and the ace instead of the number "12". Latin American drug lord Franz Sanchez - Watch with a strap of leather supposedly the very chameleon, which he wore on his shoulder. Collection of individual models are still sold quite freely, but to get a complete set of today - a problem for the superspy.