Antiquated methods

• antiquated methods

Those who are already 30 years old are not able to overcome a couple of floors without shortness of breath, it is worth a closer look to the seventy Australian boxers.

Phoebus Norrish

Antiquated methods

Nickname: Steve, 83 years, 15 professional fights

Phoebus Norrish began his career at age 19, but was forced to finish it in four years because of strong eye injuries. His best fight he finds a lost fight with Len Dittmar for the title of middleweight champion.

Michael Danninghem

Antiquated methods

The nickname: The left-hander, 76, 102 professional fights

At age 14, Michael Danninghem left home and settled on the racetrack, where he worked as a jockey. At the same time, to maintain the necessary jockey weight, started boxing. First professional bout held in 18 years. After finishing his career, he worked as a referee.

Reg Dillan

Antiquated methods

Nicknames not, 78 years of professional fights did not hold

In his youth, Reg Dillan within five years of training, but I did not take part in any official fight. Nevertheless, he fought in amateur bouts, one of which was held at the Central Australian Sydney Stadium Stadium.

Alf Webster

Antiquated methods

Nickname: Snowball, 80 years, 80 professional fights

His most memorable fight Webster spent a boxer by the name of Ray Colman Mustard. Mustard was known furious temper, he refused to weigh in before the fight and gave the carnage in the hall with audience participation. Webster himself barely managed to escape from the ring.

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