10 most bizarre options for the future of mankind

When science fiction writers and futurists make assumptions about how we will look in the distant future, these assumptions are always united by one idea: "It is not like it is now."

People become cyborgs, change their DNA confused with aliens to become unconscious vegetables, living in a virtual world, or come up with something else to trick the old lady-evolution, but certainly not remain the same intelligent primates. Here are 10 futuristic concepts about what would happen to our offspring.

1. Anti-evolution of

10 most bizarre options for the future of mankind

This concept is a voluntary human removal from office, "the king of nature" and "Crown of the mind." People no longer consider themselves especially compared to the rest of the population of the Earth and go into total regression. Civilization collapses, cities possess wild animals, plants and roads overgrown by jungle, and everything will return to the origins. Daunshiftery, we can say already embody this idea in life, but the rest of humanity still has not yet eager to cling to the breast of Mother Nature.

2. Voluntary human extinction

10 most bizarre options for the future of mankind

But why stop there? Every case should be brought to an end: to regress, mankind will have no choice than to share the fate of many other kinds of animals on the planet, that is extinct. That is the purpose of the Voluntary Extinction human rights movement, whose activists seriously suggest people stop hustling in everyday life, and nobly died out, leaving the planet to those who initially were her hosts - animals. extinction supporters do not believe that their concept sounds like misanthropy: they think it is a "hopeful alternative to the brutal exploitation and total destruction of the Earth's environment."

3. Enhancing Human ecology

10 most bizarre options for the future of mankind

But let's not be so cruel to me: there is a more gentle way to evolve. For example, artificially closer to nature with the help of modern equipment. In an article titled "Human Engineering and Climate Change" philosophers S. Matthew Liao, Anders Sandberg and Rebecca Roache offer to do the following steps to nature:

Stop eating meat, and therefore, destroy animal;

Decrease - men 21%, women - 25% to correspondingly reduce our "ecological footprint";

With the help of genetic engineering to make a cat's eye to see well in the dark and do not waste energy on lighting;

Increase the power of the will, what side effects will increase in people compassion and altruism.

In general, nothing complicated.

4. Transgenic people

10 most bizarre options for the future of mankind

Why limit yourself by taking in animals just a couple of qualities if you can take everything you need in bulk? Transgenic technology will allow the future to create a huge variety of human-animal hybrids. In our little full of qualities that can be envied: canine sense of smell and hearing, sight bird, monkey agility, and who knows what else. People of the future will increase their environmental friendliness to the point do not be surprised if instead of your neighbor, you will one day have to shake hands with the bottlenose dolphin with Hawkeye.

5. The brain instead of muscle

10 most bizarre options for the future of mankind

This is a fairly classical vision of the future of man, which has developed on the basis of information that the human brain is the biggest among the animals in relation to the body. Although it is now established that the size of the brain does not correlate with intelligence in the past, people believed that the accumulation of knowledge and the mind, the brain is constantly growing. In his article "The Man million years" (1893) HG Wells proposed the idea that the development of technology is needed in the body of the person at all will disappear, and will remain one brain that controls various robotic devices. development of transport will cause the death of the legs and body, and our descendants will, in fact, something like the brain, walking on his hands.

By the way, a very small, but the truth in this assumption, perhaps, is: according to the theories of Darwinism, unnecessary physical properties gradually die. But modern humanity increasingly interested in healthy living and exercise, so that we can assume that our feet will serve us for a long time.

6. Collective Intelligence

10 most bizarre options for the future of mankind

From the point of view of the concept of humanity gradually turned into something like a beehive or anthill, then there will be a superorganism, equipped with one mind at all. Human will be to manage the whole team, the decision will be taken together for the good of humanity as a whole. It should be noted that the totalitarian experiments of the last century trying to build in our country, something like that, but, as practice shows, artificially impose on man the idea that the collective is more important than the individual, is not possible, as this is against our selfish nature and innate predatory propensity to competition.

However, if you carefully look around, you may find that some inclination to the existence of a single mind in us still are. For example, Twitter.

7. Postgendernye people

10 most bizarre options for the future of mankind

We - binary code, but in the future, technology will allow us to give up such things as sexual identity. Firstly, the artificial conception has long been invented. Secondly, we have more and more time to deal with this ... you know what. Third, even if it is, when, gradually becoming lazy. Fourth, virtual communication is rapidly replacing real. In general, people postgendernyh concept offers us three options for the development of mankind: We do give up sexual intercourse, replacing the conception in the womb of conception in a test tube, and the gradual loss of sex differences;

We can choose to cancel or keep the gender characteristics;

We obtain amorphous gender characteristics that can be changed at will.

8. Genticheskaya "arms race"

10 most bizarre options for the future of mankind

Assisted reproductive technologies, such as genomics, will allow people to plan their children's susceptibility to a variety of activities even before they were born. For example, a pair of basketball fans will be able to give birth to a son, a high physically developed with innate love for the collective sports. A pair of physicists have borne several Hawking different sexes. There is no limit self-improvement! Possibilities of genetics will create a society in which obsessive dreams about the success of their children people will create strange and extreme forms of their own offspring.

9. People, modified for space

10 most bizarre options for the future of mankind

In its present form of humanity, definitely in space has nothing to do. Gagarin extinct and lifeless space of the universe conquer technique today. But some visionaries still want to launch a man into space, as a rational being can achieve in the study and development of other planets are much larger than the unfeeling robots. And for this to be in us, fragile, something correct.

An expert in the field of nanotechnology Robert Freitas proposes to eliminate the light, there is no need to breathe. Another enthusiast, Ray Kurzweil, inventor and futurist, has offered to give up food, instead introducing human nanorobots that will take care of the feeding of cells necessary for life agents. And even well-known geneticist Craig Venter has contributed in calling for the improvement of the inner ear, in order to avoid motion sickness. He also believes that people need to reduce the growth, get rid of the hair, and in general, seems to turn into osminogoobraznyh creatures happily crawling through uncharted planets.

10. The computer brain

10 most bizarre options for the future of mankind

The concept of converting the brain in a supercomputer the country itself as well as computers perfectly cope with their tasks being outside of us. Even more strange assumption economics professor Robin Hanson that the computer-human mind can create an unlimited number of copies of itself to compete in the tough economic markets.

Another idea is to increase the clock frequency of the brain that appear to lead to the fact that the people of the future will be able to observe a melancholy longing, for example, the growth of grass, or the destruction of the stone, in speeding up shooting.

Or, for example, brain-computer on their own will to change the parameters of perception, learning new aspects of life and himself. Unlimited prospects, but it sounds pretty boring. It seems that the imperfection of the human brain allows us to really fascinating to spend his life.