10 biggest prison sentences

Do you think that a life sentence is long? And how do you 28 life sentences, or how about a millennium ... Imagine that people in the sentences have even millennia.

10 biggest prison sentences

384912 years

In 1972, twenty-postman from Palma de Mallorca, was sentenced to three hundred eighty-four thousand nine hundred and twelve years for something that does not deliver the letter. According to the investigation, it did not deliver more than four thousand letters. It is the largest term in the history of the Spanish judicial system. And not only in Spain but worldwide.

10,000 years + two life

For that brutally killed his wife, Dudley Wayne Kiser was sentenced to imprisonment for 10,000 years in 1981. This is still the longest term handed down in the US to date. And for what Dudley also killed his wife's mother and a college student, he was sentenced to life in prison for each of the crimes, in addition to 10,000 years.

28 life sentences

Bobby Joe Long, Florida was a serial killer and rapist. He was sentenced to 28 life sentences. He raped more than 50 women and killed about half of them. Bobby Joe was born with an extra X chromosome, resulting in after puberty, his chest began to rise. At the same time, he had a sexual dysfunction and frequent conflicts in the family, which was the cause of all his crimes.

25 life sentences

Juan Corona, California has killed 25 workers, who worked for him in the field. In a short span of time, but rather for 1 year, he killed 25 workers, who worked for him, and their remains buried on his farm. For this act, he was sentenced to 25 life imprisonment.

7109 years,

In 1969, two Iranians were sentenced to 7109 years in prison each. They were tried in martial rules and their crimes were formed. And they got a total of 71 more than a century.

2 Goals

With a history of crimes, ranging from robbery to rape, Darron Bennalford Anderson of Oklahoma received two thousand years of imprisonment. Later, he received a few thousands of years for their crimes and had accumulated thousands of years about 20. In 1997, he appealed and he was knocked off period. And he may be released in the year 12844.

845 s

In 2000, Shalom Weiss received a sentence of 2,000 years. He was an ordinary clerk, and with the help of knowledge and access to the pension base, he robbed many American retirees and disappeared. He was put on the federal wanted list and was arrested. After a while he appealed the sentence and was reduced to a period of 845 years.

330 s

Mr. Schmidt promised large profits for investors and thereby earned millions of dollars. He used the money to cover personal expenses and led dissolute lifestyle at the expense of investors. For his crimes, he was sentenced to 330 years in a US prison. Currently, he is hoping to get parole.

265 s

In 1996, when Ryan Brandt and Geoffrey Colley was sentenced to 530 years for two, for murder, rape, looting and robberies, they were very surprised t. To. The expected maximum of 40 years at his brother.

160 s

Keith O`Vud from Pittsburgh, was sentenced to 160 years in prison for abuse of 5 women in 2001. Keith got into the house for single women and raped under threat of murder. China calculated by DNA analysis. He denied everything, but DNA gave 100% confirmation that the rapist was he.