"Tornado": the engine - V12, 650 "horses"

• "Tornado": the engine - V12, 650 "horses"

Tell me what the driver does not want to test the new car, or even better, SUV neighbor? Of course, to carry out various tests with our MAZ, where special equipment is mounted multiple launch rocket systems "Smerch", we have not visited by representatives of Top Gear program. Without them, everything is clear.

Wheel Drive MAZ-79111 8x8 designed Belarus automotive industry, a good feeling on the highway and off-road conditions. Equipped with a high-speed diesel engine V12 with the angle of the cylinder block 60 ° and 650 output "horse", it is capable of speeds of about 80 km / h.

Yes, military heavy equipment can not be compared with the plain, but really want to brag - about the same characteristics have the engines installed in the Ferrari family cars (albeit MAZ and develops 330-350 km / h). However, unless the latter are able to overcome the snow cover of Belarusian fields somewhere sprinkled ditches width of about three meters or Astrakhan steppe Ashuluk range, sometimes with irregularities up to 35 ° up and down? And all this under extreme temperature fluctuations.

To travel by "mud baths" MAZ fitted with pressure control system tire - this is done to reduce the pressure on the ground. Due to wide-mounted tire on the "cast" discs (conventional steel not call them) and an independent torsion suspension for off-road feel like in a vehicle, a rocking gently on the crests of the waves.

What do I need a driver to be happy? A comfortable lounge, stylish design and good climate control. No! To a military vehicle, such requirements do not exist, especially if it was developed in the 80s.

Minimum set of options allows the driver to feel confident in the management and operation of the machine entrusted to him. To maintain an effective climate cabin is equipped with "air conditioning" in the form of a simple heater and fan, sun visor. There is a place for mounting the radio, but unfortunately, the basic equipment it is not included ...

And how thought and question soundproofing! MAZ cab enclosure is made of polyester resin, which allows the driver to hear a regular beat of the "heart" of his car. No extraneous noise! With such characteristics the driver "Smerch" feels the rightful owner of the road on the whole route.

At first, "Tornado" was created as a reserve weapon of the Supreme Commander of the USSR. His task - to engage only in the most critical moments. But as time goes on. Currently, the "Tornado" is difficult to call multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS). It has evolved into a completely new kind of weapon.

Preparing for battle MLRS "Tornado" after receiving targeting only takes 3 minutes. But coherent calculation of the combat vehicle has time for this time to perform a number of important and responsible operations. Start command ... Here at once reminded of their first battle starts, when I myself worked in the unit control box. Oh, those trembling moments after the hard work done by a start command and to defeat the purpose of the report! But the accuracy of results is highly dependent on the human factor. But the interaction of the system "man - machine - shot" gives an excellent result - the goal shocked!

The moment of gathering shells from the pack guide MLRS "Smerch" is not similar to any of the scenery firings, especially if it is a salvo of four starting from the complex. Clearly directed the roar of jet engines work, the glow of rocket fuel flame, a cloud of exhaust propellant gases - all this makes clear the subordination of unexplored elements ...

It takes 38 seconds, and the goal sought by all 12 rockets weighing 800 kg each. When the flight range of 70 km, they covered an area of ​​40 hectares. Awesome, is not it? After a short time, somewhere 3-5 minutes, leaving the complex position that allows you to quickly get away from the possible impact of the opponent. Upon arrival in a specially designated area are trained to perform the following tasks. Thanks to the help of special transport and loading vehicle, in 20-25 minutes, "Smerch" is now ready to enter the firing line. With a clear organization and execution of all operations complex becomes virtually invulnerable to the enemy.

In the early 80s there was a need to create an entirely new type of armament for artillery units. The most vulnerable point of multiple launch rocket systems, starting with the "Katyusha" were large variations both in direction and in range. Creating MLRS "MLRS", the Americans came to the conclusion that the firing range of 30-40 km is the limit for multiple launch rocket systems. Its further increase leads to an excessive dispersion of the shells. Before the design office of scientific and production company "Fusion", which was entrusted with the development of the system, it had a difficult task. For the first time in the Soviet shells inertial flight control system was used. Previously it has only been used in guided ballistic missiles. As a result, in contrast to the precursor ( "Grad" and "Hurricane"), the accuracy of results "Tornado" increased twice (not exceed a value of 0, 21% of the range of the volley, i.e. about 150 m, which brings it to hit a artillery guns) and shooting accuracy - three times. And all this at a distance of 70 km! As a result of the adoption in 1987 adopted a new long-range system of "Tornado" has become the most formidable in the world view of a non-nuclear weapons.