Rules of Life by Matt Damon

Rules of Life by Matt Damon

As soon as I finish work, I just go home.

Anyone who wants to capture on camera my daily life, to die of boredom. Here's Matt at home, teaches the role. Here, Matt came out of the house, studying the book in a local library. Here Matt returns home and goes to bed. Matt is sleeping.

I have one agreement with the paparazzi: I do not do anything interesting, and they cease to haunt me.

If suddenly I will stand out a free week, upon my honor, I will just sit down and sit on the couch. I too for a long time did not.

Good role gets you time in nine years, I just know it.

When I turned forty, someone said, congratulations, get ready for the best two decades of your life.

Cinema unfair. Between 35 and 55 men are getting their best roles, and women in this age just slowly disappear from the screen.

Today you can be famous for 10 minutes. New stars emerge every day - so fast that I did not even have time to remember them. But I have always believed that the real success - is the one that you want to go for a long time.

If we want to give the "Oscars" a really good movie, we have to enter the ten-year break between ceremonies.

I refused many films, which are then received "Oscars", but I do not regret it. There are also a huge number of roads on which I did not go, choosing a different path.

When Werner Herzog gained actors for the "Rescue Dawn" (a film about the American pilots escape from captivity during the Vietnam War), we met and discussed my role in the film. As a result, the role was Christian Bale, and the very next day I was invited to a Farrelly brothers. I decided not to immediately accept their offer and went to his mother. She said: "Sometimes you can afford to roll the fool." So I got the role in the movie "Stuck on You," on the set where I met my wife. But only now, when he was born, our fourth child, I realized that I refuse Herzog was a good solution. Good thing prosrat very easy if you think about it too much.

Becoming a father - the largest male fear. And the most important thing when you have them become.

For a long time I have not been to the zoo, and suddenly decided to pop in and went straight to the pavilion with the penguins. You know how it smells? Exactly as you expect from a 65 huge birds.

No need to compare Superman Mickey Mouse.

Bond - a system whose roots go back to the values ​​that formed the ruling elite back in the sixties. He is an imperialist and a misogynist, laughing at the corpses of their enemies. Born - is the complete opposite. He hates the state, he is paranoid, he was always on the run, he loves one woman, and he despised himself for the fact that sometimes he has to kill.

Everything I've had enough of Born. Is that a musical - so, I agree. Or porn. Bornu need some variety of genres.

I always wanted to play a character who loses one battle after another.

If I was the director, the first thing I would have shot - porn with real human characters.

On scripts that I get, as a rule, have been fingerprinted Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio.

When we meet with Ben Affleck, we just sit down at the table and try each other laugh.

All of the directors with whom I worked, always and from all the films cut scene where I'm dancing. Just imagine what would happen if this file gets someone hands.

I hate to be removed from the overhead nose.

Every day on the set of "The Brothers Grimm" I had to wear a wig, and it was the first time in my life I shaved my head. More liberating procedure I can not even come up - not least because there is no need to dry after a shower head. On the film there is nothing better for me than to sit in the corner and have a donut.

I love the trilogy. If you took a good trilogy, never try to remove the fourth film.

Director's promises are worthless. They are either running out of dates, or are knocked out of the budget. There are only two people who do not do either one or the other - Steven Soderbergh and Clint Eastwood. One day I was talking to Eastwood and told him: "If you've ever will be in the films of other directors who starred in Soderbergh. It is the only person who works in the same way as you. "

I'm certainly not an ugly duckling, but Redford and a candle to no good.

I do not know why people like me, and not sure I want to know.

When I finally got to grow a worthy mustache - just go to star in porn.

I can not imagine what those guys were smoking, which I have called the sexiest man on the planet (in 2007 the American magazine People Damon awarded such a title). Nobody ever told me that descends on me crazy.

It is better to be a good fiction than a real nobody.

To be a good person, you do not need to exert too much effort.

Most people here in America, do not care, that somewhere there is a war and people die. It is quite usual reaction would be something like: "I ate myself into this life a bunch of crap, I do not have work, our economy is heading for the abyss, and the world is cruel to me at least."

Recently, I was really changed my attitude to Obama. In his address to Congress, speaking of ordinary Americans, he has never said the word "poverty", which is the state in which millions are in America. Many politicians elected today a new tactic: not so important that I speak - it is important to talk a lot and on different topics.

There is no more visible lie than false smile.

I am concerned people who say something like: "The way you shnuruesh shoes, I can tell you what kind of person."

People today have become too much to think about security.

Los Angeles 2159 will be similar to present-day Mexico City - only there will be more land spaceships.

Lord, thank you for those of my prayers that you have not heard.

I have not put on a tuxedo.