"The World" - a beautiful story and bleak prospects

I happened to visit this amazing ship. Mostly a walk + description Peter solutions administration, in my opinion, catastrophic for both tourists and residents.


"Mir" - a training frigate, a ship with a full-rigged, with a history spanning over 25 years. In 1984, the Soviet Union, signed a contract with Poland for the construction of five sail training vessels. While Poland has already had the experience, personnel, location and know-how for the implementation of such projects. Chief designer of the first ships of the series was Sigmund Khoren.

In 1987 - the first of five ships, "Friendship" (Odessa) - was launched with the Gdansk shipyard. UPS "MIR" was built in the same year. December 1, 1987 - Soviet flag was hoisted on the stern flagstaff "Peace" and the ship sailed to the port - Leningrad. Leningrad Higher Naval Engineering School became its owner. He became the first captain VN Antonov.

For some time - from 1989 to 1991, the ship was transferred to the Baltic Shipping Company. Then, after converting them to school in GMA. Makarov, the Academy has once again become the owner of the sailboat.

In different years on board the ship at the same time passed the marine practice not only the best students of SMA, but also representatives of other marine educational institutions as the former Soviet Union, and the European countries and the United States. This helped the Academy to establish and maintain contacts with higher marine educational institutions abroad.

One of the main components in the service of the ship is almost annual participation in the world's largest racing sailboats. In 1988, 1989, 1991, 1993, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001 and 2002, "The World" took part in regattas "Cutty Sark", which holds an annual International Association of sailing ships. Here, the "World" several times won and at different stages, and overall in the race. The most notable event was the participation in the international Grand Regatta Columbus 92, dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America. In this race, "Peace" has come to finish the overall winner. The main prize awarded to the crew of the ship His Majesty the King of Spain Juan Carlos I.

In 2000, participating in the trans-Atlantic regatta "Cutty Sark Tall Ships' Races 2000", "World", despite the problems in the steering device, he has won four different prize and eventually took the fourth place of the overall standings of class "A" . In 2002, the regatta "Cutty Sark" was transformed into "Tall Ships' Races".

In 2003 and 2004, the "World" won the main prize of the regatta - a large silver dish. It was the first ship from the beginning of the history of the race, in 1956. "The World" - a unique class of vessel "A", which won her two years in a row.


To date, the "world" is considered to be the fastest sailboat in the world. Officially registered maximum speed sailing - 21 knots (38, 9 km / h). In 2010, set an average speed record - 11, 3 knots.

In the twenty years of service went sailing over 200 thousand nautical miles - a huge distance, five times the length of the Earth's equator. More than 1,000 students have passed the practice on board.

Training cinema, he's wardroom, he's a bar - until the repairs. On the floor are gifts from the Russian Museum.

By participating in regattas and training voyages, sailing ship "The World" traveled to these ports in Europe and America as the Helsinki, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Rostock, Bremerhaven, Amsterdam, London, Liverpool, Lisbon, Barcelona, ​​Naples, Malta, Istanbul, New York .. . Of the 24 races in which the sailboat took part in its history - at 20, he won prizes.

Radio Room.

The radio operator.

As a rule, the birthday of St. Petersburg "World" for 10-12 days come to your city and participate in the festivities.

According to the established practice in recent years, "Mir" from April to October, works in the area of ​​the Baltic and North Seas, visiting during the season from 15 to 20 ports. The vessel pass practice students of the State Maritime Academy and other maritime training institutions.


Earn too it is necessary, at the transitions between the ports, lasting from 3 to 10 days, the ship takes on board 140 treynizov - original passengers wishing to yourself to feel a sea voyage, to participate in the direct management of the sailboat.

It hibernates as a sailboat, being the property of SMA, traditionally in St. Petersburg, is anchored at the Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment. Unlike similar in size sailing ships "Sedov" and "Kruzenshtern" entering the waters of the city only during the summer.

Some figures:

109, 6 meters - length of the three-masted sailing ship with bowsprit.

2771 sq. m. - The total sail area.

6, 6 m. - Draft.

2256 tonnes - Displacement

200 people - crew, including 144 cadets

And this - a key figure for this post:

49, 5 m. - Height of the middle masts


But because of the latest figures, we have a chance with you will never again see the "WORLD" in the city center. The thing is that in the construction of bridges Western High Speed ​​Diameter planned to build a bridge over the Sea Channel height of 52 meters.

Igor Lukyanov, General Director of JSC "WHSD": "As part of the construction of the bridge of the Western High-Speed ​​Diameter planned to build a bridge over the Sea Channel height of 52 meters It will be the biggest jump height of the bridge over the Petrovsky waterway will be 25 meters, Elaginsky - 16, the ship - 35.. ".

Vladimir Martin, master of the barque "Standard", "transition altitude 52 meters above Sea Canal is not enough, not only for" the world ", as the city can not enter sailboats" Kruzenshtern "," Sedov "ship" Hope "and" Pallas "(of the same type with the" world ", based in the Far East), as well as several ships from Norway, the Netherlands and Poland. If you make a bridge height of 59 m, all the sailboats will be able to pass under them."

Vladimir Hodyrev, Governor of St. Petersburg adviser: "The initiators of the construction of toll road should revise the draft, developing alternatives to the offshore portion of the WHSD Even the designers of the famous Øresund Bridge, which provides a link between Denmark and Sweden, have met the sailing community.".

Moreover, European builders have specially made the height of the bridge such that it could safely take the Russian sailing ships.

Sergey Alexeev, president of "St. Petersburg Sailing Union": "If the above-water part of the project ZSD will be implemented in its current form, something about the sailing city, which today is already in poor condition, will be forgotten."

Vladimir Martin, master of the barque "Standard": ". This is the basis of the sailing fleet and the Russian glory If sailing ships will not stand on the quays of St. Petersburg, then we are not maritime city at all."

Victor Olersky, Deputy Transport Minister: "I was not aware of the problems with the height of the bridge WHSD But in any case, the project has a border financial results today Any new restriction means an increase in costs, the project cost will increase many times...

It is still a commercial project. Nice, of course, to see the "World" and "Sedov" on the waterfront, but we all - St. Petersburg, realize that something must be sacrificed. Sailboats moored may well not have the Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment, and the "Marine Façade".

Meanwhile, last year Vladimir Putin has signed a decree to hold in 2012-2013 circumnavigation of the training sailing ship "Sedov", dedicated to the anniversary of the 1150th anniversary of Russian statehood. In Around the World "Sedov" I left St. Petersburg in last May. I wonder if the president knows that the world's largest sailboat in St. Petersburg and can not return?

Since finishing post negative do not want to, finish with a quote of another domestic policy: "You must take care of the remains of ships, yachts and galleys, and Buda miss, it will be levied on you and your descendants."

Peter I.