The youngest members of the Russian Forbes rating

Eight years ago "golden hundred" Forbes counted at least a dozen millionaires under the age of 40 years. Every year, the young and the rich get their weight in gold. And call the "young" members of the current rating is difficult. Of the six richest under 40 years no younger than thirty. Four more likely "man in his prime." Year of Nisan, Michael Abizov Victor Haritonin, Mikail Shishkhanov - businessmen born in 1972, who at the time of publication of the rating has not yet turned 41 year.

The trend is that the number of young self-made billionaires has been steadily declining. In their place come the offspring of the business of generals, which was launched in 1990. The average of the five richest Russians account for 11 children, so that the ranks of young and successful for certain newly replenished in a few years.

Vyacheslav Mirilashvili

The youngest members of the Russian Forbes rating

Age: 30 years

Place in rating: 114Costoyanie: $ 950 million

Fact: The son of well-known and respected St. Petersburg businessman Mikhail Mirilashvili, the owner of real estate development holding company "PetroMir" and gambling concern "Conti". On his return from America, inspired by the idea of ​​Facebook, Vyacheslav in 2006 he invested $ 30,000 in the project of a classmate Pavel Durov. Money young entrepreneur borrowed from one of his father's companies. As of mid-April 2013, the daily audience of the network "VKontakte" has more than 47 million people.

In April 2013 Mirilashvili sold his 40% of the social network to a consortium of investors led by Ilya Scherbovich. The transaction amount is still unknown.

Vitaly Yusufov

The youngest members of the Russian Forbes rating

Age: 33 year

Place in rating: 153Costoyanie: $ 700 million

Fact: The son of former energy minister and president's special representative on energy cooperation Igor Yusufov, at 22 years - the candidate of economic sciences, 24 - Assistant General Director of "Gazprom Export", 26 - Director of the Moscow branch of Nord Stream AG.

Vitaly Yusufov - experienced businessman: he saved from bankruptcy by the German shipyard Waden Yards in the midst of the German election campaign of 2009, the results of which Angela Merkel has won a four-year chair of German Chancellor. By the way, a shipyard located in the region, which is represented by Merkel in the elections.

It Yusufov company established jointly with the Ministry of Defense, received without any competition for scarce frequencies for 4G network construction.

And Yusuf Jr. - an experienced mediator: gaining 19, 93% of Bank of Moscow shares from its former president Andrei Borodin, a couple of months, he successfully sold the package of VTB. Borodin himself after the deal said that Yusufov family acted in the interests of then-President Dmitry Medvedev, "the young man," as he called his elder Yusuf.

Maxim marigolds

The youngest members of the Russian Forbes rating

Age: 36 years

Place in rating: 82Costoyanie: $ 1, 3 billion

Fact: The only Russian billionaire ranking in Forbes to 40 years. owner of the network "The Messenger" and the eponymous bank Maxim marigolds business acumen showed in school, selling computer software and cordless phones. After graduation Marigold decided to tackle serious and organized sales wholesale cell phone, and then the retail chain. Last year, through the "Messenger" has sold more than 9 million phones and smartphones, and the Group's revenue exceeded 500 billion rubles.

Maxim Liksutov

The youngest members of the Russian Forbes rating

Age: 36 years

Place in rating: 157Costoyanie: $ 650 million

Fact: A professional diver Maxim Liksutov amassed his fortune in the rail transport.

In the early 1990s engaged in sorting and transshipment of Kuzbass coal in the port of Tallinn, at the request of his neighbor by Sergey Glinka home. Later he became a co-owner of one of the largest private rail carriers "Transgroup" and "Transmashholding" and "Aeroexpress". In December 2011 he was appointed head of the department of transport and road transport infrastructure of Moscow, and after 10 months - deputy mayor. In this connection, according to its own statements, by the end of 2012, completely out of business by selling their shares.

Ivan Tavrin

The youngest members of the Russian Forbes rating

Age: 36 years

Place in rating: 200Costoyanie: $ 500 million

Fact: Ivan Tavrin started the business with a television advertising sales in the region, then became interested in buying the regional TV and radio. And though as a businessman Tavrin held back in the mid-2000s, one of the richest he was not without the help of Alisher Usmanov (№1 ranking in Forbes).

In 2009 Tavrin combined its business with the media assets of the richest Russians in YUTV Holding (Disney and MUZ TV channel). Cooperation Usmanov dislikes year ago Tavrin was appointed CEO "MegaFon". Having received an option to buy 5% stake in the mobile operator, a young businessman hurried partially implement it as early as December 2012 and bought 1, 25% for $ 155 million.

Andrey Andreev (Ogandzhanyants)

The youngest members of the Russian Forbes rating

Age: 39 years

Place in rating: 127Costoyanie: $ 800 million

Fact: Eligible bachelor and one of the most mysterious Russian millionaires. Under the pseudonym Andrei Andreev Andrei hiding Ogandzhanyants - creator of the popular dating site "Mamba" and the draft Badoo. The latter is a symbiosis of the chat, dating services and photo rating, disguised as a social network. In 2012, the audience of the site, available in 41 languages, with 175 million registered users.

Andreev lives in London, does not like to be photographed and giving interviews, preferring to use your spare time to dissect on the outskirts of London in rented luxury cars.