"Country Doctor" Eugene Smith in 1948

• "Country Doctor" Eugene Smith in 1948 to

Without studying reportage Eugene Smith's "Country Doctor" is unthinkable, no course of documentary photography. It literally laid the genre standard, which followed - consciously or not - dozens and perhaps hundreds of journalists. For 1948 - when this report was published in LIFE magazine - it was a discovery and sensation. No one had not looked so closely and consistently in the lives of their heroes.

Dr. Ernest Keriani foot sent the call.

To capture this story Eugene Smith spent 23 days in Kremmlinge, Colorado. Day after day he documented the life of a country doctor indefatigable Erensta Keriani. Smith followed the doctor everywhere - to the patients, to the laboratory, on a fishing trip. As a result, a report was born, which is a long time kept alive the spark of life, and allows viewers to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the rural life of the doctor.

After complex operation, 2 o'clock in the morning.

Ralph Pickering, who came from a remote ranch, tourist guide on mountain trails Rocky Mountains, holds her five-month son in anticipation of receiving a doctorate.

Dr. Keriani sits at the bedside of a sick patient with influenza. The first series of the shooting Eugene Smith, accompanied the doctor to use the device without the film, to allow his characters to get used to the presence of a stranger.

In the back seat of the car Keriani doctor makes an injection of morphine 60-year-old tourist from Chicago who came to Colorado with his grandson. She - a heart attack.

The doctor examines Keriani 4-year-old girl, a sick tonzilitom. Pediatrics is not a special doctor, and since the bulk of patients - children, he had to go on to study the basic principles of pediatric practice.

Not having holidays and weekends, the doctor has a small hospital, which establishes the X-ray machine, an autoclave and oxygen tent on a par with other medical devices. In the picture - it shows an X-ray (which by the way showed himself) one of his patients with the ranch.

The doctor bandaging patient fell from a horse, which broke several ribs.

Cleaning the ear in an elderly patient.

Check the progress of healing the wound on his arm.

Dr. Keriani sent to friends on a fishing trip, where he will be able to enjoy a few hours of rest.

Fishing in the Colorado River.

After 30 minutes of fishing entered emergency call - a horse's hoof hit the girl in the head.

Worried parents of 2-year-old girl looking at the doctors and nurses to inspect the juvenile patient.

The doctor sewed up the wound Keriani girls, but now he has to find the words to tell parents of the girl that her eyes could not be saved, and that they should go to Denver to continue treatment.

The doctor helps the farmer to carry his son, who sprained his arm during a fall from a horse at a rodeo.

The painful procedure reposition the hands.

Keriani doctor measures the pressure of 85-year-old Thomas Mitchell did to gangrene.

The doctor makes anesthesia before the amputation.

In the hospital, there is no lift and therefore carries a doctor on hand 85-year-old patient in the operating room.

"Do not tell my mother," whispered the young man. Have not departed from the anesthesia, he realizes that his mother the whole operation was near and helped the doctor.

Another late challenge - a heart attack 82-year-old patient.

Knowing that a patient with a heart attack do not survive, the doctor is a priest.

Sending a patient with a heart attack in the hospital.

Kremmling, Colorado is located on a plateau at an altitude of 2, 5 km. Dr. Keriani - only doctor per 1000 square meters. kilometers, inhabited by two thousand people.

The doctor holds her three year old son. Family watching the horses parade. MISA Keriani continues to struggle with unpredictable work schedules of her husband.

People of the city has allocated money to purchase the building, which was later adapted into a hospital for 14 beds. It Keriani and the doctor was invited.

In the laboratory

The doctor pulls in 4-year-old Jimmy Free glass of the legs.


At the reception.

Dr. Keriani takes birth.

Maternity ward.

incubator for premature babies.

The contents of the doctoral suitcase.

The doctor on call

The Homecoming.