Frontline girls

We offer you exciting memories of women veterans who took part in hostilities and, along with the men were ready to go into battle.

Frontline girls

"We drove a lot of the day ... They went out with the girls at a station with a bucket to collect the water. We looked back and gasped: one by one went compositions, and there is some girl. Sing. Waving to us - who kerchiefs who caps. It became clear: men are not enough, they perished in the land. Or in captivity. Now we replace them ... Mom wrote me a prayer. I put it in a locket. Maybe it helped - I got home. I kissed a medallion before the fight ... "

"Once night reconnaissance in the area of ​​our regiment led the whole company. By dawn she went, and on neutral ground came a groan. I left wounded. "Do not go, kill - do not let my fighters - you see, is already getting light." Not obeyed, crawling. Found wounded, he dragged him eight hours strapped hand. Dragged alive. The commander learned rashly declared five days of arrest for unauthorized absence. A deputy regiment commander reacted differently, "he deserves a reward." At nineteen, I had a medal "For Courage". At nineteen, he turned gray. At nineteen, he was shot in the last fight both lungs, the second bullet passed between two vertebrae. Paralyzed legs ... And I thought the murder ... In nineteen years ... I have a granddaughter now such. I look at it - and I do not believe. Wee! "

Frontline girls

"I had a night shift ... I went into the chamber of the seriously wounded. Captain lies ... The doctors warned me before duty, that he would die during the night ... I do not make it to the morning ... I asked him: "Well, how? ? The more you help, "I will never forget ... He suddenly smiled, such a bright smile on his face haggard," Undo bathrobe ... Show me your chest ... I have not seen my wife ... "I was ashamed, I was something there he replied. He is gone and returned an hour later. He is dead. And the smile on his face ... "

"And when he appeared for the third time, it's an instant - it appears, will disappear, - I decided to shoot. I decided, and suddenly a thought flashed: this is a man, though he is an enemy, but a man, and I somehow began to shake hands all over her body went shivers, chills. Some fear ... Sometimes in a dream to me now return the feeling ... After the plywood targets to shoot at a living person was difficult. I can see it in the optical sight, I see well. As if he's close ... And inside me something resists ... Something does not give, I can not decide. But I pulled myself together, pull the trigger ... Not once we've got. Not a woman thing - to hate and kill. Not ours ... We had to convince myself. Persuade..."

Frontline girls

"And the girls rushed to the front voluntarily, but a coward would not go to war himself. They were bold, unusual girl. There are statistics: losses among the front edge of the physicians took the second place after losses in the infantry battalions. In the infantry. What is, for example, to pull the wounded from the battlefield? I'll tell you ... We went on the attack, but we come from a machine gun to mow. And the battalion was gone. All they lay. They were not all killed, many wounded. The Germans beat, the fire does not stop. Absolutely all of a sudden pops up out of the trench, first one girl, then the second, third ... They began to dress, and to drag the wounded, even the Germans for a while numb astonishment. By ten o'clock in the evening all the girls were seriously injured, and each saved a maximum of two or three people. Awarded them sparingly in the beginning of the war awards are not scattered. Pull out the wounded had to be together with his personal weapon. The first question in the sickbay where weapons? At the beginning of the war it was not enough. Rifle, machine gun - it also had to drag. In the forty-first order was issued the number two hundred eighty-one the submission to the award for saving soldiers' lives: for fifteen seriously injured, made from the battlefield, along with a personal weapon - the medal "For Service in Battle", for the salvation of twenty-five people - the Order of the Red Star for salvation forty - Order of the Red Banner, for the salvation of eighty - the Order of Lenin. I have described what it meant in the battle to save at least one ... From under the bullets ... "

Frontline girls

"What is happening in our souls, these people, as we were then, perhaps, will never be. Never! Such naive and such sincere. With such a faith! When the banner was our regimental commander and commanded: "The regiment, under the banner! On your knees! ", We all feel happy. We stand and cry, every tears in his eyes. You are not going to believe, me from the shock my whole body tensed, my illness, and I was ill "night blindness", it at me from malnutrition, from nervous exhaustion happens, so, my blindness was held. You see, I'm on the next day was great, I got well, that's such a shock through all my heart ... " "I am the hurricane wave threw the brick wall. Lost consciousness ... When I came to myself, it was already evening. She raised her head, tried to squeeze his fingers - like move, barely wade left eye and went to the room, covered in blood. In the corridor I meet our older sister, she did not recognize me, asked: "Who are you? Whence "came closer, gasped and said," Where are you so long bore, Xenia? Wounded hungry, and you do not. " Quickly bandaged head, his left arm above the elbow, and I went to get dinner. His eyes darkened, the sweat was pouring hail. I began to distribute dinner, fell. Brought to consciousness, and only heard: "Hurry! Fast "and again -"! Hurry! Hurry! "A few days later I still have to take seriously injured blood."

"We are very young went to the front. Girls. I even grew up during the war. Mom tried on at home ... I grew ten centimeters ... "

Frontline girls

"organized nursing courses, and my father took me and my sister there. I - fifteen years old, and her sister - fourteen. He said: "That's all I can give away for the win. My girls ... "Another thought did not exist. A year later I went to the front ... "

"Our mother had no sons ... And when Stalingrad was besieged, voluntarily went to the front. Together. The entire family: mother and five daughters, and his father had already fought ... "

"I was mobilized, I was a doctor. I left with a sense of duty. And my dad was happy that her daughter was at the front. Protects the homeland. Dad went to the recruitment office early in the morning. He went to get my diploma and went early in the morning specifically to everyone in the village saw that her daughter had at the front ... "

"I remember, let me go on leave. Before going to my aunt, I went to the store. Before the war terribly fond of sweets. I say:

- Give me candy.

The saleswoman looks at me like I was crazy. I do not understand: what is - card, that is - the blockade? All the people in the queue turned to me, and I have a rifle more than I do. When we have given them, I looked up and thought: "When I grow up to this rifle?" And all of a sudden began to ask, the whole place: - Give her some candy. Cut us coupons.

And they gave me. "

Frontline girls

"And I for the first time in my life happened ... Our ... Women ... I saw in his blood as ZAOr:

- I was wounded ...

The intelligence with us was a paramedic, an elderly man. He said to me:

- Where are wounded?

- I do not know where ... But the blood ...

To me he is the father, she told him everything ... I went to the exploration after the war fifteen years. Every night. And such dreams: I've got the machine refused, then surrounded us. Wake up - your teeth squeak. Remember - where are you? Here or there? "

"I'm leaving for the front materialist. Atheist. Good Soviet schoolgirl left, which was taught well. And there ... There, I began to pray ... I always prayed before a battle, read their prayers. simple words ... My words ... meaning one that I came back to mom and dad. Of these prayers I did not know and did not read the Bible. No one saw how I prayed. I - secretly. Stealthily he prayed. Caution. Because ... We were then the other, then other people lived. You understand?"

Frontline girls

"Forms could not attack us, always in the blood. My first wounded - Senior Lieutenant Belov, my last wounded - Sergey Trofimov, a mortar platoon sergeant. In the seventies, he came to visit me, and daughters, I showed his wounded head, upon which even now a big scar. Just out of the fire, I issued four hundred eighty-one wounded. Some of the journalists counted: a rifle battalion ... drag on itself men are two to three times heavier than us. A wounded them even harder. Dragging himself and his weapons, and it has an overcoat, boots. Shoulder the eighty kilograms and dragging. Reset ... You go around the next, and again seventy to eighty kilograms ... And so five or six times in a single attack. And you most forty-eight kilograms - the weight of a ballet. do not believe it now ... "

"I then became commander of the department. All branches of the young boys. We have the whole day on a boat. The boat is small, there are no latrines. The children of necessity can be across the board, and all. Well, how do I? A couple of times before I doterpeli that jumped directly overboard and swim. They shout: "Sergeant overboard!" Pull out. That such an elementary detail ... But what is a small thing? Later I was treated ... "I came back from the war gray. Twenty-one years, and I'm all fair-haired. I was severely wounded, shell-shocked, I could not hear in one ear. My mother met me with the words: "I believe that thou art come. I pray for you day and night. " Brother killed at the front. She cried: "Equally Now - give birth girls or boys."

"And I tell you more ... The worst thing for me in the war - wearing underpants. That was scary. And that to me somehow ... I do not ... Well, to put it in the first place, it is very ugly ... You're in a war, going to die for their country, and to your underpants. In general, you look ridiculous. Ridiculous. Men wore long pants then. Wide. It was made of satin. Ten girls in our dugout, and they are all in men's underwear. Oh my goodness! Winter and summer. Four years ... We crossed the Soviet border ... to seek, in the words of political studies at our Commissioner, the beast in its own lair. Near the first Polish village we dressed, we were given new uniforms and ... And! AND! AND! Brought for the first time women's underwear and bras. During the war for the first time. Ha ah ... Well, of course ... We saw a normal lingerie ... Why do not you laugh? Cry ... Well, why not? "

Frontline girls

"At eighteen years of Kursk I was awarded the medal" For Military Merit "and the Order of the Red Star, in the nineteen - Order of the Patriotic War of the second degree. When arriving a new addition, the boys were all young, of course, they were astonished. They, too, eighteen or nineteen years old, and they mockingly asked: "And what did you get your medals," or "Did you in battle was?" Bailiff with jokes: "A bullet pierced the armor of the tank" One such I then bandaged on the battlefield, under fire, and I remember his name - smartly. He had killed off the leg. I told him the bus impose, and he asked me to forgive him: "Sister, I'm sorry that I hurt you then ..."

Frontline girls

disguise. We sit. We are waiting for the night to still make an attempt to break through. And Lt. Michael T., the battalion commander was wounded, and he served as the battalion commander, he was twenty years old, began to recall how he loved to dance, play the guitar. Then he asks: - Have you ever tried?

- What? What I tried? - Is there like scared.

- Not what, but someone ... Babu!

Before the war such cakes were. With this name.

- No-oo ...

- I, too, have not tried. That's going to die and did not know what love is ... kill us at night ...

- Fuck you, you fool! - Before I realized what he was.

They died for life, not knowing what life is. Everything else just read books. I loved the movie about love ... "

Frontline girls

"It is overshadowed by a fragment mine loved one. Shards of flying - it's a fraction of a second ... How she had? She saved Lieutenant Petya Boychevskogo, she loved him. And he stayed. Peter Boychevsky thirty years came from Krasnodar and found me in front of our meeting, and all told me. We went with him to Borisov and tracked down the clearing where Tonya was killed. He picked up the earth from her grave ... Nes and kissing ... It was five of us, Konakovsky girls ... And one I returned to my mother ... "

"Separate detachment dymomaskirovki was organized under the command of a former commander of the division of torpedo boats Lieutenant Commander Alexander Bogdanov. Girls, mostly with college education or after the first institute courses. Our task - to save the ship, cover them with smoke. Start shelling, the sailors are waiting: "Hurry girls smoke hung. quieter "with him. We traveled in cars with a special mixture, and all this time hiding in a bomb shelter. We, as the saying goes, called the fire itself. The Germans were beaten because of this smoke screen ... "

"Bandaging a tank driver ... The fight goes crashing. He asks: "Girl, what's your name?" Even a compliment of some sort. I was so weird to say this din, the terror his name - Olga. "

"And here I am commander of the gun. And, therefore, I - in thousand three hundred fifty seven anti-aircraft regiment. The first time was bleeding, indigestion comes complete ... My throat was dry to vomit ... the night is still not so bad from the nose and ears, and in the afternoon is very scary. It seems that the aircraft is flying straight at you, it is on your gun. On you rams! This is one moment ... Now it all, turn all of you into anything. All - the end! "

Frontline girls

"And while I found I strongly frostbitten feet. I probably threw the snow, but I was breathing, and formed a hole in the snow ... This tube ... Got me a dog health. GAP snow and hat with earflaps brought my. There I had a death certificate, each had such a passport: what family, where to report. I dug up, put on a cape, was a full coat of blood ... But no one paid any attention to my feet ... Six months I was in the hospital. We wanted to amputate the leg amputated above the knee because of the incipient gangrene. And I've been a little lost heart, did not want to stay to live a cripple. Why should I live? Who do I need? Neither father nor mother. A burden in my life. Well, who needs me, stump! Strangled ... "

"There you got a tank. We were both older the driver, and in the tank must be only one driver. Command decided to appoint me as a tank commander, "-122", and her husband - the older driver. And so we came to Germany. Both were wounded. We have awards. There were many girls tankistok-medium tank, but at a heavy - I'm alone. "

Frontline girls

"We were told to put all of the military, and I was about fifty meters. He climbed into his pants, and girls tied me over them. "

"As long as he hears ... Until the last moment to tell him that no, is it possible to die. Kiss him, hug, what are you saying? He was already dead, his eyes on the ceiling, and I told him something else soothing whisper ... ... The names here are erased, gone from memory, and those were ... "

"We were taken prisoner nurse ... The next day, when we recaptured the village, everywhere lay dead horses, motorcycles, armored personnel carriers. Found her eyes gouged out, breasts cut off ... It impaled ... Frost, and she is white and white, and the hair is gray. She was nineteen years old. In her backpack, we found letters from home, and a rubber green bird. Children's toys ... "

"Under Sevsk Germans attacked us seven or eight times a day. And I have this day carried the wounded with their weapons. Go to last crawled, and his arm completely slaughtered. Hanging out on pieces ... At veins ... In krovische all ... He needs to urgently cut off his hand to bandage. No other way. And I do not have a knife or scissors. Bag-telepalas telepalas on his side, and they fell. What to do? And my teeth gnawed the flesh. Gnawed, bandaged ... Bandages and wounded, "Hurry, my sister. I have Povoa ". In the heat ... " "I'm afraid the war that crippled legs. I had beautiful legs. Man - what? He's not so bad, even if the legs lose. Anyway - the hero. Groom! A cripple a woman, it's her fate will be decided. Women's fate ... "

"Men lay the fire at the bus stop, shake lice are dried. And we are where? Run after some shelter there and undress. I had knitted sviterochek because lice were sitting on each millimeter, each eyelet. Look vomit. Lice are headaches, wardrobes, pubic ... I they were all ... "

Frontline girls

"Under the Makeyevka, in the Donbass, I was wounded, wounded in the thigh. Got here is a fragment of like stone, sits. Feel - the blood, I'm an individual package and folded back. And then I run, to bandage. It is a shame someone say hurt the girl, but where - in the buttock. In the ass ... At sixteen, it is a shame someone say. Uncomfortable to admit. Well, and so I was running, bandaged until fainted from loss of blood. Full natekla boots ... "

"I Came a doctor, did a cardiogram, and ask me:

- Have you ever had a heart attack?

- What is a heart attack?

- You have all the heart in the rumen.

And these scars, it is clear from the war. You go over the target, you all shakes. The entire body is covered with a shudder, because at the bottom of the fire: fire fighters, anti-aircraft guns shot down ... We flew mostly at night. For a while we tried to send to the day job, but then abandoned the idea. Our "In-2" shoots a machine gun ... Did twelve sorties per night. I saw the famous ace pilot Pokryshkina when he flew out of the combat mission. He was a strong man, he was not twenty years and twenty-three, like us, while the plane refueled, the technician time to take off his shirt and remove. From it flowed, as if he had been in the rain. Now you can easily imagine what was going on with us. Arrival and can not even get out of the cab, we pulled out. Could not already carry the tablet, dragged along the ground. "

Frontline girls

We wanted to ... We did not want to say about us: "Oh, these women" and try more than men, we still had to prove that it is not worse than men. And to us it has long been arrogant, condescending attitude "Navoyuyut these women ..." "Three times three times wounded and shell-shocked. In war, who had dreamed of: who come back home who reach Berlin and the one I trying with the cards - to live up to the birthday that I was eighteen years old. For some reason I was afraid to die before, not even live up to eighteen. I went in trousers, in his cap, always ragged, because there is always crawling on his knees, and even under the weight of the wounded. I could not believe that one day it will be possible to get up and go through the land, not crawl. It was a dream! Came once commander of the division, he saw me and asked: "What have you for a teenager? What do you keep it? It would be necessary to send to learn. "

"We were happy when we fetched a pot of water to wash your hair. If you go for a long time, looking for the soft grass. Tore her legs and ... Well, you know, grass washed away ... We are the features were, the girls ... Army had not thought about it ... we Legs greens were ... Well, if the sergeant was an elderly man, and understood everything, did not take away from the haversack extra underwear, and if the young, be sure to throw too much. And what is it too much for the girls who have to happen twice a day to change clothes. We tore the sleeves from the bottom of shirts, and they in fact only two. It's only four branches ... "

"Come on man ... two hundred girls, and behind two hundred men. The heat is. Hot Summer. Marsh shot - thirty kilometers. Heat the wild ... And then we have red spots on the sand ... Follow the red ... Well, these things ... Our ... How do you hide here that? Soldiers go after and pretend that they do not notice anything ... Do not look at his feet ... Pants dried up on us, as of the glass becomes. Cut. There were wounds, and always seemed to smell blood. We also were not given anything ... We were watching when the soldiers hang on the bushes their shirts. A couple of pieces will draw ... They then guessed, laughing: "Sergeant, give us more laundry. Our girls were taken. " Wool and bandages for the wounded was not enough ... Is not that ... Lingerie, perhaps only two years later appeared. In the men's pants and shirts go ... Well, let's go ... In Boots! Legs too szharilis. ... Go to the passage, there waiting for ferries. We got to the ferry, and then we began to bomb. The bombing of scary man - who is hiding where. Call us ... And we do not hear the bombing, we were not up to the bombing, we are more into the river. By the water ... Water! Water! And sat there until otmokli ... by shrapnel ... Here it is ... The shame was worse than death. And a few girls in the water died ... "

Frontline girls

"Finally got an appointment. Led me to my platoon ... The soldiers look: someone with a sneer, who even with the evil, and the other so distort shoulders - once everything is clear. When the battalion commander imagined that here, they say, your new platoon leader, all at once howled: "Oo-oo-oo-oo ..." One of them even spat: "Ugh" A year later, when I was awarded the Order of the Red Star, the same guys who are still alive, my hands in my dugout carrying. They are proud of me. "

"Double time out on a mission. The weather was warm, the light went. When they began to take positions artillerymen, truckers, when one jumped out of the trench and shouted: "Air! Rama! "I looked up in the sky and looking" frame ". No aircraft can not be detected. Around the quiet, no sound. Where is the "frame"? Here's one of my sappers asked permission to fail. I look, he is sent to the gunner, and weighed him the slap in the face. No sooner had I anything to figure out how the gunner shouted, "Boys, our beat!" From the trenches povyskakivali other gunners and surrounded our sapper. My platoon, without hesitation, threw probes, mine detectors, knapsacks and rushed to his rescue. A fight broke out. I could not understand what had happened? Why platoon got into a fight? Every minute counts, and now this mess. Give the command: "Platoon, fall into line" No one pays attention to me. Then I grabbed the gun and fired into the air. We rushed out of the dugout officers. While all calmed, it took a considerable time. I came over to my platoon captain and asked: "Who is in charge here," I reported. His eyes widened, he even at a loss. Then he asked, "What happened?" I could not answer, as in fact did not know the cause. Then came my pomkomvzvoda and told me how it was. So I learned what a "frame" what a shame it was the word for a woman. Something like a whore. Frontline curse ... "

Frontline girls

"We buried him ... He was lying on the cape, it just killed. The Germans fired at us. We must bury the fast ... right now ... found an old birch, choose one that is some distance from the old oak stood. The biggest. Near it ... I tried to remember to go back and then find a place. Here the village ends, then fork ... But remember? How to remember if one birch before our eyes already burning ... How? Began to say goodbye ... I say: "You - the first!" My heart jumped, I understand ... What ... Everyone is aware of my love. Everyone knows ... The idea struck: maybe he knew? Here ... he is ... Now it was lowered into the ground ... will bury. Lay a sand ... but I was overjoyed at the thought that maybe he knew too. And suddenly, and I liked him? As if he was alive, and that's something I will answer right now ... I remembered how on the New Year, he gave me a German chocolate. I did not eat it last month, in a pocket bore. Now to me it does not reach, all my life I remember ... This time ... Bombs are flying ... It ... It lies on the cape ... This moment ... I am happy ... I stand and smile to himself. Abnormal. I am glad that he could have known about my love ... I came over and kissed him. Had never kissed a man ... It was the first ... "

Frontline girls

"As we met with Homeland? Without weeping can not ... Forty years have passed, but still her cheeks burn. The men were silent, and women ... They shouted to us: "We know what you were doing! Lure young n ... our men. Front-line Knots b ... military ... "insulted in every ... ... Dictionary Russian rich guy walked me to dance, I suddenly bad-bad heart zatarahtit. I go-go and sit down in the snow. "What's with you?" - "Oh, nothing. Natantsevalas "And this is -. My two wounded ... This - the war ... And we must learn to be gentle to be weak and fragile, and the legs in boots echoed -. Fortieth the size Unusually, someone hugged me Accustomed answer for itself gently... words waited, but they did not understand me as a child on the front men - strong Russian obscenities got used to him friend taught me, she worked in the library... "read verses Esenina read"...

"The legs are gone ... The legs cut off ... saving me there, in the woods ... The operation was under the most primitive conditions. We put on the table to operate, and even iodine was not a simple saw sawed the legs, both feet ... put on the table, and there is no iodine. During six kilometers away in another guerilla detachment went for iodine, and I'm lying on the table. Without anesthesia. Without anesthesia ... Instead - moonshine bottle. There was nothing but the usual saws Carpenter ... ... We had a surgeon, he, too, no legs, he was talking about me, it gave other doctors: "I admire her. I operated on so many men, but have not seen. Do not scream. " I kept ... I used to be strong on the people ... "

Frontline girls

ran up to the car, opened the door and began to report to the:

- Comrade General, as ordered ...

I heard:

- As you were ...

He stretched on the rack "quietly". The general did not even turn around to me, and through the glass of the car looking at the road. Nervous and often glances at his watch. I'm standing. He turns to his orderly:

- Where is the commander of the sappers?

I tried again to report:

- Comrade General ...

He finally turned to me and angrily: - On the line I need you!

I understood everything and I almost laughed. Then his orderly first guess:

- Comrade General, and perhaps she is the commander of the sappers?

The general looked at me:

- Who are you?

- The commander of an engineering platoon, Comrade General.

- You - the commander of a platoon? - Outraged it.

- Yes, Comrade General!

- These are your engineers work?

- Yes, Comrade General!

- luck: General, General ...

I got out of the car, walked a few steps forward, then back to me. He stood, eyed eyes. And to his orderly:

- Vidal?

Frontline girls

"My husband was a senior engineer, and I'm a machinist. Four years in the freight car drove and son with us. I have it for the whole war, even a cat could not see. When caught near Kiev cat, our train was bombed terribly, there came five aircraft, and he put his arm around her, "Kisanka dear, I'm glad I saw you. I do not see anyone, well, sit with me. Let me kiss you. " The child ... The child should all be baby ... He fell asleep with the words: "Mom, we have a cat. We now have a real home. "

"Lying on the grass Anya Kaburova ... Our signaller. She's dying - was shot in the heart. At this time, above us flying wedge of cranes. All raised their heads to the sky, and she opened her eyes. I looked up: "What a pity the girl." Then he paused and smiled at us: "Girls, do I die?" At this time, running our postman, our Claudia, she shouts: "Do not die! Do not die! You letter from home ... "Anya is not blind, she waits ... Our Claudia sat beside her, opened the envelope. A letter from my mother: "My dear, beloved daughter ..." Beside me stands the doctor, he said: "This is - a miracle. Miracle!!! She lives in spite of all the laws of medicine ... "to finish reading the letter ... And only then Anne closed her eyes ..."

Frontline girls

"I stayed at it one day, a second and decide:" Go and report to headquarters. I'll stay here with you. " He went to the boss, and I did not breathe: Well, how to say that in twenty-four hours of her legs was not? This same edge, this is understandable. And suddenly I see - goes into the dugout bosses: Major, Colonel. Shake hands all. Then, of course, we sat down in the dugout, drank, and everyone said their word that his wife found her husband in the trench, it's real wife, the documents there. It's a woman! Give a look at a woman! They are the words spoken, they all cried. That evening, I remember all my life ... that I still have left? Enrolled nurse. I went with him to investigate. It beats mortar see - fell. I think, killed or wounded? I ran there, and the mortar hit, and the commander shouted: "Where are you you're going, damn woman !!" Crawl - live ... Live! " "Two years ago I visited with our Chief of Staff Ivan Mikhailovich Grinko. He has long since retired. For the same table sat. I also baked pies. Talking with her husband, remember ... about girls of our talking ... And I like the glow of "Honor, say, respect. The girls, almost all alone. Unmarried. They live in communal apartments. Who took pity on them? Defended? Where you are all the post-war? Traitors !! "In short, a holiday mood, I spoiled it ... The chief of staff's sat in your place. "You show me - pounded his fist on the table - who you hurt. You just show it to me, "I asked for forgiveness:" Val, I did you can not say, but tears. "

Frontline girls

"I have to Berlin with the army reached ... returned to his village with two Orders of Glory and medals. He lived for three days and on the fourth mother lifts me out of bed and said: "Daughter, I'll gathered a bundle. Go ... go ... You've got two more younger sisters grow. Who will marry them? Everyone knows that you're four years has been at the front, with men ... "Do not touch my soul. Write as others about my awards ... "

"At Stalingrad ... I was dragging two wounded. One dragged - I leave, then - else. So pull them one by one, because it is very seriously wounded, they can not leave, both as it is easier to explain highly repelled by the legs, they bleed. Here minute counts, every minute. And suddenly, when I crawled out of the battle, was less smoke, suddenly I find myself dragging one of our tanker and a German one ... I was horrified: it our dying, and I am saving a German. I was in a panic ... There, in the smoke, do not understand ... I see: a man dies, people screaming ... Ah-ah-ah ... They both burned black. The same. And then I saw: a strange medallion strangers watch, everything is strange. This form of the damned. Now what? Pull our wounded, and I think: "Go back for the German or not," I knew that if I leave him, he will die soon. From the loss of blood ... And I crawled after him. I continued to drag both of them ... It's Stalingrad ... The most terrible battles. The best of the best. My brilliant ... you can not have one heart for hatred, and the second - for love. In humans, it is one. "

Frontline girls

"The war is over, they were terribly vulnerable. That's my wife. She - a clever woman, and she said to the military refers bad girls. He believes that they went to war for the grooms, all twisted novels there. Although in reality, we sincerely speaking, it is most often the girls were honest. Clean. But after the war ... When the mud after the lice, after death ... I wanted something beautiful. Bright. Beautiful women ... I had a friend of his on the front of loved one beautiful, as I now understand it, girl. Nurse. But he did not marry her, demobilized and found another, posmazlivee. And he's not happy with his wife. Now remember that, its military love, it would be his friend. After the front he marry her not want to, because four years had seen it only in well-worn boots and men's quilted jacket. We have tried to forget the war. And the girls, too, have forgotten their ... "

"My friend ... I will not mention her name, suddenly offended ... Voenfeldsher ... Thrice wounded. The war is over, enrolled in medical school. None of the relatives she found, all of them died. Scared stricken, soap porches at night to eat. But no one admitted that a war invalid and has benefits all the documents broke. I ask: "Why are you broke?" She cries: "Who would marry me take it?" - "Well, well, - I say - well done" even louder cries, "I have these papers are now useful Sick hard.. . "Can you imagine? Crying."

"We went to Kineshma, Ivanovo region is, to his parents. I drove the heroine, I never thought that it is possible to meet frontline Woman. We passed many, many rescued children mothers, wives their husbands. And then ... I heard an insult, I heard the offensive words. Until then, except: "dear sister," "my dear sister," nothing else is heard ... We sat down to drink tea in the evening, the mother took her son to the kitchen, crying: "To whom are you married? On the front ... You've got two younger sisters. Who will marry them now? "And now, when I think about it, I want to cry. Imagine: I brought platelets, very fond of her. There were these words: and you put on the right in the most fashionable shoes to go ... This is a front girl. I put her older sister came over and broke my eyes, they say, you have no rights. They destroyed my front picture ... Enough of us, frontline girls. And it went after the war, after the war, we had another war. Is also terrible. Once the men left us. Not covered. in another it was at the front. " "It then became honored us, in thirty years ... to invite to the meeting ... And the first time we were quiet, even rewards are not worn. Men wore, while women do not. Men - winners, heroes, grooms, they had a war, and we were looked quite different eyes. Very different ... We, I tell you, took the victory ... the victory did not share with us. And it was a shame ... It is not clear ... "

Frontline girls

"The first medal" For Courage "... the beginning of the fight. Fire barrage. The soldiers took cover. Command: "Forward! For the Motherland! ", But they lie. Again the team lie again. I took off my hat to be seen: the little girl got up ... and they all stood up, and we went into battle ... "