What's it like - to stand in picket row 15 years

• How does it feel - to stand in picket row 15

What's it like - to stand in picket row 15 years

John Voynovskaya, retired, 70 years:

"I stand in pickets every day for 15 years. A lot of things over the years was, I threw the eggs in the head, wished death, tried to poison him. I cried, thinking about suicide, but never gave up. I am 70 years old and, if need be, I'm ready to picket until his death.

The aim of my protest - exposing pedophiles, which is teeming with the Catholic Church. I myself am a victim of a pedophile. In the summer of 1968 I was visiting a friend in the small Italian town of Cazzago. The local priest invited me to visit, suggested workout Latin. Instead of class, he asked me to masturbate. I was confused and asked him to show me his first piece. He replied that he had lost it during dire circumstances. Then he put his hand on my knee. The next thing I remember - it's like I was standing on the porch of his house and thought: "My life is over." I felt so bad that I was able to dislodge the event from his memory by as much as 39 years.

In the summer of 1997, I read the newspaper and came across an article about Texas Bishop, who was sentenced to life in prison for corruption of minors parishioners. My heart was pounding, and my horrible memory came back to me. I suddenly realized that the priest of Cazzago blame for all my failed life. It was he who was to blame for the fact that I ignored child hurt his wife. In the same article, it was written that the 11 victims of the Texas Bishop received a total of $ 119, 6 million I thought that, too, deserve compensation -. Addressed in the Washington embassy of the Vatican, he spoke about his tragedy. There was no answer. Then I took a half-meter sheet of paper, drew on it a question mark, and went to the Vatican embassy on Massachusetts Avenue. This is a great place to protest. There can not be left unnoticed. Around embassies and even the residence of Vice President. My plan worked, I got the answer. Just not this what was waiting. The letter was written that I can rely on to pay for treatment by a psychotherapist.

They thought that otvyazhutsya from me. But no. I started going to picket every day. At first it was very difficult. I was ashamed - now the whole world to know that I have experienced. Yes, the church arranged for me a terrible persecution: send for a purpose of people who insulted me, called a loser, laugh at the bald head, showing the middle finger.

One day a man came up to me, grabbed my banner and threw it into the back of a passing truck. I caught up with the pick-up, the benefit was in sneakers, and took hold of him. The car dragged me a few hundred yards, until the next traffic light. I was covered in blood. When she stopped, I got out of the truck and went back poster - picket. Before retirement I was still a year, but I stopped going to work. The idea captivated me completely.

A couple of years it became easier. I no longer called a loser. Eggs are no longer flew into my head. I became famous. You wrote about me even in Australia. Many have praised. Praise and still. That's just yesterday another nice gentleman came up to me and said: "You - the hero!" The whole family supports me, including my ex-wife and her current boyfriend. Sometimes it happens that women come up to me and invited on a date. But each time have to refuse. It's just that I do not have a minute to spare. I get up at seven in the morning, have breakfast, then I go to the library. I'm out there in the internet and is the latest news about the fight with the Catholic Church. The two I drove up to the Vatican embassy, ​​and there spend three to four hours. Then I am going on the bus home. The journey takes about two hours. At home I have dinner and go to bed. For 15 years, my schedule is lost only three times. Twice daughter bought me tickets to California, so I went to see it, but there I spent no more than three days. And once I came down to the hospital for a week with a heart attack.

I always go to picket the light. With only receive a water bottle. I sometimes offer food, but I do not take. It is likely that such people send for a purpose to my church, and the food they poisoned. Special clothes for pickets I have not. Only in the summer when it's hot, I'm strapping neck with a wet cloth. Over the years I have accumulated quite a large collection of banners. My favorite - sided. On the one hand it is written: "Catholics cowards." On the other, "and pedophilia."

There are difficult days, I think it would be better if I did not came across an article about that Texas priest. It would be better if my tragedy lived deep inside me, I wish I continued to live as he lived. But then I think of my life up to the picket - a life without meaning - and I understand that it all came together perfectly. In the name of humanity, I unmask these Catholic cowards. Tear me away from pickets could only obtain compensation. All these 15 years, I kept a diary. I scribbled over 15 thick notebooks. I write about everything that was happening to me at the rally:

"March 19, 2013. Next to me stood a woman. She also protested. It Against Torture. She stood for an hour. We became friends".

"March 9, 2013. He gave an interview with the Slovak Television."

"December 2012 (I can not make out the date). The priest spat in my face. "