50 facts about Iceland through the eyes of Russians

50 facts about Iceland through the eyes of Russians

1. Iceland - one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world, there is a population of about 320,000 people, and a population of just 50,000 before World War II.

2. As in Iceland everybody knows each other, with the separation or divorce of steam is always trying to keep a good attitude. Cases where the ex-boyfriend does not communicate with the ex-girlfriend or ex-spouses do not talk to each other are rare, because they have, in any case, almost all the friends and acquaintances of the general.

3. Instead of surnames in Iceland - patronymics, that is an analogue of our middle name. To the father's name added particle "sleep" (ie, son) or "dottir" (if it is a daughter), it turns out, for example, Silia Palmarsdottir, ie daughter Celia Palmarsa.

4. In the event that the father, for whatever reasons, does not recognize the child, a son or daughter as a surname obtained matron ie the same first name, but on behalf of his mother.

50 facts about Iceland through the eyes of Russians

5. As in Reykjavik all know each other, the doors of the houses here are often not locked, the keys to the cars thrown into the car, and children in strollers left unattended at the entrance to the cafe, bar or shop.

6. In Reykjavik, it is normal to go to the nearest grocery store in your pajamas.

7. Residents of Reykjavik almost always pay for the purchase of bank cards, even if you order a coffee in a bar. Cash is not accepted then calculated.

8. Icelanders are sure to blow your nose - is harmful to health, so in winter there all dart noses, that is, sorry, draw a snot.

9. But the spit, on the contrary, is not considered impolite, even girls without any problems spit on the street and in public places.

50 facts about Iceland through the eyes of Russians

10. In fact, in Iceland in winter is not as cold as we used to think, then the temperature rarely drops below -6 degrees.

11. But in the winter in Iceland dark, Dec. 21 - the shortest day of the year dawn comes at 10.30, and the sun sets at 16.00 already. In the summer to replace the long night comes the long days, in comparison with which the White Nights in St. Petersburg just about anything, in June Iceland sun goes down for a couple of hours.

12. The lack of sunlight in winter to some extent compensated for the northern lights, it can be seen all the time, so after a couple of weeks it will not pay attention.

13. As the winter sun does not shine in Iceland, all the inhabitants of the country, in order to avoid rickets and other unpleasant diseases, taking fish oil on a mandatory basis, but not in liquid form, and tasteless capsules.

14. Almost all of Iceland's inhabitants have profiles on Facebook, according to recent data, Iceland - active country in the social network.

50 facts about Iceland through the eyes of Russians

15. Even if a resident of Iceland, for some reason there is no profile on Facebook, you can still easily be found online. All the inhabitants of the country of their own free will be registered on the site ja.is, which indicate your name, phone number, address and the location on the map where their house is located.

16. In Iceland, if the person you are well situated, it demonstrates the fact that every now and then touches you.

17. Blondes in Iceland ten times more than brunettes, so local inhabitants love to dye your hair a darker shade.

18. In order to spend the night with an Icelandic girl long courtship are not required, most islandok, they say, easy going, including therefore in Reykjavik so love to come Italians and Spaniards. 19. The Icelanders are very tolerant in Reykjavik regularly held a gay pride parade, since 2010, the year immediately allowed gay marriage, and the percentage of bisexuals in the country is very high.

50 facts about Iceland through the eyes of Russians

20. The most popular specialty in Iceland - an artist, a musician or a designer. Every second the bartender or the waiter trying to get an education on Art, and at the same time plays in some rock or folk group.

21. As described above, due to design services, for example, in order to come up with the design of an apartment or a wedding dress, there's no one uses. Icelanders believe that each of them - himself an artist, so and interior of the apartment, and dress design they prefer to invent their own.

22. Repair of the apartments is also made mostly with his own hands, without hiring workers.

23. Icelanders go crazy for Eurovision, the contest of young performers here are taken very seriously, and during the live broadcast of the whole country is watching what is happening on TV.

24. In Iceland, there is no McDonald's restaurants, the latter closed in 2008 during the crisis.

50 facts about Iceland through the eyes of Russians

25. The most popular names in Iceland: Male - Jon and female - Guvrun. It is also still widespread ancient mythological names, for example, aðalsteinn, which means "main stone".

26. Icelanders, like the Russians, like to use in everyday life is not complete, and abbreviated version of the name, as in David diminutive Icelandic version will Dubbo, Guvrun - Gunn, Stephen - Stepp, John - Nonni, etc...

27. Iceland's language remained virtually unchanged over the past 1000 years, so that in it there are letters missing from the English, plus residents of the country without any problems can follow the ancient saga of the Vikings in the original. 28. Local people in general are very fond of reading, today, according to some sources, the Icelanders - the most reading nation in the world.

29. At the cost of wine in Iceland often affects not the year of its manufacture or quality, and the fortress. Thus, an expensive, but easy French wine may cost many times cheaper than a 15-degree tangle-legs.

50 facts about Iceland through the eyes of Russians

30. Iceland has no armed forces, their function to some extent performs the Coast Guard.

31. The police in Iceland do not carry guns, pistols they do not give out.

32. Reykjavik residents for the most part badly parked, can throw the car directly across the street. The presence of tow trucks and fines for parking in the wrong place is not much help.

33. Icelanders tend to use only renewable energy sources, natural gas and gasoline are used here only in order to fill the cars and boats, and that is because electric cars in the country are not accustomed.

34. For the water in restaurants and cafes do not need to pay, it still poured from the tap. This is the water from the local hot springs, but because it is completely safe to drink.

50 facts about Iceland through the eyes of Russians

35. But the hot tap water in Iceland smells like rotten eggs. The fact that it also enters the water system directly from the hot thermal springs, and they are rich in hydrogen sulfide.

36. Adoption of the hot thermal baths - a popular option evening entertainment in Reykjavik, the cost of visiting when buying a ticket - about 5 euros.

37. In the houses of Iceland, as well as in Russia, operates a central heating system, which distinguishes the country from Italy or France, where for each inclusion of the heater has to be paid. 38. Until the seventies of the twentieth century Icelandic legislation permitted the inhabitants of the country with impunity to kill Turks. This is due to the fact that in the past the Turkish pirates often robbed Icelandic vessels and coastal villages.

39. To this day, Icelandic law allows residents to kill polar bears for subsistence.

40. In Iceland liquorice is very popular, it is added to any dish, plus there produce chocolates filled with licorice.

50 facts about Iceland through the eyes of Russians

41. The national dish of Iceland - hákarl - cut into small pieces of rotten meat Greenland shark. If you do not chew and just swallow - it is quite edible, but if the meat razzhuesh, you will feel "magic" taste of urea. The fact is, we do not have sharks grenlandkoy urinary tract and its meat contains toxic ammonia. To the meat could be eaten, it is left to go out for three months under the ground or in a cellar. Above the taste of this dish, including, mocked the creators of "The Simpsons" in one of the episodes of the animated series.

42. In Iceland, eat mostly fish, all dishes are watered in excess mayonnaise measures mustard and ketchup, then the real taste of fish and can not be recognized.

43. The majority of Icelanders are very bad teeth, with Iceland - one of the main consumer countries of sugar, and yet there are very fond of Coca-Cola.

44. Most Icelanders still believe in elves and trolls, which leads to difficulties in building a house or a road. Before begin construction immediately consult with the local "witch" on the subject of whether it is possible to move one or the other stone, or an elf living under it. Sometimes, in order not to "offend" the elf and move the stone, the Icelanders have to perform magic rituals, for example, a time to keep the stone in honey. 45. 2148 people in Iceland hold pagan teachings Ásatrú Association, which is based on the revival of the Icelandic and Norwegian pagan beliefs. This religion is officially adopted, and its ministers can make a wedding ceremony, which is equivalent to a traditional marriage.

50 facts about Iceland through the eyes of Russians

46. In addition to the well-known Santa Claus in Iceland there is 15Canta Claus different species, by and large all of them - the elves, where locals believe.

47. Every major store in Reykjavik there is a playground.

48. All Icelanders are lopapeysa - knitted sweater fleece with distinctive national figure. We can say this is the example of the national costume, which did not disappear with the passage of time.

49. Icelanders are proud that they nerasformirovanny oldest parliament in the world, it is called Alþingi and was founded in 1930.

50. The inhabitants of Iceland are very trusting, when applying for a job, they do not ask for a foreigner recommendations from previous jobs, but simply believe in the word newcomer.