Domestic firearms

"The dagger is good for someone who does - is, and bad for those who have it will not appear at the right time"

(Abdullah, "White Sun of the Desert")

Domestic firearms

Firearms - an essential attribute of civilization. Since ancient times, it served as a protection tool weapon, obtaining food, the conquest of the territories. And always the weapon - a tool to do the will of his master, the offender or the servant of the law, the invader or defender of the Fatherland.

For eighteen years, small arms is my constant companion. In heat and cold, day and night, on different parts of the area, in different regions, in-dash, at the landfill, in combat, in the home - it is always with me. During these years, I passed through my hands a lot of national military weapons samples and very little foreign. I know I was capable of each sample, what to expect from him, to hope and nothing to fear.

And, of course, each formed his own opinion, often does not coincide with the common. Not without my active participation in combat situations. And about the weapon I can tell, may be more right than the other "experts" on the Internet and some "weapons" journals that extensively paint the advantages and disadvantages of a particular type of weapon. The main trouble of domestic small arms - is mediocre, and sometimes terrible ergonomics and, of course, the poor quality of manufacturing (the Soviet period is not the case).

But as they say, how many people - so many opinions. So, let's begin…

Self-loading Pistol Small PSM

It can be deciphered as "Pistol for complacency. Maybe you're lucky. " A case where the wounded man, with five bullets in the abdomen, issued from PSM, alone went to the health facility, located in the mile.

Domestic firearms

5, a 45-mm self-loading pistol PSM

Moreover, the addition of subtle it was. Very precise gun at sports small-caliber pistols. Very compact. James Bond would have been happy with it. On the gun battle would not prevent spur on the cover of one of the shops. Suitable as a backup gun, but not as a primary weapon. Plus a problem with the shortage of ammunition.

The pistol Makarov PM

The legendary, no doubt, a pistol. Standard grade, relatively compact, always ready for a fight. Even despite its venerable age and now remain in service, is actively used and in-dash and in combat. Classic gun for civilian and police use. Of course, this is not a gun for target shooting or speed, but put three bullets in the center of the standard target (a circle with a diameter of 10 cm) to 25 m is no problem for this "old man". It is capable of even more. Some of our PM allows to lay the five holes in the range of 6 cm. As for the small bullet stopping action, I can say that this person say, at best, killing paper targets, and did not fire in a combat situation. It is important to get to the vital organs "goal", or even a rifle bullet can guarantee a reliable defeat.

Domestic firearms

9-mm automatic pistol PM

Some of the problems are created by the bullet with steel core Pst, sometimes ricochet from solid obstacles. In recent years, the situation with ammunition for the PM has changed, there were cartridges with bullets having enhanced stopping power and improved penetrative ability MSDS (7N25). For example, a cartridge for law enforcement authorities to apply the TCO allows guns (pistols and submachine guns) in closed rooms, in localities with low probability of dangerous ricochets due to the absence of a solid bullet core. There is evidence of poor quality PPO cartridges, unstable performance, but the cartridges supplied in our unit, surprises are not presented and weapons with them running like clockwork.

Makarov pistol upgraded MMP-12

Modernization under the PM of increased power socket. Improved handle ergonomics, the store increased capacity. It is used with a cartridge and Pst, and middleware as well as standard bullets 7N16 - a rarity for a long time and are not produced.

Domestic firearms

9-mm semi-automatic handgun PMM

The springs in the shops working with overexertion, so quickly lose their elasticity, which leads to delays in shooting. Poor plastic from which the feeder is made to be the cause of crack formation and wear or breakage feeder tooth.

Pistol Tula Tokarev TT

Another weapon legend. About it said a lot, you can add quite a bit. More suitable for military applications, where it is given in combat readiness. For its relatively small size, it is one of the most powerful handguns in the world.

Domestic firearms

7, 62-mm self-loading pistols TT

And the touch is much more pleasant, such as PCOS and any "Glock". Totally unsuitable for urban shootings and self-defense. Most bullet penetration and lack of self-cocking may lead to prison (Bang Bang and a passerby), or at the cemetery (it is necessary to have time to cock).

Automatic Stechkin APS

The same age as the PM, even more popular. Pistol with a capital letter. Reliable, powerful, precise, with more ammo and the possibility of automatic fire. Often used as a primary weapon for operations in confined spaces, using bulletproof shields, when only one hand is free. Automatic mode is used when shooting at close distances to produce high fire density and a higher probability of injury.

Domestic firearms

APS pistols with holsters-butts staff and pouches

Domestic firearms

Pistols APS in a reworked hip holster with rubber lining on the handle of a pistol and twisted strap

A favorite of members of special units, and now demanded. Even before entering the gun unit it is already coming true "hunting". Some, having tasted the "charm" of the TL prefer to replace them with the old, sometimes dismantled APS. The pistol has a streamlined shape, no clinging on rapid extraction from the holster. Some of the problems by holding the handle creates a gun, over the years, polished hands and clothing. The heat and cold gun tends to "slip" out of hand. But this minor nuisance persists putting on the handle piece of bicycle inner tube or lining, such as the firm "Uncle Mike's". Rather big gun, but with proper skill and experience it can be worn discreetly as all handguns. I usually carry it in a holster podbryuchnoy own making, without any fasteners, for his quick recovery and a pistol with a twisted strap, or in a suitable size bag over his shoulder.

Fuse never use, even if there is a cartridge in the chamber, no one is not perturbed by the absence of the fuse on most revolvers, self-cocking the gun and charged the same security as a loaded revolver. When you work in an urban setting in a converted pistol wear hip holster, and buttoned - holster design allows you to hold the gun even in the inverted position. Spare wear shops on the left thigh in a makeshift haversack. One store is always open valve for quick retrieval.

The pistol Yarygin TL

Miracle of Russian weapons thoughts. Although, no doubt, the long-awaited type of army pistol. Powerful in ergonomic measure, with capacious store. But ... I doubt that in Soviet times, it would have taken to arms. The gun was a "crude". Angular, with protruding parts as if cut down with an ax. Workmanship - appropriate. When the shooting of ten new sporting gun ammunition issued for carrying out shooting practice, two pistols occurred clamps sleeves, one misfire, and after re-pinned - shot. When gear shops sharp edges cut sponge fingers and so as not to die of periodic bloodletting, we have to take over the file. By increasing the capacity of the store on one cartridge should move the opening to control the number of rounds (in the Ministry of Interior adopted by the 18-round gun). Sami holes are located on the right side, and to visually determine the number of rounds, the store should be completely pull out of the handle or be left-handed. Move the hole on the left wall of the store or on the back, probably not possible. Latch is not protected store, accidentally pressed when wearing - not a rarity. At best, you can lose the store, and at worst - to stay in the face of danger with an empty chamber, because if you accidentally pressing the magazine catch button it moves down the line chambering and shutter slips past the cartridge. A shop - such as in the handle is pressed against the latch. The store itself should have been done by the MTA store type, with large windows, or SCI type of store to make it easier ammunition equipment. Slide stop lever is located close to the fuse, and when clicking on one of the levers of pin falls and the other, which requires additional effort. In some, a relatively new guns, bolt spontaneously breaks down with the slide stop. The back of the shutter - downright openwork design. Probably made specially for the gathering of different garbage. (Unlike PM and MTA).

Domestic firearms

9-mm automatic pistols APS

The notch in front of the gate - probably craze and no more. When using this incision fingers run across the sharp edges of the front part of the frame. Maybe it is used to check the cartridge in the chamber, as do foreign pistols? But for this there is a pointer availability cartridge in the chamber.

Two-way lever fuse. Good decision. But with only right-hand standard holster, this solution remains unclaimed. The same can be said about saving the gun with the trigger cocked. Completely superfluous features. When removing the gun from the holster, cock at the same time does not pose any problems. All the more so in the DA mode PYA soft and hard on the first shot accuracy is not affected.

Domestic firearms

9-mm automatic pistol PYA

Here's what not to take away from PCOS, it's smooth descent and a quick return to the line of sight after the shot. Rapid-fire, he is better suited. The similarity trigger PCOS and PSM obvious and noticeable even not a specialist. Why not make the fuse is the same as in the design of the PSM and place it on the gate, the simultaneous removal of a fuse and the hammer cocked. And to close while the rear portion of the valve from possible clogging by foreign objects. Tab on the front of the trigger guard to the index finger. Maybe he improves shooting accuracy - much of a difference I have not noticed. Pistol throws the same as in ordinary-grip. And with such a wide bracket for the normal grip is not necessary to have the index finger, and the tentacle. Sights had to do was streamlined in order to prevent the engagement of clothing or operational holster. The pistol has included only one spare magazine. Regular cartridges with bullets Pst differs from that used during training shooting sports ammunition 9x19 Luger, the level of acoustic impact on the arrow, the greater the impact force and a strong flash when fired. As a result, the shooter learns about these features only when using a gun in combat. When applied with Pst bullet cartridges in the observed indoors dangerous bounce, which can be corrected by replacing half of the wearable ammunition cartridges with bullets on the lead core. In general, these cases with this gun. A complete analogy with the domestic and foreign vehicles. Similar, but something in our not ...

Self-loading Pistol Special PSA

That's about it, you can say with full confidence phrase that abuse in our country - "is unique." Compact pistol, quite flat for concealed carry. Precise, unpretentious, always ready to go - no need to attach a silencer.

Domestic firearms

7, 62-mm self-loading pistol special CAP

It is used as a second or third weapon. Rare, but if it is necessary - it is ready for your service. Gun - not uncommon in those who it is put. With ammunition problems also arise.

Domestic firearms

LDC-2 Knife PN14K glasses gun MSS cartridges SP4 and 7N36

Revolver TKB-0216

Thoroughly degraded version of revolvers Smith & Wesson. Its only advantage is smooth and soft descent. Given its large size, it could use more powerful ammunition, such as SP10, SP11.

Domestic firearms

9-mm pistol TKB-0216 (OC-01 Cobalt

Poor fitting handle casing. Often spontaneously unscrewed the drum axle.

Submachine gun PP-93

The compact submachine gun with high fire capabilities. With some experience you can "planting" the entire store into the target. A good accuracy and when firing automatic fire with one hand. In a modification of APB has included PBS and powerful laser tseleeukazatel LP93. Unfortunately, the trunk can be fastened simultaneously or BSS, or LCC. Fastening by means of the latch and has a large backlash. Shoulder rest one more masterpiece. Due to the low returns, with the embryo fore-end is still possible to deal with, but due to poor fixation of the shoulder stop in position battle bullets do not always go in the desired direction. And this unit even more work loose over time.

Domestic firearms Domestic firearms

9 mm pistols, machine guns APB (modified PP-93) with the established BSS (top) or LCC (bottom)

magazine catch button is very good. No complaints, but not so on cocking handle is located in a very interesting place. To quickly cock the shutter, you have to train for a long time, since we must not simply pull the handle, and before that, more and drown and do not forget to bring back as a PC. Otherwise, during a shot is possible to obtain back together with the bolt handle on the fingers. Translator-fuse is located on the "right" side, but the flat shape is not always possible to quickly rearrange the modes of fire, especially in winter, when wearing gloves.

9 mm submachine gun SR-2M "Heather"

A powerful submachine gun, precise, with more ammunition. Purchased for the Interior Ministry samples do not have a regular collimator sight - one of the main attributes of this weapon. Instead of the standard cover has a cover from the AKS-74U and Bag Shop AK-74. Apparently, the Ministry of Internal Affairs did not have the money or the responsible officials do not feel the need to buy weapons in the box.

Domestic firearms

9-mm submachine gun SR-2M with a 30-round magazine. Nearby lies a 20-round magazine

Domestic firearms

Submachine gun SR-2M - guard and handle reloading is located on the right side

When the first communication is surprising ill-conceived layout of the controls. The fuse is located on the right side, but if you place it on the left hand, thumb, we could quickly bring weapons on alert, and quickly translate into a safe state. And all this - with one hand. Translator fire mode on the other hand - the most commonly used one time, and quick access to it is optional. For rapid reloading should move the bolt handle to the other side or make double-sided. When the stock is folded, in some samples, the right rod covers folded cocking handle a couple of millimeters, and handle have to pick out from under the butt. When you receive a "Vereskov" in the division of all who took their hands, pay attention to the shoulder rest is too long. When shooting in a flak jacket is very noticeable, especially when holding the front handle.

Speaking of the handle. The thing is, of course, necessary. When using the clamp handle, sooner or later he will nip the skin on his index finger. Handle itself is located close to the muzzle, which is under intensive shooting heats up and comfort your hand does not add. It would be nice to set on the bottom of the muzzle plastic overlay. Do not be prevented muzzle with compensation holes. If you hold the arms of the front handle with the sharp edges of the lower part of the fore-end cut into the brush. Tolerant, but it is unpleasant. More recently, during the operation, I tried to quietly hand in these cartridge into the chamber. That is accompanied by a hand bolt carrier and avoid hitting the moving parts in the forward position. I did it out of habit, as "rolls" on the 9A-91 this focus.

Shutter pushed upper chuck which by way of a pulling and bottom. As a result, the upper chuck buried in the treasury section of the trunk and the lower cartridge half climbed out of the store, propped below the upper socket and jammed the store that it was impossible to remove. I had to, holding his left hand bolt carrier, your right to pick out the upper chuck and the lower shoot back to the store. The manual for this delay is due to malfunction of the store. And it is - the new PP nastrelom with a few shots. Generally, in size, ease of use and power of the CP-2M proven inferior-and-tested machine 9A-91.

Domestic firearms


As for any "authoritative" statements about the best machine in the world, very reliable, very sturdy, which can not be cleaned, to throw from any height, and so on, I would say the following. Kalashnikovs, I think, is not the best in the world. Otherwise, they would have been armed with the whole world and the next habitable planet. In the eighties, the most common rifle in the world was a Belgian FN FAL. This shows her fighting qualities as Belgium - a small country and can not afford, like the US and the USSR, to give, to sell on the cheap or use weapons as a reward for loyalty to him.

Domestic firearms Domestic firearms

7 62-mm machine guns and AK AKMS 1954 release

In this position, but to arrange the price, quality plays a decisive role. In the press there was a lot of material about the developed samples of weapons, which at one time were superior to the AK family in many respects, but it turns out, while the fighting qualities of these samples were not decisive in choosing the best. And called the Kalashnikov (personally, I respect him very much) the sole author of the design is difficult, because, again, the media materials in the creation of a family of AC and finishing involved dozens of institutions and enterprises. Undoubtedly, a Kalashnikov rifle and a beautiful and reliable, and for someone is easy, but for my work, he was not very appropriate.

In my work often have to carry a gun charged. An interesting situation: on the one hand, we must be prepared for an immediate opening of the fire - so the fuse is removed, the cartridge in the chamber. On the other hand - a clear threat not around - citizens of Russia, we have to move, to perform some manipulation arms, and therefore it is better to keep the weapon on the fuse. To open fire, preferably a single movement, and it is desirable shooting hand. Kalashnikov assault rifle - not the weapon that could instantly open fire. To do this, I need to keep the fuse or off (and constantly shaking at the thought of accidentally shot). Or take a gun in his left hand, the right to remove from the pistol grip and remove the fuse from the machine. A lot of time and a lot of manipulation. Handle reloading is also on the right side and again forced to clean his hand on the trigger. Brief low butt inconvenient pistol grip, the junction box to the receiver which rubs the skin area between the thumb and forefinger.

Domestic firearms

7, 62-mm assault rifle L1A1 -English modification of the Belgian FN FAL

Stocks AKS-74 and AKS-74U special joy hand also did not deliver. I understand that the right location is very convenient swivel butt with folded butt, but mostly worn weapon in firing position, and is the location of the swivel personally not very convenient for me, especially if you wear it down the barrel. The store has a plurality of protruding portions, preventing the eject function of the equipment, and insert a blank back. I do not understand the reluctance of the people responsible for the supply of (at least the police), put into service stores increased capacity. Four-row and drum stores are used throughout the world except us heart. Paired stores used is not a good life. If you do not you go to the mountains or shooting at targets, all the "authoritative" statement on the violation of balance and weighting arms are forgotten during a firefight at close range. When cleaning the premises when it is necessary to create a high density of fire and the enemy so close that any normal person there is a natural desire to have as many cartridges in the magazine (in this case it is desirable that they would not have ended). And no one will remember about the imbalance and overweight. If any plant or company, would have taken and released drum shops or stores pairing ties AK-74, I think not only I would buy these stores for a reasonable price.

Domestic firearms Domestic firearms

7, the 62 mm automatic AKM (containing PBS-1 and GP-25) and 5, 45-mm shortened AKS-74U

The reliability of the AK and M16

The main "trick" AK (compared to family M16) in reliability. Questions asked - AK can not be cleaned, rape, as you wish, and it will shoot and shoot. Well, firstly, the weapon still need to clean - anytime. Second, the reliability of the AK is based on the high rate rollback of moving parts and a large gap between them. Hence, the main drawback - the increase in the dispersion during automatic firing. Personally, I believe that for the army or for those who use weapons, mostly wearing it on the shoulder or vystrelivaya few rounds on the shooting range, a Kalashnikov, even too good. This weapon unpretentious, admitting to his somewhat barbaric treatment. I think AK is fully consistent with the requirements for mass weapons.

Domestic firearms

5, a 45-mm AK-74M, improved owner

And for my work needs automatic caliber 5, 45 mm, with a thickened stem length of 30 cm, with the store large capacity, the device low noise shooting, slide stop, two-way fuse, automatic safety on the trigger, adjustable butt and Picatinny rail - for the front handle, collimators, optics, lamps and target designators. Ideal version of such arms - the presence of interchangeable barrels (standard compact and length of action for smokers). The presence of a removable barrel will lead to a complicated construction and an increase in cost. But cheaper to have one machine with two barrels than two machines of different sizes. We sometimes there are situations where we are forced to take on the operation, in addition to the standard AK-74M, and small weapons such as 9a-91, and quiet, depending on the situation, which often change during a single operation.

Domestic firearms

5 56 mm American assault rifle M16

As for the reliability ... Designer Korobov said he wanted to create a machine that would help the soldier to survive in the trenches, not to go through all the soldiers in the trenches ... Comments, as they say, are unnecessary. Personally, I do not need 200% reliability. I have enough 100% Reliability and 100% ergonomic. Now, about the age-old dispute AKM and AK74. Without any doubts. Only 5 to 45 mm! (At the time of passage of military service in my hands I was visited by a lot of weapons. There was AKMS with PBS-1 and GP-25. There was an AK-74. And there is a lot of different samples after the army, including the AK-74M, and AKS-74U.) first of all, ammunition. 7N10 cartridges (5, 45 mm) I can take much more to carry them on, and to shoot the barrel overheating is greater than PS arr cartridges. 1943 (7, 62 mm). Secondly, the trajectory of the bullets flying in the AK-74 is much grazing, that fight is important, but the bullets have no less penetration and destructive power. Third, the accuracy of the AK-74 in no way worse than the AKM. As for the bounce and tiresome discussions about shooting through the branches, then ricochet all pointed bullets - such are the laws of physics. And through the branches it is necessary to aim better. And in general, there is an old principle: I do not see - do not shoot.

We spent once spontaneous experiment. On the range fired several shots at random, with a high rate of breast targets located at different sides of the shoot, which is similar to life. It turned out that the AK-74M (5, 45 mm) is returned to the line of sight is much faster than the machine AKMS (7, 62 mm). If you give a long line of AKMS that often do normal people in a difficult situation, most of the bullets simply leaky sky. But the AK-74 allows such liberties, including shooting with it. Put the big plus for having a muffler AKM - serious. Even in my office, far from Moscow, and their supply bases, silent weapon is at 100% of staff, with various modifications. And ammunition in abundance. And that shoots bullets AKM CS and PS, so this is not a special advantage. Almost any of the silent weapon better than the AKM rifle with PBS-1 - heap, lighter, more compact. A gross rounds PAB-9 and BP punch that AKM ammunition PS and CS can not do. Not to mention the 5, 45-mm cartridges PP and BP, which have a shaft, and they are not inferior to the patron BR and the like. So here AKM is not a leader. And the sound of the moving parts on the AKM with PBS, and the same on the OC-14, not muffled clap of PBS. And again about rebounding is fired from an AK-74. I read and hear about it all the time. I have the feeling that all the shooting come only in branches, they run out of ammunition, and they are helplessly drop their AK-74 on the ground and look with envy on the happy owner AKM. He mows the bushes with bullies hiding behind them as a machine gunner "minigun" mows the jungle in "Predator." By the way, in the film it is issued for the truth. In fact, no man land will not be able to do it, because this gun has no sighting devices, powered by batteries, such as car, is the return of more than 100 kg, and spits out a small queue so much ammunition, how many people are unable to bear. Once again. Ricochet all pointed bullets. No advantage AKM has not. Are bounce so strong, that one purpose of the store did not even hurt. Or, find clearance? Or, better aim?

From any machine ...

Finally, the simplest example. You - AKM and others ignorant - the AK-74. Ammunition - only those who are with him. Sometimes the cartridges run out. However, not all. The owners of the AK-74 can easily share with each other cartridges. And you? I have an AK-74M 1992 release. With butt that the first time is not decomposed, the gas piston, to which a layer of chromium thinner child hair, with a pistol grip of "Saiga" and a pirated copy of the fore-end with a handle, with an eye "Cobra", which does not maintain proximity to the grenade launcher, and the main advantage of this machine is that it is.

Special AS "Val" Machine

Very comfortable, handiness. And asks in his hands. He finds himself the butt of the stop point in the shoulder, cheek to go to the right place on the butt. From domestic folding butt, butt speakers - the best. The rough surface makes it possible to firmly hold the fire control handle, which also contributes to the very form of the handle. The relatively long aiming line has a positive effect on the accuracy. Comfortable, despite the small size, handguard has the same non-slip surface, and the handle. Handguard completely overlapped folded butt and in a position to shoot, for example, in a confined space, securely holding a weapon - difficult. To correct this deficiency, I found the handle on the muffler body. Virtually every item in the machine helps to improve accuracy and reduce noise during firing. According to these parameters it surpasses all the same type of domestic machines. I, for example, at 100 m, lying with the optical sight, hit the bottom 25 of FOG-inert shot. Of course, not with the first shot.

Domestic firearms

9mm speaker with automatic additionally installed front handle and a torch.

Domestic firearms

Repair shops and clips of ammunition for their snaryazhaniya.

Automatic gives a lot of his master, but also requires special attention. This applies to services, rather clean. Anyone who has had to deal with cleaning the AU and the BCC after the shooting will understand what I mean. P-45 powder used in standard cartridges, gives abundant deposits, which after some time solidifies, it is necessary to work hard to get rid of it. The lion share of the time-consuming cleaning of the separator and the inner surface of the muffler to be the most susceptible to the ravages of powder gases. Here in the course are various powders and gels for cleaning utensils. But, despite all these little things, the machine is very good. While calls for a delicate handling. I love this machine, and he answers me in return.

Rifle Sniper Special BCC "Vintorez"

Excellent rifle. Compact, handiness, fine. In our unit is used with the AC machine shops.

Domestic firearms

9-mm sniper rifle BCC. Muffler is equipped with a place for the installation of additional equipment

Regular cartridges SP-5 and CPR have a small extent, different ballistics so our snipers, depending on preferences, bring their rifles to the normal battle of desired cartridge type. It is depressing only the absence of cheek on the butt, which is apparently done for the sake of a rapid transition, when firing, the mechanical sights.


This "workhorse". Compact, powerful machine. Streamlined shape. The dashing nineties was widely used as a weapon concealed carry, in the capture of criminals who are in the interior of vehicles or in the living room. Due to the small thickness, weight, collapsible handle loading often tolerated discreetly under a jacket, with the belt or belt loop on the side shoulder. Butt in the folded position does not exceed the dimensions of the machine. Easily and quickly transferred from traveling to combat and back. Super stable. Shoots with any degree of contamination. Sights very clearly "delineated", but aiming to shoot more than 50 meters is inefficient due to the small length of the sighting, and more than 100 m - is unrealistic.

Domestic firearms

Upgraded 9A-91 with red-dot sight

The machine has several modifications: The first - is equipped with a compensator, a fuse-translator on the left side. The second - is equipped with a silencer and a translator of reduced dimensions. The compensator is absent. Third (1995) - is equipped with a silencer, a bracket for mounting optical sights. In this connection, the box-fuse interpreter moved to the right side. There is a variation of this modification, in which there is no bracket for mounting optics. Last modification handguard has increased in size. Transfer guard the flag on the right side of complicated manipulations with it. Small shop capacity. Do not be prevented in the kit store increased capacity or the coupling of two stores. The complexity of the replacement. Having one spare magazine. Shopping some machines are not fixed in the neck of the other machines due to exceeding the size of the thickness of some of the shops and windows to a mismatch latches latches store with some machines.

Stores issued with feeders of different designs and different arrangement of holes to check the presence of ammunition. First released feeders to the upper right of the cartridge location. Then he let out feeders with a left upper cartridge location. Stores with the feeder of the second type have an opening to control the number of cartridges adapted to the thickness of the cartridge is higher than the first type feeder. As a result of poor quality control at the factory began to come shopping with the first type feeder with cases of late of the sample stores. When gear such cartridges stores in the hole is visible bullet casings, which indicates that the store is completely curb 20 cartridges. In fact, the store 19 rounds. All this leads to problems in the preparation and delivery of arms and ammunition.

There are no guides on the handguard for mounting the lamp and the front handle. After the abolition of the compensator front handle would not be superfluous. The handle of the bolt is not fixed in the firing position, spontaneously formed, which creates difficulty in reloading in combat and the use of gloves. When firing bullets SP5, PAB-9, BS in soil and solid obstacles at an angle observed almost certainly bounce.

Shooting granatomotny complex OC-14-4A "Groza"

The impossibility of firing from the left shoulder. Face the arrow is over the hole to eject spent cartridges and thus facing powder gases. The inconvenience of replacing the store.

Domestic firearms

9/40 mm Shooting granatomotny complex OC-14-4A

Domestic firearms

Option OTs-14-4A silent sniper rifle

Only one spare magazine. Translator-fuse does not allow them to use quickly. When shooting in a helmet and flak jacket normal "venerate" is problematic. After shooting you will find tedious cleaning. It turns out that after several shops, clean "Storm" more tedious than automatic rifle BCC and the AU because of the many remote places in the receiver.

SVD Dragunov sniper rifle

Bad to say nothing. Excellent rifle, time-tested. When using plastic linings forend failed to achieve a snug fit to the fore-end node that grates slightly elegant look of this beauty. often used back plate grenade launcher GP-25 to mitigate the impact. Staff aim mainly meets the requirements rifle.

Domestic firearms

7, 62-mm SVD sniper rifle

Domestic firearms

7, 62-mm sniper rifle SVD-S with folding stock

SVD Dragunov sniper rifle-C

The compact version of the SVD. Thickened trunk provides more stable results. Form of fire control handle is not conducive to its firm hold. Rifle shooting at sensitive "kicks".

SVU-AS sniper rifle

Dimensions and accuracy - better than the SVD. My VCA-AS serial shooting - 2, 5 cm at 100 m, the bullet LPS 4 shots. When firing can stand next, unlike SVD recoil not strong compared to the SVD. Weight - 5, 5 kg, but not very hard. Due to the fact that traction of the trigger - a long, thin plate, and hidden under high poorly fastened cover, pressing on the trigger flexes it abuts against the cover. And then transmits the force to the trigger. Therefore, the descent is long and unpredictable. When shooting, especially with bipod, power compensator such that blows the rifle a few centimeters towards the goal from sight is lost. Without optics, a mechanical eye - very precise, convenient type FG42, especially as the sight and front sight copied from it and adding fencing flies. It is strange that no one anywhere and it is not mentioned.

Domestic firearms

7, 62-mm Dragunov SVU SVU-AS

The sniper rifle SV-98

Dubina, but shoots well. The passport - the best group of 10 shots - 8, 8 cm to 300 m Assembling -. In the best local traditions. When assembling the shutter on the plant bottom pins inserted in the holes, and the top enclosed guide rail which is to be connected to these pins gate. When attached to the rifle shutter lath has fallen down and jammed slide. Barely make out her. Then he wondered how the strap is secured. Bulky shops, clearly pereuslozhnonnoy design. Sports Uniform case included - long-only rifles, but do not hold the rifle with a silencer. With an eye to the rifle there was a whole saga. They came to the unit only with night sights. So they stood idle. Then a nice man gave way division sight Zeiss - Diavari 2.5-10-50T. A year later received a PPO 5-15h50.

Domestic firearms

7, 62-mm sniper rifle SV-98

Then, after a considerable period of time, we received the Belarusian sight POSP 4h12-42W c mounts under lath Weaver. Although the rifle worth Picatinny rail. Locking pins on a sight bracket to prevent longitudinal displacement, they came to a rail on the rifle that has been corrected file. It turns out that a couple of years the rifle is not used for its intended purpose. Due to lack of sight. Rifle cumbersome and maneuverable qualities loses SVD. In practice, the accuracy of SVD quite at a level corresponding to the conditions of its application. In mountainous terrain by weight CB-98 is an appreciable burden.

Untested by time and reliable operation makes the sniper take on SVD operation, SVD-C or BCC, ECC-94. They - proven and reliable. A CB-98 rifles are often assigned the role of competition.

The sniper rifle SV-99

I think the reason for her appearance on the next arming. Izhevsk I had something to sell. And then someone from the ranks of responsible, well read or hear from their environment the use of small-caliber rifles in the US as "sobakoubivateley" and "light-destroyers", had the idea to buy such things. And Izhevsk - right there. Rifle-nymph, but practically only suitable for sports and recreational shooting. Powerful cartridge "marmot", I think, will not stand, and with weaker bullets one immediately fell off. As it stands in service as a sniper, the ammunition on firing are released at rates corresponding to the normal-caliber rifles. That is, there is no difference from what to shoot - from SV-99 or SVD and SV-98. So it's best to shoot rifles normal caliber. optical sight bracket has the locking pin, and after removal of the sight set it exactly at the same place is impossible.

Domestic firearms

§ 5, 6-mm sniper rifle SV-99

Upgraded RPK RPK-203

It has enough firepower at close range. Put handguard as "Boar-12", a bipod at the bar, front handle, a collimator, a drum store. If climb deep, the trigger needs to be done both on the American IAR with "front and rear sear." the conditions for the application of the PKK can be found if desired. In the melee, in the city to create a curtain of fire, if the gun too lazy to carry a PC. In general, you need a machine gun under the machine-gun cartridges, a belt-fed, with interchangeable barrels of different lengths and folding stock. At one time, was a very good gun RPD-44. The prototype of all today's machine guns chambered for less powerful than a rifle. Compared with the PC machine gun - a more compact, allowing the Heavy to carry more ammunition. Modern conditions of warfare, such as the settlements, and tactics of special units provide this type of gun right to exist. Partly modernization by installing new plastic forearm length greater splines system for front handle and bipod, lightweight butt (possible skeletal structure).

Domestic firearms

7 62-mm machine gun RPK-203

It is a pity, because of the return spring in the butt does not get to make it collapsible. Underling put closer to the breech of the barrel, to facilitate the transfer direction of the fire. And be sure to place the bar for the sight on the cover of the receiver. Everything - the mini-PC is ready.

Machine gun Kalashnikov Modernized Easel PKMS

A powerful machine gun. Dislikes bending back the tape when shooting - even chance of delay. The absence of a collapsible buttstock and forend full. And this gun often shoot with it. Complete all the boxes for 200 patrons. A typically used - without the machine. Large size, with long wear shaken carrying handle. The best way to alteration - like the Americans, such as SPW. You can put a muzzle brake-compensator, and then by firing a solid surface bounces. And the box of cartridges - pokompaktnee. Grenade launchers: GP-25. It is still the best in their class.

Domestic firearms

7 62-mm machine gun PKMS

Compact and quick-firing. Equally important is the ability to fire at a distance of less than 100 m. The scope allows it. Over time, the stem becomes loose connection node with a trigger body. In some parts of operated grenade rust weakened fasteners. When fired, they were broken and grenade flew with machines. Features self-cocking trigger a negative effect on accuracy.


My favorite launcher. Convenient sight, almost a "pistol" descent, smooth and relatively soft. Convenient fuse. No installation on the sight for firing at a distance of 50 m. When shooting at close range, when pressed against the butt is possible to obtain a blow.

Domestic firearms

5, a 45-mm AK-74 grenade launcher GP-25

Domestic firearms

5, a 45-mm AK-103 grenade launchers GP-30 and GP-34M

Domestic firearms

5.45-mm AK-103 grenade launcher GP-30M


Almost the same. No guard, which I highly disappointed. Extractor, playing the role of a cleaning rod. In the stowed position does not understand. high-pressure chamber is now firmly attached to the trunk of SE-34. Descent as a water pistol. Do not compare with the SE-30. The sight is more difficult to handle. Installation sight 50 m have nestle cheek to butt ridge and ochuhivaetsya after firing. As if struck in the jaw. Back plate twice the thickness of the old and in body armor and webbed shoot almost impossible. And most importantly, when you install a cleaning rod is removed and the complete assembly, just nowhere to put it.

Hand Grenade Special RGS-50M

Multifunction weapon with the appropriate ammunition. No antabok for fastening the belt. We have to carry in a bag. During the application revealed numerous cases of discrepancy trajectory shots with sight settings.

Domestic firearms

50-mm grenade launcher manual special RGS-50M

Hand Grenade antipersonnel RG-6

Large fire density whittled down the time spent on loading. Together with ammunition rounds 20 represents a greater load on the needle, particularly in personal body armor. Especially granatomotchik normal, sane, never give up and on the machine with ammunition. With folded shoulder rest backplate prevents normal clasp the control knob and open fire. Although these situations are taking place. It would be possible to make another hole in the bottom of the grenade launcher to push the shoulder rest five centimeters. Do not be prevented and swivel to the left, as in GM-94. On the right side of the arrow is automatic. On the left - a grenade launcher as a secondary weapon.

Domestic firearms

40 mm manual grenade antipersonnel RG-6

Grenade GM-94 stores

It can be successfully replaced by RG-6 and 50-CSG. Very ergonomic. Fully two-sided. There is an indicator of having a shot at the grenade launcher. Allows you to shoot at a distance closer than 50 meters. At the time, the soldiers US Navy S.E.A.L. many would have given GM 94, as in the conduct of military operations on the territory of South Vietnam, they had to use a heavy (more than 8 kg without shots), uncomfortable launcher EX-41.

43 mm hand-grenade magazine GM-94

Special Carbine 18.5 COP-K

At the time, the carbine COP-23 was designed as a weapon that allows you to deliver the bomb to the target larger volume and mass than guns 12 gauge. Who weapons are brought into service for the reason clearly opposite to that which was the basis for transition to 23 mm caliber weapon. And often the weapon 12 caliber touted as the perfect weapon for operations in close proximity. Apparently, not without looking at the international experience. But there are criminals usually use pistols, revolvers, rifles. And the use of shotguns to neutralize them quite adequately. In addition, the city's building they are made of a thick and less durable material than ours. We have a different situation. Criminals are armed mostly with automatic weapons, and the doors of the apartments most of the iron. Shotguns have - an inadequate response to the threat. Carbine Special 18.5 COP-K 12 gauge

Bulky arms. Dimensions, even with folded butt, do not work with them in a confined space. weapons design does not allow to set handguard with straps to the front handle and attachments as in normal handguard is a spring retainer butt in the folded position. And with the rapid pace of shooting or shooting with folded butt front handle - not too much detail. Rubber backplate arranged so that lock the butt in the folded position, a pair of punches after manages hand, due to the fact that the rubber does not give retainer enter into engagement with the butt. When gear store eight cartridges can not be fixed in the weapon. Even for the connection of an empty shop to the carabiner is needed again hit the palm below to fix it.

In conclusion, I can say that all of the above - not only my personal opinion, it is the opinion of my colleagues, and colleagues from other departments. We work with the weapon, not only on the range or in the dash. It is often necessary to use weapons in its main and historical purpose. These are the realities of our lives. It may seem that I'm too critical for some samples. Or too pampered and want to "comfortable" weapons. But in my work, there are no trifles. Especially related to weapons. Any little thing, hitch manipulation, inconvenient prikladka worse - a delay in shooting could be detrimental to the integrity of my skin. And I trust you only to the weapons, which is personally checked on the range or in battle.