10 amazing geeks children modernity

Most people seeking to achieve excellence in their professional field - some get to the top of the career into adulthood, but others are so talented as a child sometimes surpass adults. Before you - a list of ten modern geeks who have attained success in different occupations.

1. The Mikael Fudolig

10 amazing geeks children modernity

Mikaela Irene Fudolig entered the University of the Philippines in 11 years, and at age 16 she graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Physical Sciences - she became a graduate, valedictorian. Currently, Michael is a professor at the same university and is engaged econophysics - mathematical modeling of the behavior of systems and biological systems.

2. Akrit Yasval

10 amazing geeks children modernity

Akrit Pran Yasval from India became known, when performed his first surgery - he was only seven years old. Although at that time he was not yet a doctor, but already had a reputation as a medical genius in the narrow circle of acquaintances. His eight-mate suffered severe burns on his hand, and Acre separated his fingers.

At the age of 12 years acre enrolled in the Medical University and to 17 years earned a master's degree in Applied Chemistry. Today, he is engaged in the search for a cure for cancer.

3. Taylor Wilson

10 amazing geeks children modernity

Taylor Ramon Wilson is the youngest person in the world to establish a working fuzor - a device for nuclear fusion reactions. At the age of 10 years, he has designed a nuclear bomb, and fuzor did when he turned 14 in May 2011. Taylor won an award at the International Intel Science and Engineering Fair for the transition radiation detector. In February, he spoke at a conference TED-2013th in 2013, where he spoke about his ideas of autonomous underground nuclear fission reactors. Taylor developed a compact nuclear reactor, which, according to him, is able to generate 50 MW of electricity, with the device only needs to refuel every 30 years.

4. Cameron Thompson

10 amazing geeks children modernity

Cameron Thompson - mathematical genius from North Wales. When he was four years old, he corrected his teacher, who said that zero is the lowest number, saying that he forgot about the negative numbers. At the age of 11 years old, he received a degree in mathematics at the Open University of Great Britain. In the same age as the boy passed the final exam in two mathematical school and was featured on the BBC as one of the brilliant youth. Unfortunately, Cameron has learning difficulties because of illness Asperger's, but, nevertheless, he is a young math geniuses in the world.

5. Jacob Barnett

10 amazing geeks children modernity

Jacob Barnett - American mathematician. When he was two years old, he was diagnosed - a heavy autism: the doctors said that he was not able to speak, read and make small everyday actions. In three years, it was found that the doctors were wrong coarsely - Jacob could tell alphabet in forward and reverse.

At the same age during a visit to the planetarium, Jacob answered a leading question about why the Martian moon of such a strange shape. He enrolled at Indiana University in Indianapolis at the age of 10 years.

While working on his doctoral thesis Barnett claimed that he could disprove Einstein's theory of relativity in one day. He is currently working on his dissertation in the field of quantum physics.

6. Mark Tien Boedihardzho

10 amazing geeks children modernity

Mark Boedihardzho Tian was born in Hong Kong, he - the young man received by the Hong Kong University: he was then nine years old. He attended a special program, which focused on the mathematics and statistics at the same time, he passed the school eight finals.

Now the brand has two degrees, a bachelor's degree in Mathematics and a Masters of Philosophy in Mathematics, which he received in 2011 year - a year earlier than envisaged curriculum. He currently receives a doctorate in the philosophy of mathematics in the United States.

7. Priyanshi Somani

10 amazing geeks children modernity

Priyanshi Somani from India has an amazing ability to hold in mind the complicated mathematical calculations. In six years, she has mastered the oral account, and at 11 won the first prize in the competition "Mental Calculation World Cup": Priyanshi surpassed 36 other competitors from 16 countries, by calculating the square root of the ten digit numbers for a record of 6 minutes and 51 seconds. To top it off, it was the only party in the history of the competition, not allowing a single mistake in the addition, multiplication and square root.

Priyanshi has become a new world record in the extraction of square roots in the mind, in January of 2012, when the square root of the ten digit numbers in 2 minutes and 43 seconds.

8. Akim Camara

10 amazing geeks children modernity

Akim Camara - violinist from Berlin. He began playing the violin two years and has a remarkable memory of the music he had heard back in diapers. His teacher noticed his natural "musical ear" and began to teach the boy music lessons twice a week. Play the violin Akim learned very quickly, in just six months of training, and made its debut in December of 2003 at the age of three years at a Christmas concert.

9. Ethan Bortnik

10 amazing geeks children modernity

Ethan Bortnik - musician, songwriter and actor. When he was three years old, he began playing the harpsichord, and at the age of five years - to write music. His debut performance was held on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno in 2007, after which the boy has spoken in the future.

Ethan entered the Guinness Book of Records as the youngest solo artist in the world. He is also the youngest headliner that ever played in Las Vegas - the concert was held, when Ethan was ten years old.

10. Tanisha Matthew Abraham

10 amazing geeks children modernity

Tanisha Matthew Abraham - one of the youngest members of Mensa, which he joined at the age of four years. His genius manifested itself in four months, when he began to look through baby books and correctly answer questions about their content.

When joining the Mensah he received result to 99, 9% by standardized test IQ Mensah. At five years old Tanisha completed five courses of mathematics education program at Stanford University for gifted young people in just six months.

At six years old he entered secondary school and then to college - all subjects of his average score never fell below 4.0. He also often publishes essays on the website of the NASA Lunar Institute.