Russian idol Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger - the idol of millions of Russian boys 80 and 90, and is an idol for many today. He - a sample of an enviable physique, the personification of a true "on-screen" courage.

Russian idol Arnold Schwarzenegger

Many home hung on a wall poster with the Iron Arnie. His twenty times peresnyatye photo adorned in all sports clubs basement. His biceps and really did look of the guys men, forced to drag three hours post made of scrap screwed on the ends of the brake pads from the locomotive.

He had all the chances to become President of the USA. But, unfortunately, under the Constitution, the one who was not born in America, does not have the right to be the head of state.

We are thinking about, and who was the idol near the Arnold? Who was the impetus for him? Whose poster hung in the "rocking" in Schwarzenegger?

As it turned out, our Russian athletes! Yuri Vlasov, Vasily Alexeev and Leonid Zhabotinsky. How sad that now young people do not know these names.

Yuri Vlasov

Legendary person! Great warrior! A role model of a whole generation of people around the world.

Russian idol Arnold Schwarzenegger

In 1960, at the Rome Olympics athlete set a record among the four heavyweights. Swedish newspaper "Idrottsbladet" then wrote, "Vlasov - a sensation of sensations! His performance was so stunning, so fantastic and extraordinary, that it can not be compared to any single event in the history of the Olympic Games. The world sport nobody was yet so big and out of reach. He - the standard of the athlete and a brilliant representative of his people. "

During his professional career of 31 set a world record. Olympic champion in 1960 in weightlifting in the heavyweight division. Winner of the silver medal of the Olympic Games in 1964. USSR team-bearer at the opening and closing of the Olympic Games in 1960, the opening of the Games in 1964. World champion in 1959, 1961-1963 years. European champion 1959-1964 period. Champion of the country's 1959-1963. World record holder in the years 1959-1967. After leaving the sport, he left them to the future weightlifters developed a unique training system.

Russian idol Arnold Schwarzenegger

To understand how great was the respect to Vlasov in the USSR, to know enough about this case: in 1961 were invited to the TV studio of the legendary three people - Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and German Titov and Yuri Vlasov athlete. Gagarin and Titov came first and were waiting for the start of filming, sitting on the couch. When I entered the captain-engineer Yuri Vlasov, two majors immediately jumped up and snapped to "Attention!"

Vlasov and Schwarzenegger met in 1961 in Vienna at the World Weightlifting Championships. Vlasov other Austrian weightlifter Heltke asked for "moral support" of his 13-year-old student. Schwarzenegger remember this meeting for a lifetime. In 1988 he came to Moscow for the shooting of the film "Red Heat". First I went on a visit to Vlasov. On donated Schwarzenegger Russian athlete photo is written: "Yuri Vlasov, my idol, with love and bow."

Leonid Zhabotinsky

Another living legend. Two-time Olympic champion - 1964 and 1968 (the most Vlasov won the 1964th). The title had "the most powerful man on the planet" for four years (World Champion 1964-1966, 1968). European Champion - 1966, 1968 Champion of the USSR - 1964-1969. World record - 1963-1970. I set 21 world records.

Russian idol Arnold Schwarzenegger

"I'm rooting for you since childhood. Even during the Tokyo Olympic Games, even though there were Americans Norbert Schemansky and Gubner. For them, of course, I also experienced, but for some reason I wanted to win was you "- these words of Jabotinsky said Schwarzenegger during their meeting in the United States, where Jabotinsky came at the personal invitation of Arnie.

Vasily Alexeev

Olympic champion in weightlifting in 1972 and 1976. Eight-time world champion. The six-time European champion. Seven-time champion of the USSR. The holder of 80 world records and 81 records of the USSR!

Russian idol Arnold Schwarzenegger

Open era "shestisotnikov" first conquered the peak shestisotkilogrammovy.

At the 1970 World Cup in the United States put in place the main competitor American Dzhozeba Dube, who promised to "defeat the Communists." Alekseyev lifted 500-pound barbell, six-thousand American audience stood and gave a standing ovation to the Soviet athlete! They hugged and cheered as if their athlete won!

After retiring from active athletes, Alekseev continued his career as head coach of the USSR national team. He set another all-time record - when it no member of the team has not received any injuries, and no one received a score of zero in the competition.

And who knows what would have been the Iron Arnie who he became, if our guys also starred in the movies? Famous he may be, and would, but for the most part of the world fame exactly would have to share with our heroes!

Russian idol Arnold Schwarzenegger

Stadthalle Hall was packed. Duel the most powerful people on the planet crowned world championship weightlifters 1961. Before going out on the platform to our legendary Yuri Vlasov he approached his old friend the Austrian Heltke and said that he has a very strong boy. And what if it is morally Vlasov "frighten", it will be very ... From teen will sense.

When the dust subsided on the platform, to Yuri Petrovich led slender long-necked creation of thirteen. "To him, I was like a god, he was in love into force - recalled of that meeting Vlasov. - I showered him then a whole slew of words - was the large heat of the moment, and probably why they sounded very convincing: Never, under any grief, distress, the spine is damaged, broken arm - do not give up! Train, and the victory will be for you always. And thank. You have excellent bone, muscle, look. The main thing in sports - not a coward! "

... In 1988, Vlasov was called and told that Schwarzenegger finished filming "Red Heat", does not want to fly, handed the ticket, until he sees.

Russian idol Arnold Schwarzenegger

With great surprise I saw Yuri Petrovich this huge man who reminded him of the meeting at the World Championships in Vienna. After a long voltage Vlasov remembered. Then Schwarzenegger admitted: "You know, your words have defined my life. I then became a champion, I married Maria Shriver of the Kennedy clan. I have all been different, so I think you're the person who owe everything. In memory of this meeting in our wonderful athlete and writer-publicist, there is a photo of youth idol 80s with such words: "Yuri Vlasov, my idol, with love and bow."

And the Arnold of that meeting, recalled: "It was still a child, when my friend and I arrived in 1961 in Vienna at the World Weightlifting Championships. We are, by and large acquaintance, spent in the locker room. And here I saw Vlasov. From his right emanated somehow invincible serenity. Everything since then he became my idol. I even shook his hand then. Actually, to be honest, because of him engaged in weightlifting, and then athletic gymnastics. Many times won the championships. Always next to me was Vlasov. I have something and flew to Moscow with the idea necessarily meet this living legend "...