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American photographer Peter Menzel and Louis Psihoyos traveled the world from South Africa to Mongolia, and from Japan to Iceland and filmed in every country the typical family, is located on the background of all the property acquired by them, pulled out onto the street next to the house.

Everything I have

Kapralova Family

Father Ivan, mother Anna, daughter Xenia and Anastasia.

Suzdal, Russia

Everything I have

Toroddsen Family

Bjorn Toroddsen father, mother Margaret (Linda) Gunlaugsdottir, daughter Margaret from her first marriage Seth Hauksdóttir sons Gunnlaugur and Gestur Björnsson, daughter Thordis Björnsson.

Hafnarfjordur, Iceland

Everything I have

Yukito Family

Kazuo father, mother Sayo, Mio and daughter Maya.

Tokyo, Japan

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Cemya Skin

Ricky's father, mother, Patti, son Michael and daughter Julie. Pirland, Texas, USA

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Family Castillo Balderas

Father Ambrosio Castillo Cerda, his mother Carmen Balderas de Castillo, son Cruz, Nayalit daughter Brenda and son Marco Antonio.

Guadalajara, Mexico

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Family Abdullah

Saif's father, mother, Zainab, daughter Lubna, Abla, the son of Ali, a servant from India Agnes Fernandez and Xavier Fernandez.

Kuwait City, Kuwait

Everything I have

Pers Family

Batsuuri father, mother Oyunstetseg Lhakamsuren daughter Horloo son Batbileg, Oyundzhargal father's sister, her daughter Eruulttsl.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia